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Care And Maintenance - AEG PERFECT DB 7020 INOX Operating Instructions Manual

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type) matches which steam setting in
the ironing table. As soon as the iron is
held horizontally steam begins to form.
When the iron is set upright again the
steam supply stops automatically.
Spray function (Figure 6/A)
The first time you use the appliance, or
if you have not used it for a long time,
you will need to press the spray button
(Figure 1/G) several times before water
comes out of the spray nozzle (Figure
1/D). You can also use the spray func-
tion when dry ironing.
Super steam jet function
(Figure 6/B)
The super steam jet is of valuable
assistance when ironing, for example,
creases, embroidery etc. You can trig-
ger the additional steam jet both when
steam ironing and when dry ironing.
0 Set the temperature selector (Figure
1/O) to the "MAX" position and wait
until the correct temperature has been
reached, i.e., until the power indicator
(Figure 1/J) goes out.
0 Raise the steam iron a little away from
the material and press the steam jet
button (Figure 1/H).
Always wait another 5 seconds before
pressing the steam jet button again.
Steaming hanging articles
0 Turn the temperature selector (Figure
1/O) to the "MAX" position and wait
until the power indicator (Figure 1/J)
goes out.
0 Hang the article concerned on a
hanger and hold the steam iron at a
distance of 10 - 20 cm from the mate-
Average time spent
ironing per week
0 - 2 hours
2 - 4 hours
4 - 6 hours
1° - 10°dH (German
degrees of hardness)
10 months
6 months
4 months
0 Now press the steam jet button (Figure
1/H). Wait at least 5 seconds before
pressing the button again.
Important: Do not attempt to freshen
up clothing whilst it is still being worn.
Risk of burns!
Drip stop (not DB 7020)
The steam iron is fitted with an auto-
matic drip stop. The drip stop inter-
rupts the formation of steam immedi-
ately if the selected temperature is too
Remove the plug from the socket!
Set the temperature selector (Figure
1/O) to the "Cold" position (Figure 2/A)
and the steam switch (Figure 1/F) to
position "0" (Figure 4/A).
Empty out remaining water (Figure 7).
Store the appliance standing upright.
To store properly wrap the mains cord
around the cord storage (Figures 1/K
and 8).

Care and maintenance

Anti-lime system (DB 7070 only)
The anti-lime balls (Figure 1/M) should
be changed regularly. The frequency
depends on the average time spent
ironing and the water hardness in your
locality. (Your water authority can
advise you about water hardness.)
To ensure that the anti-lime balls are
changed at the right time please note
the recommendations in the following
Water hardness
11° - 20°dH (German
degrees of hardness)
8 months
4 months
3 months
21° - 30°dH (German
degrees of hardness)
3 months
1.5 months
1 month