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Adaptation To Different Types Of Gas - Electrolux EHG 6415 Operating Instructions Manual

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Adaptation to different types of gas

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A. Injectors replacement
• Remove the pan supports.
• Remove the burner's caps and
• With a socket spanner 7 unscrew
and remove the injectors (Fig. 1), and
replace them with the ones required
for the type of gas in use (see table
• Reassemble the parts, following the
same procedure backwards.
• Replace the rating label (placed near
the gas supply pipe) with the relevant
one for the new type of gas supply.
You can find this label in the package
of the injectors supplied with the
Should the feeding gas pressure be
different or variable compared with the
required pressure, an appropriate
pressure adjuster must be fitted on the
gas supply pipe, in compliance with the
rules in force.
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B. Adjustment of minimum
To adjust the minimum level of the
burners, proceed as follows:
• Light the burner.
• Turn the knob on the minimum
• Remove the knob.
• With a thin screwdriver, adjust the
by-pass screw positioned in the
centre of the gas tap control shaft
(see Fig. 2). If changing from natural
gas 20/13 mbar to liquid gas,
completely tighten the adjustment
screw in. If changing from liquid gas
to natural gas 20 mbar, undo the by-
pass screw about 1/4 of a turn. If
changing from natural gas 20 mbar
to natural gas 13 mbar undo the by-
pass screw about 1/4 of a turn. If
changing from liquid gas to natural
gas 13 mbar, undo the by-pass
screw about 3/4 of a turn.
• Finally check the flame does not go
out when quickly turning the knob
from the maximum position to the
minimum position.
This procedure can easily be carried
out, anyhow the hob has been
positioned or built in the working top.
Minimum adjustment screw
electrolux 15
Fig. 1
Fig. 2



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