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Cat5 extender
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Congratulations on your purchase of Cat5 Extender DA/DAX.
Use of this product allows the server, keyboard, mouse, and monitor to be placed in separate
locations, improving the amount of control the consumer has over the use of space in his/her work
DOS/V (PC/AT compatible) and SUN compatible computers can be connected to this
LCD monitors with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels and a maximum refresh rate of 75Hz
can be connected to this product.
Speakers can also be connected and spaced apart to create a rich audio environment.
This user's manual contains information that can also be found in NC14004-B711 and
*Note: The Cat5 Extender DA/DAX is hereafter referred to by the term "Cat5 Extender".


Symbols and terminology that are used in this manual are described below.
Text that is preceded by a number (such as 1.) indicates that the operation must be
done in the order indicated.
Reference to important chapter titles and terminology are in brackets [ ].

Packing list

Make sure that the items in the following list were included in the shipping package.
Transmitter Unit (Transmitter)
Receiver Unit (Receiver)
AC Adapter
User's Manual (this manual)
Masking Sticker
Rubber Feet
Cable Clamps
Adjustment Stylus
Ferrite Core
If something is missing from the package, contact your supplier or local Fujitsu
This symbol indicates the possibility of physical damage (such as
damage to the Cat5 Extender or the server) or physical injury, which
may result if the Cat5 Extender is operated incorrectly by ignoring this
This logo indicates supplemental information, comments or hints.
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