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Charcoal Filter - AEG DD8691 Operating And Installation Manual

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Charcoal filter

The charcoal filter should only be used if you want to use the hood
in its filtering function.
To do this you will need an original AEG charcoal filter (see special
Cleaning/replacing the charcoal filter
Unlike other charcoal filters, the LONGLIFE charcoal filter can be
cleaned and reactivated. At normal use the filter should be cleaned
every second month (when using the hood 2,5 hours per day, in
avarage). The best way to clean the filter is in the dishwasher. Use
normal detergent and choose the highest temperature (65º C). Wash
the filter separately so that no food parts gets stuck on the filter and
later causes bad odours. To reactivate the charcoal, the filter should
be dried in an oven for 10 minutes with a temperature of maximum
100º C.
After approximately three years of use, the charcoal filter should be
replaced with a new, as the odour reduction capacity will be
Remove the frame i which supports the filter h by turning 90° the two
knobs g, Fig.5. Insert the coal mattress inside the frame and put
all parts back in their place.
To dismount proceed in reverse order.
Always specify the hood model code number and serial number
when ordering replacement filters. This information is shown on the
registration plate located on the inside of the unit.
The charcoal filter can be ordered from the AEG technical
assistance service.
Fig. 5



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