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Hood Operation - AEG DD8691 Operating And Installation Manual

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Hood Operation

Best results are obtained by using a low speed for normal conditions
and high speed when odours are more concentrated. Turn the hood
on a few minutes before you start cooking then you will get an
underpressure in the kitchen. It should be left on after cooking for
about 15 minutes or until all odours have disappeared.
The control switches are located on the unit's front panel:
A - Main switch, hood OFF (stand by).
B - Start and choice of motor speed 1-2-3-1-2.........
C - Indicates speed 1 (LED) and indication of the grease saturation
for the filter (flashing indicator).
D - Indicates speed 2 (LED) and indication of the charcoal saturation
for the filter (flashing indicator).
E - Indicates speed 3 (LED)
F - Indicates Intensive speed (LED).
G - Intensive speed on/off. The Intensive speed runs for 5 minutes:
If the hood is on when the Intensive speed is activated, the hood
reverts to previous speed after 5 minutes.
If the hood is off when the Intensive speed is activated, the hood
will automaticly be turned off after 5 minutes.
To interrupt the Intensive speed, press button A,B or G.
H - Light ON/OFF
Should the hood or the controls fail to operate: disconnect the power
supply for at least 5 seconds, then turn the hood back on again.



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