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Description Of The Appliance; Extractor Version; Filter Version - AEG DD8691 Operating And Installation Manual

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Description of the Appliance

Extractor version

The hood is supplied as an extractor unit
and can also be used with a filtering
function by fitting one charcoal filter
(special accessory).
You will need original AEG charcoal filter
for this function (see Special
The air is discharged to the outside
through a pipe, which must be fitted to
connection flange D. Fig. 1.
In order to obtain the best performance the
hose should have a diameter equal to the
outlet hole.
Should there already be a pipe of diameter
125 mm that ducts to the outside through
the walls or roof, it is possible to use the
150/125 mm reduction flange provided. In
this case the hood will be slightly noisier.

Filter Version

The air is filtered through an
charcoal filter and returned to
the kitchen through the top
grill of the outlet pipe.
You will need an original AEG
charcoal filter for the
filtering function. (See Special
Fix the deflector using 4
screws Ø 3x6.5 mm. Fig. 2.
Optionally, the position of the
chimney elements can be
When using the hood in the
filter version the chimney
must be fixed at the top, with
the air outlet grill at the side.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2



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