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Self-Cleaning Function - AEG PERFECT DB 7020 INOX Operating Instructions Manual

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Changing the anti-lime balls
Important: use only original AEG Anti-
lime balls. They can be obtained from
your nearest customer service centre
or from a specialist dealer (E No
900 084 991).
0 Remove the plug from the mains.
0 Empty water tank.
0 Using a coin, turn the screw-cap 90°
anticlockwise and remove (Figure 9).
0 Remove the old anti-lime balls and
replace with new ones (Figure 10).
0 Replace the screw-cap and turn to

Self-cleaning function

We recommend carrying out self-
cleaning every two weeks. However,
the period between self-cleaning
should be shorter for harder water
Carry out the self-cleaning function as
0 Unplug from the mains.
0 Set the steam switch (Figure 1/F) to
position "0" (Figure 4/A).
0 Fill the water reservoir (Figure 1/P) to
the "MAX" mark.
0 Set the temperature selector (Figure
1/O) to "MAX".
0 Insert the plug into the socket.
0 Wait until the power indicator (Figure
1/J) goes out.
0 Pull out the mains plug.
0 Hold the iron horizontally over a sink.
0 Set the steam switch (Figure 1/F) to the
"Self Clean" position (Figure 4/C) and
hold it firmly in place.
0 Steam and hot water will now run out
of the steam exit holes (Figure 1/C).
Move the iron gently to and fro above
the sink until the water reservoir is
0 Allow the iron to cool and wipe the
soleplate dry with a soft cloth.
When using tap water for steaming,
lime is deposited in the steam cham-
ber; heavy deposits reduce the quan-
tity of steam produced. To descale use
lukewarm water and vinegar essence –
mixing ratio 1:1. Pour the mixture into
the cold appliance, ensuring first that
it is not connected to the mains.
Proprietory brands of descaler are
too aggressive and may not be used!
0 Place the appliance horizontally on an
iron rest or plate (Figure 5). Set the
steam switch (Figure 1/F) to position
"1" (Figure 4/B) and allow all the mix-
ture to flow through.
0 Afterwards repeat the procedure using
clear water and then heat the iron
briefly to allow the steam chambers to
dry. Your steam iron is now ready for
use again.
As a precaution we recommend descal-
ing every three months.
What to do, if ...
• no "Steam" appears when using on a
steam setting?
– In warm, dry air (during the winter)
a smaller jet of steam is normal
because it is taken up by the dry air
before condensing.
– Emptying the filled water reservoir
can wash out fluff. Remove the
mains cord and tip the filled appli-
ance forwards at an angle (Figure 7)
so that the water can run out of the
filling hole.
• drops of water come out of the steam
exit holes?
– Do not set the steam switch to posi-
tion "1" until the temperature for
steam ironing has been reached. If
the temperature has been set too
low for steam ironing increase the



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