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GE GXCF25FBS Chiller Owner's Manual: Using The Water Dispenser; Child Safeguard; Features And Parts List; Loading The Dispenser And Start Up

Ge tri-temperature water dispenser owner's manual.
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Using the water dispenser.


Features and Parts List

Bottle Support Collar—Black (WS28X10048)
Separator (WS28X10013)
Cold Water Tank
Hot (Red) and Cold (Blue) Power Switch (back of dispenser on equipped
models). The Cold (Blue) power switch also turns on the chiller
compartment, on equipped models.
Indicator Lights. The power indicator light will be lit when the dispenser is
plugged in. The hot and cold indicator lights will cycle on and off while
the dispenser heats and cools the water. Compressor start may be delayed
up to 3 minutes on certain models.
Dispenser Drip Tray (WS28X10031) and Grille (WS28X10032)
Compartment Drip Tray (WS29X10029) on models GXCF25FBS, GXCF25HBS and
PXCR33KSS only
Chiller Compartment on models GXCF25FBS, GXCF25HBS and PXCR33KSS only.
The compartment is intended solely for use in chilling canned and boxed
beverages and packaged nonperishables.
Storage Compartment on model PXCF22RBS. Do not use to store foods
requiring refrigeration. The compartment is not refrigerated.
Compartment Shelf (WS28X10028)
Drainage Cap (WS01X10008)
Silicon Stopper (WS01X10007)

Loading the Dispenser and Start Up

Sanitize the dispenser water tanks prior to
installing a full bottle of water for the first time (see
"Cleaning and Sanitizing the Water Tanks").
IMPORTANT: Make sure the dispenser is unplugged
with both the hot and cold power switches (on the
back of the dispenser on models so equipped) set to
the O (off) position. Before placing the water bottle
on the dispenser, wash hands and wipe the top of
the bottle with a clean cloth. Avoid touching the part
of the bottle that will be in contact with the water
Make sure the water level in the top of the
dispenser is low enough to allow for proper
bottle installation. Failure to do so may cause
the dispenser to overflow.
1. Peel the label from the top cover of the
bottle (if present). Do not remove the
entire bottle cap.

Child Safeguard

The HOT dispenser button is equipped with
a child safeguard that reduces the risk of hot
water being dispensed accidentally or by small
children. To dispense water, rotate the knob
counterclockwise and push the button in.
The knob will reset automatically when
the button is released.
, Room Temperature
, Cold
2. Place the bottle on top of the dispenser as
shown, aligning the dispensing valve probe
to the center of the water bottle cap. Press
down until the probe penetrates the bottle
cap, allowing the bottle to rest on the
support collar.
3. IMPORTANT: Press both dispense buttons until
water runs from both taps.
4. Plug in the dispenser.
5. Set the COLD and HOT power switches
(located on the top left rear of the dispenser
on models so equipped) to the I (on) position.
6. Allow 30 minutes for water to reach hot
and cold temperatures.
Contact a local water bottle distributor to purchase
water bottles.
The dispenser heats water to a temperature of
approximately 190°F (88°C). Water temperatures
above 125°F (52°C) can cause severe burns or death
from scalding. Children, the disabled and the
elderly are at highest risk of being scalded.
by a parent when using this product.
Water Dispenser Buttons
Children should be supervised


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