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Adaptation To Different Types Of Gas - Electrolux 92558 G Instruction Booklet

Gas hob


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Adaptation to different types of gas

Adaptation to different types of gas
WARNING: Servicing shall only be carried out by authorised personnel.
Substitution of the nozzles
- Remove all pan supports, burner caps,
rings and crowns;
- With a tubular spanner no. 7 unscrew
and remove (see diagram) the nozzles
substituting them with those
corresponding to the type of gas used
(see Tables on page 11);
- Remount the parts carrying out the
operations described in reverse. Upon
completion remove existing gas type
label and stick the relevant gas type
label near the gas supply pipe.
If the pressure of gas used is different (or
variable) from that foreseen an
appropriate pressure regulator should be installed on the entry tube. In case
pressure regulators for U-LPG are used these should conform to the regulations
in force.
Regulation of the minimum
To regulate the minimum:
- bring the tap to the minimum flame
- extract the knob.
- in case of conversion from natural gas
to U-LPG, tightly screw the by-pass
screw (see diagram);
- when converting from U-LPG to
natural gas unscrew about ½ turn by-
pass screw, until a regular small flame
is reached.
Finally check that by quickly turning the tap from the maximum position to
the minimum position the burner is not extinguished; remount the parts
carrying out the operations described in reverse.
By pass screw


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