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Removing The Cables; Cleaning The Cat5 Extender - Fujitsu NC14004-B713 User Manual

Cat5 extender
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Removing the Cables

Unplug the power cords, from the power outlets, of all the equipment that are affected,
then remove each cable.

Cleaning the Cat5 Extender

Wipe the Cat5 Extender and monitor with a dry cloth. If the dirt is excessive, wipe it off
with a soft cloth that has been thoroughly wrung out after being dipped in household
cleanser diluted with water.
Remove dust with a soft brush.
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Turn off the power and unplug the power cable from the Cat5
Extender connector. Do not use cleansers that contain abrasives, or
such organic solvents as benzene or thinner, or disinfectant alcohol.
Do not apply water and cleanser or spray type cleaners directly to the
Cat5 Extender. If liquids enter the interior of the Cat5 Extender it may
result in malfunctions or damage.



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