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Wall Unit Mounting - AEG DD8691 Operating And Installation Manual

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Wall unit mounting - Fig. 7
First decide which functioning version is better for you.
If you decide to use the hood in exhausting version we suggest to position
the upper section of the chimney so that the oulet slots are not visible
once installation has ended, on the contrary if is decided to use the hood
in recycling version BE SURE that the side with slots is up (see also A-B-
C sequence on on Fig. 7).
Sign the wall with a center line, this will aid mounting procedure (1),
position the template so that the mid line printed on the template
matches with the center line previously signed, the lower side of the
template corresponds to the lower side of the hood once mounted
Drill two holes Ø 8mm and fix the support bracket with two wall
plugs and screws (3).
Hang the hood (4) adjust its position (5-6) and from the inside of
the hood sign one point for definitive fixing (7), remove the hood (8)
and drill an hole Ø 8mm (9), fit a wall plugs (10), hang the hood
again and fix it definitively with a screw (13). To simplify the
mounting operation remove the carbon filter frame.
Drill two holes Ø 8mm on the upper side close to the ceilling (11), fit
two wall plugs and fix the chimney support with two screws (12).
In case the hood is to be used in filter version, mount the deflector
F on the chimney support with four screws 2,9x6,5 and fit an
exhausting pipe (14) to connect deflector to the outlet hole D of the
In case the hood is to be used in exhausting version, then the
deflector must not be mounted and fit an exhausting pipe (14) to
connect outlet hole D of the hood to the outside.
Make electrical connection (15), but leave the hood disconnected
from the home general electric panel.
Fix the chimney first up (16a) to the chimney support (16b), then on
the bottom (17a) to the upper side of the frame (17b).
Insert the caps supplied to cover the openings (18).
Connect the hood the the home general electric panel and check if
the hood work properly.



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