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Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II Owner's Manual

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The Sharp Shooter II is a professional metal detector. The concepts
and terminology can be quite unfamiliar if you are new to the
hobby. To understand it quickly and to get the most enjoyment
possible from your detector, we strongly recommend that you:
1) Turn the Sensitivity knob to a low setting if you get false
signals. A little practice is required to understand when and how
you can use the sensitivity at or near 100%.
2) Do not use indoors. This detector is for outdoor use only. Many
household appliances emit electromagnetic energy, which can
interfere with the detector.
demonstration, turn the sensitivity down and keep the search
coil away from all floors, walls and metal objects.
3) Do not test by placing coins on the floor. Most floors contain
4) Read this manual.
Most importantly, review the Summary of Operating Modes .
5) Sweep the search coil from side-to-side. Coil motion is required
in the motion modes to detect metal.
6) Use 9volt ALKALINE batteries only.
Do not use Heavy Duty batteries.
Do not use normal Zinc-Carbon batteries.
If conducting an indoor


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II

  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL The Sharp Shooter II is a professional metal detector. The concepts and terminology can be quite unfamiliar if you are new to the hobby. To understand it quickly and to get the most enjoyment possible from your detector, we strongly recommend that you: 1) Turn the Sensitivity knob to a low setting if you get false signals.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

  • Page 3: Terminology

    TERMINOLOGY ELIMINATION Reference to a metal being "eliminated" means that the detector will not emit a tone, nor light up an LCD indicator, when a specified object passes through the coil’s detection field. DISCRIMINATION When the detector emits different tones for different types of metals, and when the detector "eliminates"...
  • Page 4: Assembly

    ASSEMBLY Assembling your Sharp Shooter II Knurled Bolt Metal Detector is easy and requires no Knob tools. Just follow these steps: Using the supplied bolt and knurled knob, attach the search coil to the lower stem. Press the button on the upper end of the lower stem and slide the lower stem into the upper stem.
  • Page 5: Batteries

    It should flash momentarily when the Power Switch is turned on. IMPORTANT: Your Sharp Shooter II metal detector requires two 9-Volt ALKALINE batteries. Follow these steps to install the batteries. Carefully remove the battery compartment door by pressing the release clip on the right side of the door.
  • Page 6: Quick-Start Demo

    QUICK-START DEMO I. SUPPLIES NEEDED • A Nail • Nickel • A small piece of aluminum foil • Dime • A large screwdriver or other large iron object • Quarter • A zinc penny (dated after 1982) II. POSITION THE DETECTOR a.
  • Page 7: Basic Operation

    BASIC OPERATION TURN THE DETECTOR ON Click the left knob to the on position. The detector automatically enters the DISCRIMINATION Mode. MOTION ALL-METAL Mode To operate in this mode: • Turn the right knob, Disc/Notch, 100% counterclockwise, to the off position.
  • Page 8: Basic Operation

    BASIC OPERATION continued NOTCH Mode To operate in this mode: • Press the NOTCH button. • Use the Disc/Notch Knob to eliminate medium tone trash items from detection, but still retain low and high tone valuables. AUTONOTCH Mode To operate in this mode: •...
  • Page 9: Summary Of Operating Modes

    SUMMARY OF OPERATING MODES I. NO-MOTION ALL-METAL MODE • Use to pinpont location of objects previously detected in motion modes. • No motion is required • All metals will be detected • One tone only • Manual Ground Balance: User must tune and retune with the GroundTrac button. To Operate: 1) Press All-Metal button.
  • Page 10: Lcd Target Display

    LCD TARGET DISPLAY -Motion modes only READING THE DISPLAY Small gold items will register under Pull Tab. The LCD Target Display is accurate Medium-sized gold items will in the Motion Modes only. register under S-caps. Large gold items will register as The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Zinc 1¢.
  • Page 11 -Motion modes only 1982) will register here. Many non- will push your trash-to-treasure U.S. coins of recent vintage will ratio. While the Sharp Shooter II will also register here. eliminate or indicate the presence of most common trash items, it is 10¢: Dimes and pre-1982 pennies...
  • Page 12: Mode & Battery Indicators

    INDICATORS & SENSITIVITY ADJUSTMENT BATTERY INDICATOR: appliances, so YOUR DETECTOR CAN BEHAVE VERY ERRATICALLY The LOW BATT indicator will flash as INDOORS. If you want to test it the unit is powered on. If the indoors, turn indicator comes on and stays on, microwave.
  • Page 13: Audio Target Identification

    AUDIO TARGET ID -Motion modes only In the DISC, NOTCH or AUTONOTCH trash items for detectorist. Most will modes, the detector emits three induce a medium tone. Older pull tabs distinct tones, which classify metal will be eliminated automatically in the objects into categories AUTO NOTCH mode, or alternatively be manually “notched out”...
  • Page 14: In The Field Techniques

    IN THE FIELD TECHNIQUES - Motion modes PINPOINTING COIL MOVEMENT Accurate pinpointing takes practice When swinging the coil, be and is best accomplished by careful to keep it level with the “X-ing” the target area. ground about 1/2 inch from the surface.
  • Page 15 Raising it in the sweep, or at non-repeatable nature. the ends of your sweep, will cause The Sharp Shooter II is a very sen- false readings. Move slowly; hurrying sitive and deep-seeking detector. It will cause you to miss targets.
  • Page 16: No-Motion Mode

    IN THE FIELD TECHNIQUES - No-motion mode In the No-Motion All-Metal Mode, coil sweep technique is not important. Rather, user retuning is critical. The detector does not automatically adjust to changing ground and environmental conditions; the operator is required to make the adjustment. If the detector sounds a constant tone over all areas of the ground, retune the detector by pressing the GroundTrac button.
  • Page 17: Metal Detecting Applications

    2) Set Disc/Notch knob at 2:00. Dig only the repeatable low and high tones, avoid the broken or non-repeatable tones. OTHER APPLICATIONS: Use your Sharp Shooter II to find property markers, machine parts, and lost keys. Keep your detector in motion ALL-METAL mode for these tasks.
  • Page 18: Trouble Shooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE SYMPTOM CAUSE SOLUTION Detector chatters • Using detector • Use detector or beeps erratically indoors outdoors only • Using detector near • Move away power lines from power lines • Using 2 detectors in • Keep 2 detectors close proximity at least 30’...
  • Page 19: Care & Maintenance

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE Your Sharp Shooter II Metal Detector is an example of superior design and craftsmanship. The following suggestions will help you care for your metal detector so you can enjoy it for years to come. Keep the detector’s chassis dry and do not let water enter it. If the chassis gets wet, wipe it dry immediately.
  • Page 20: Warranty

    All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or parts thereof, in any form, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review. Published by First Texas Products, L.P. Bounty Hunter® and Sharpshooter® are registered trademarks of First Texas Products, L.P. First Texas Products, LP...