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Protecting The Environment; Customer Service - AEG PERFECT DB 7020 INOX Operating Instructions Manual

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• stains appear on the washing while
– Clean the steam iron. Rub the sole-
plate while still warm with a water
and vinegar mixture or with a non-
abrasive cleaning fluid.
– When dry ironing fluff can enter the
steam chambers and carbonize. This
can lead to stains as the water
passes through. Therefore also clean
the inside of the water reservoir. Fill
it with water and gently shake the
steam iron. Then pour the water out.
• the soleplate is rough or furred?
The iron temperature was set too high.
– Select the correct ironing tempera-
ture for the fabric (see ironing

Protecting the environment

Do not simply throw packaging mate-
rial away.
• The cardboard packaging can be recy-
cled in the waste paper collection.
• Deposit the plastic bag made of poly-
ethylene (PE) at a PE collection point
for recycling.
• Padding materials are made of foamed
polystyrene (PS). They are CFC free.
Please inquire with your local authority
about your local recycling centre.

Customer Service

Our products are of the highest quality.
Should you nevertheless have ques-
tions concerning the use of this appli-
ance, please write to us. Only with your
support can we be sure to develop
appliances to suit your needs.



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