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Technical Data; Using For The First Time; Dry Ironing; Steam Ironing - AEG PERFECT DB 7020 INOX Operating Instructions Manual

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Technical Data

Power consumption 2000W
Mains voltage 230 V
This appliance complies with the fol-
lowing EC directives:
– 73/23/EWG dated 19.02.1973
"Low Voltage Directive", including
Amending Directive 93/68/EWG.
– 89/336/EWG dated 03.05.1989 "EMC
Directive", including Amending
Directive 92/31/EWG.

Using for the First Time

Setting the temperature
(Figure 2)
Please note the internationally appli-
cable care symbols on garment labels.
On good quality garments they indi-
cate the correct ironing temperatures.
The ironing table indicates which tem-
perature is most appropriate for which
type of fabric. We recommend sorting
the washing first. Start with materials
that require low temperature ironing
(eg. PERLON). Follow on by ironing
materials that require progressively
higher temperatures. In this way you
avoid damaging sensitive fabrics by
using too high a temperature. The
power indicator lights up when the
appliance is switched on (Figure 1/J); It
goes off when the set temperature is
reached. However, if the temperature
selector (Figure 1/O) is turned back,
please note that it takes a while for the
soleplate to cool down. Only when the
power indicator light comes on again
the soleplate has reached the cooler

Dry Ironing

0 Set the steam switch (Figure 1/F) to
position "0" (Figure 4/A).
0 Turn the temperature selector (Figure
1/O) to the desired temperature.

Steam Ironing

Filling the steam iron (Figure 3)
The water reservoir should only be
filled when the plug has been removed
from the socket.
0 Set the steam switch to position "0"
= dry ironing (Figure 4/A) and hold the
appliance upright.
0 Fill the water reservoir at most to the
"MAX" mark. You can use the measur-
ing beaker (Figure 1/Q) that comes
with your appliance to do this.

Water quality

You can use tap water up to a water
hardness level of 3 PPM, 17° dH (Ger-
man degrees of hardness). Your local
Water Authority can advise you on the
hardness of the water in your area. If
the water from your tap is harder than
the above, please use distilled water
available from a chemist or a mixture
of tap water and distilled water. Never
use battery water under any circum-
When using for the first time,
please note:
0 Fill the reservoir with water; set the
steam switch (Figure 1/F) to position
"1" (Figure 4/B).
0 Heat the appliance and place it with
the soleplate facing downwards on an
iron rest or plate (Figure 5) to allow the
water to steam through and activate
the steam chamber.
You will obtain optimal steaming
results and the noise produced by the
steaming will be steadier after the
water reservoir has been filled and
drained three times.
Ironing with steam
To steam iron, set the temperature
selector (Figure 1/O) to the required
fabric type and wait until the power
indicator (Figure 1/J) goes out – only
then set the steam switch (Figue 1/F)
to position "1" (Figure 4/B). You will
find which temperature setting (fabric