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Step 18 Connect Power Supply; Step 19, Pretest Checklist - GE Built-In Dishwashers Installation Instructions Manual

Ge monogram built-in dishwashers installation instructions
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Table of Contents
Skip this step if dishwasher is equipped with
power cord.
Verify that power is turned off at the source.
• Locate junction box cover set aside in Step 1.
• Secure house wiring to the back of the junction
box with a strain relief.
• Locate the three dishwasher wires, (white, black
and green) with stripped ends. Insert dishwasher
wires through the small hole in the junction box.
Connect like-colored dishwasher and power cable
wires using UL-listed wire nuts of appropiate size.
• Install the junction box cover. Check to be sure
that wires are not pinched under the cover.
Figure HH
If house wiring is not 2-wire with
ground, a ground must be provided
by the installer. When house wiring
is aluminum, be sure to use UL-listed
anti-oxidant compound and
aluminum-to-copper connectors.
Installation Instructions
Review this list after installing your dishwasher
to avoid charges for a service call that is not
covered by your warranty.
• Check to be sure power is OFF.
• Open door and remove all foam and paper
• Locate the Owner's Manual set aside in Step 1.
• Read the Owner's Manual for operating instructions.
• Check door opening and closing. If door does not
open and close freely, check for proper routing of
spring cable over pulley. If door drops or closes
when released, adjust spring tension. See Step 3,
Figure J.
• Check to be sure that wiring is secure under the
dishwasher, not pinched or in contact with door
springs or other components. See Step 9.
• Check door alignment with tub. If door hits tub,
level dishwasher. See Step 14.
• Pull lower rack out about halfway. Check to be
sure it does not roll back or forward on the door.
If the rack moves, adjust leveling legs. See Step 14.
• Check door alignment with cabinet. If door hits
cabinet, reposition or relevel dishwasher. See
Steps 13, 14 and 15.
• Check that door spring does not contact water line,
fill hose, wiring or other components. See Step 16.
• Verify water supply and drain lines are not kinked
or in contact with other components. Contact with
motor or dishwasher frame could cause noise.
See Steps 9 and 11.
• Turn on the sink hot water faucet and verify water
temperature. Incoming water temperature must
be between 120°F and 150°F. A minimum of 120°F
temperature is required for best wash performance.
See "Prepare Hot Water Line," page 7.
• Add 2 quarts of water to the bottom of the
dishwasher to lubricate the pump seal.
• Turn on water supply. Check for leaks. Tighten
connections if needed.
• Remove protective film if present from the control
panel and door.
• Avoid service call charges by ensuring there is
an air gap or drain hose routed through the
required 32" minimum height.


Table of Contents

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