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Important Notices; Safety - Fujitsu NC14004-B713 User Manual

Cat5 extender
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Important Notices

This chapter contains cautions that must be taken when the Cat5 Extender is installed or
used and information related to safety. Carefully read this chapter to use the Cat5
Extender correctly.


This device adheres to the safety regulations related to information processing equipment
such as electronic office machines that are used in an office environment. If you have any
questions please contact your place of purchase or a Fujitsu maintenance person.
To prevent extreme bumping or shaking when moving the Cat5 Extender use the
original shipping container or a box similar to it.
During installation and before using the Cat5 Extender, carefully read [Installation] and
the section about environmental conditions in [Technical Specifications] to use the
Cat5 Extender correctly.
Moving the Cat5 Extender from a cold environment to the installation location may
cause condensation to occur. Before using the Cat5 Extender allow it to dry out
completely and to reach the ambient temperature of the installation location.
Make sure that the local power supply voltage is within the acceptable range of the
Cat5 Extender. Make sure that the rated voltage meets the specifications of the Cat5
Extender (Refer to [Technical Specifications] and the model plate on the Cat5
Make sure that the area around the outlet at which the Cat5 Extender is plugged in
does not obstruct immediate unplugging of the unit.
Lay the cable in an area where it will not become damaged. Refer to the relevant
sections in [Connecting Cables] / [Removing Cables] when plugging or unplugging the
Do not connect or remove the data transmission cables during thunderstorms.
Do not allow foreign substances such as paperclips or other metal objects or liquids
inside the Cat5 Extender.
In an emergency (such as: damage to the housing, parts or cables; or liquid or a
foreign object has fallen into the Cat5 Extender) remove the power cable as soon as
possible and contact your place of purchase or Fujitsu representative (Fujitsu
maintenance personnel).
Only licensed engineers can repair the Cat5 Extender. Having unlicensed users
attempt repairs may cause electric shock or fire. Do not attempt to repair or modify the
Cat5 Extender yourself.
Always hold the connector portion and do not jerk the cables when removing them.
Do not plug or unplug connectors with wet hands.
Do not place such unnecessary items as cups on the top of the Cat5 Extender.
To prevent interference it is necessary to adequately isolate the data cables connected
to peripheral equipment.
Keep this manual with the Cat5 Extender. If you give the Cat5 Extender to a third party
give them this manual also.



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