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Fujitsu MB2146-09B-E Operation Manual

F2mc family bgm adapter


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  • Page 2 MC * family BGM adapter (model number: MB2146-09B-E). The product is a development support tool for developing and evaluating applied products which use FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR microcontrollers (hereafter MCUs) that have a BDSU module. This manual describes how to handle the F MC family BGM adapter.
  • Page 3 ■ Caution of the products described in this document The following precautions apply to the product described in this manual. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided appropriately, WARNING could result in death or serious injury and/or a fault in the user’s system. Electric shock, Before performing any operation described in this manual, turn off all the power supplies to the system.
  • Page 4 (i.e., submersible repeater and artificial satellite). Please note that FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR will not be liable against you and/or any third party for any claims or damages arising in connection with above-mentioned uses of the products.
  • Page 5: Optional Parts

    1. Checking the Delivered Product Before using the product, make sure that the package contains the following items: • BGM adapter*: • USB cable (2.0m): • Operation manual (Japanese version): • Operation manual (English version - This document): * : Referred to as the adapter. 2.
  • Page 6: System Configuration

    The adapter connects the host computer and the serial interface of MCU with built-in flash memory made by FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR, and writes data in a built-in flash memory. For information on the USB programmer, contact the their sales or support representative.
  • Page 7 5. Connections ■ Connection to the host computer Connect the adapter to the host computer using the USB cable. Figure 5 shows how to connect the USB cable. Connection to the USB connector of the adapter Adapter Figure 5 Connecting the USB cable ■...
  • Page 8: Specifications

    Table 1 lists the general specifications of the adapter. Table 1 General specifications Item Specification Name MC family BGM adapter Model number MB2146-09B-E Adapter power input Max: 50mA (uses USB BUS power) Power supply specifications User power input + 2.7V to + 5.5V *...
  • Page 9 ■ Tool reset specifications A tool reset is a hardware reset by the adapter to reset the entire system of the MCU (including the BDSU module) on the user system. When both of the adapter power and MCU’s user power are turned on, the tool reset is canceled au- tomatically to enable the MCU to be evaluated.
  • Page 10 ■ Adapter interface specifications The pinouts of the adapter interface connectors mounted on the user system are shown in Tables 3 and 4. The recommended connectors are listed in Table 5, and the pin configuration is shown in Fig- ure 7. When the adapter interface connector is mounted on the user system, connect the MCU to the adapter interface connector according to the following specifications.
  • Page 11 Table 5 Recommended adapter interface connectors Part number Specifications Manufacturer FAP-1001-2202-0BF Right-angle solder dip Housing provided, Middle latch provided FAP-1001-2204-0BF Straight solder dip Housing provided, Middle latch provided Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd. FAP-10-08#2-0BF Right-angle solder dip Housing provided, Latch not provided FAP-10-08#4-0BF Straight solder dip Housing provided, Latch not provided...
  • Page 12 Table 6 DC specifications of the user interface Connector Circuit type Resistor connection Remarks pin number (mA) (mA) (μA) Connected to GND via Connected to UVCC Open drain output 64.0 * by 10kΩ bus switch* ± 5 * CMOS input ±...
  • Page 13 SS01-00027-1E FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR • SUPPORT SYSTEM MC Family BGM ADAPTER MB2146-09B-E OPERATION MANUAL April 2010 the first edition Published FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTOR LIMITED Edited Sales Promotion Department...

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