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Bounty Hunter SharpShooter II Owner's Manual

Sharp shooter ii metal detector
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The Sharp Shooter II is a professional
metal detector. The concepts and terminology
can be quite unfamiliar if you are new to the hobby.
To understand it quickly and to get the most enjoyment
possible from your detector, we strongly recommend
that you:
1) Turn the Sensitivity knob to a low setting if you get false signals. A
little practice is required to understand when and how you can use the
sensitivity at or near 100%.
2) Do not use indoors. This detector is for outdoor use only. Many
household appliances emit electromagnetic energy, which can
interfere with the detector. If conducting an indoor demonstration,
turn the sensitivity down and keep the searchcoil away from all floors,
walls and metal objects.
3) Do not test by placing coins on the floor. Most floors contain metal.
4) Read this manual.
Most importantly, review the Summary of Operating Modes.
5) Sweep the searchcoil from side-to-side. Coil motion is required in the
motion modes to detect metal.
6) Use 9volt ALKALINE batteries only.
Do not use Heavy Duty batteries.
Do not use normal Zinc-Carbon batteries.
7) Operating Frequency: 6.5 kHz



  Summary of Contents for Bounty Hunter SharpShooter II

  • Page 1 ® Pouch with 2 large pockets & 9” heavy duty digging tool. TP-KIT-W Stereo Headphones Use with Bounty Hunter metal detectors. Lightweight and adjustable with true stereo sound, adjustable volume, 1/4 jack with 1/8 adaptor, 4’ cable. HEAD-W OWNER’S MANUAL Pin Pointer Pinpoints the exact location of buried metal objects.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Published by First Texas Products, L.L.C. Bounty Hunter® and Pioneer® are registered trademarks of First Texas Products, L.L.C. ACCESSORIES ......Back Cover
  • Page 3: Terminology

    TROUBLESHOOTING TERMINOLOGY The following terms are used throughout the manual, and are standard terminology among detectorists. TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE ELIMINATION Reference to a metal being "eliminated" means that the detector will not emit a tone, SYMPTOM CAUSE SOLUTION nor light up an LCD indicator, when a specified object passes through the coil’s detection field.
  • Page 4: Assembly

    METAL DETECTING APPLICATIONS ASSEMBLY COINSHOOTING: Adjusting the Armrest The most popular metal detecting application is coinshooting. When The armrest may be moved coinshooting, you want to discriminate out pull tabs, screw caps, and iron forward backwards objects. Beware that highly oxidized steel may also be detected. removing the single screw and Control settings required.
  • Page 5 IN THE FIELD TECHNIQUES ASSEMBLY - No-motion mode Assembling your Sharp Shooter II In the No-Motion All Metal Mode, coil sweep technique is not important. Rather, Metal Detector is easy and requires user retuning is critical. no tools. Just follow these steps: The detector does not automatically adjust to changing ground and environmental conditions;...
  • Page 6: Batteries

    IN THE FIELD TECHNIQUES - BATTERIES motion modes Swing searchcoil slowly, rather than a silver or copper object. IMPORTANT: Always use ALKALINE batteries for optimal performance. overlapping each sweep as you If the tone changes at different Always remove the batteries for prolonged storage. move forward.
  • Page 7: Quick-Start Demo

    QUICK-START DEMO IN THE FIELD TECHNIQUES - Motion modes I. SUPPLIES NEEDED PINPOINTING COIL MOVEMENT • A Nail • Nickel Accurate pinpointing takes practice When swinging the coil, be • A small piece of aluminum foil • Dime and is best accomplished by careful to keep it level with the •...
  • Page 8: Basic Operation

    BASIC OPERATION AUDIO TARGET-ID -Motion modes only TURN THE DETECTOR ON In the DISC, NOTCH or AUTONOTCH PULL TABS: Go outdoors to your desired treasure-hunting location. Modes, the detector emits three Pull tabs are the most bothersome Click the left knob to the on position. distinct tones, which classify metal trash items for detectorist.
  • Page 9 BASIC OPERATION INDICATORS & SENSITIVITY ADJUSTMENT BATTERY INDICATOR: EMI are power lines, both suspended APPROXIMATE DISCRIMINATION Mode - continued buried, broadcasting The LOW BATT indicator will flash as • Turn the right knob, DISCRIMINATION, DISCRIMINATION antennas. Machinery, when the unit is powered on. If the to eliminate additional unwanted operation, can also produce EMI.
  • Page 10: Summary Of Operating Modes

    SUMMARY OF OPERATING MODES LCD TARGET DISPLAY - motion modes only Please refer to the display on your I. NO-MOTION ALL METAL MODE detector and reference the TARGET-ID FOIL: Aluminum foil, such as a gum • Deepest Seeking Mode categories below applicable to your wrapper, will register as foil.