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Technic Details; Mounting Accessories Included; Electrical Connection; Safety Warnings For The Electrician - AEG DD8691 Operating And Installation Manual

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Technic Details

Dimensions (in cm) (Extractor version):
Height x Width x Depht (in cm)
Dimensions (in cm) (Filter version):
Height x Width x Depht (in cm)
Maximum absorbed power:
Motor absorption:
Lenght of the cable:

Mounting accessories included

1 deflector
1 chimney support
1 reduction flange Ø 125-120 mm
1 support bracket
2 caps
5 wood-screws 5 x 45 mm
5 wall plugs Ø 8 mm
4 metal screws 3 x 6,5
2 metal screws 3 x 9

Electrical connection

Safety warnings for the electrician

Before connecting the appliance to the power supply, check that the volt-
age indicated on the rating plate corresponds to the mains power supply
available. Appliances fitted with a plug can be connected to any standard
power socket within easy access.
Should it be necessary to provide a fixed connection, the hood must only
be installed by an electrician authorised by the local electricity board.
When installing, an omnipolar disconnector with a distance of at least
3mm between contacts must be provided.
The manufacture declines all responsibility for malfunctions resulting from
failure to comply with the above instructions.
Electrical connection
220-240 V – by means of fixed power cable with plug.
(Fixed connection of the appliance must only be carried out by an author-
ised electrician.)
68-120 x 89,8 x 50
78-106,5 x 89,8 x 50
175 W
130 W
2 x 20 W
140 cm



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