Disposal; Moving Cat5 Extender; Compatible Peripherals (Keyboards, Mouses, Lcd Displays) - Fujitsu NC14004-B713 User Manual

Cat5 extender
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Use a separate sync or multiscan-compatible LCD display to set the resolution for the
monitor connected to the Cat5 Extender. Monitors supported by the Cat5 Extender
have a 1600 x 1200 resolution and a refresh rate of 75Hz. Image display may be
affected by the monitor in use and changes made to resolution settings. If image
display is affected, adjust the image settings at the monitor or video card.
Image problems at high resolutions, as well as ghosting and bleeding with certain
settings may be caused by the length of the Cat5 cable, the monitor cable, or the video
card. Certain combinations of displays and video cards may prevent proper image
reproduction. To correct such problems, check the length of the Cat5 cable or change
the video card preferences.
Use only Fujitsu Cat5 Extenders when connecting transmitters and/or receivers. The
Cat5 Extender cannot be connected to extenders made by other manufacturers.


This device is manufactured with metal and plastic parts. Dispose of it according the
relevant government regulations.

Moving Cat5 Extender

Compatible peripherals (keyboards, mice & LCD displays)
1. Keyboards
PS/2-compliant keyboards (101 - 109 keys)
SUN keyboards
2. Mouse
PS/2-compliant mice (2-button, 3-button, Scroll Wheel Functions supported)
Fujitsu FID677 (Multi-scroll mouse)
Microsoft/Intel Mouse, Explorer
Logicool/MouseMan+, MouseMan96, MouseMan
Pilot Mouse MousePort
SUN Mice
3. LCD Displays
Separate sync/multiscan-compatible LCD displays for use with PC/AT machines
*Note: Not compatible with composite signals from the server.
When moving the Cat5 Extender to a different location, use the box in
which it was purchased or a box that protects the product from
bumping and shaking. Do not unpack the Cat5 Extender until the
move has been completed.


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