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NEC SL1100


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    Transferring and Holding Transferring and holding calls is a fairly simple exercise, but different phone systems accomplish it in different ways. Some systems have dedicated buttons for each function while others use a single button to perform both functions. Basic telephones can also cause problems, as they don’t have the function keys that the main handsets do and rely instead on a single button that may be labeled differently.

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    “Dir” Soft Key...

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    “VM” Soft Key...

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    “CL” Soft Key...

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    Soft Key Operation during “Off-Hook” Operation Soft Key Operation during extension calling...

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    Soft Key Operation during outside call...

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    Do Not Disturb Function The N.E.C key sets have a function so that anyone trying to ring the key set receives a BUSY tone or routes to voicemail even if it is not being used. This function is useful if a room is needed for an important meeting and the keyset needs to be available for outgoing calls but needs to be silent so as not to disrupt the meeting.

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    Conference Calling To use this feature call the first user you want in the conference call, press the Conf soft key to initiate a conference, dial the next party (with 9) or internal number. Once they have answered you will see ADD press this again and you can then add another party or press the BEGIN soft key.

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    Programming Speed Dials The NEC SL system can store 1000 speed dial entries that can be accessed via the terminal handsets. These are programmed with the sequence below...

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    Programming Function Keys...

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    Things to Check if you Experience Problems There are a few things that we ask customers to try before calling us as it can save both us and the customer time as well as helping us to pinpoint the problem more easily. It also helps us to know if we will need to bring any replacement items, such as handsets or even a new system.

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