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Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Owner's Manual

Metal detector
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Silver is an
easy to use detector. The most difficult
aspects of metal detecting have been
However if you are new to the hobby, we strongly
recommend that you:
1) Adjust the Sensitivity to a low setting in the
event of false signals. The detector powers on a
3/4 sensitivity; increase to full sensitivity after you have
become familiar with the detector.
2) Do not use indoors. This detector is for outdoor use only. Many
household appliances emit electromagnetic energy, which can
interfere with the detector. If conducting an indoor demonstration,
turn the sensitivity down and keep the search coil away from
appliances such as computers, televisions and microwave ovens.
If your detector beeps erratically, turn off appliances and lights.
Also keep the search coil away from objects containing metal, such
as floors and walls.
3) Read this manual. Most importantly, review the Quick-Start Demo
(p.6) and Basic Operation (p. 8-12).
4) Use 9-volt ALKALINE batteries only.
Do not use Heavy Duty or ordinary Zinc-carbon Batteries.



  Summary of Contents for Bounty Hunter Quick Silver

  • Page 1 OWNER’S MANUAL Quick Silver is an easy to use detector. The most difficult aspects of metal detecting have been automated. However if you are new to the hobby, we strongly recommend that you: 1) Adjust the Sensitivity to a low setting in the event of false signals.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Terminology ......3 Assembly ......4-5 Batteries .
  • Page 3: Terminology

    TERMINOLOGY The following terms are used throughout the manual, and are standard terminology among detectorists. ELIMINATION Reference to a metal being "eliminated" means that the detector will not emit a tone, nor light up an indicator, when a specified object passes through the coil’s detection field.
  • Page 4: Assembly

    ASSEMBLY Adjusting the Arm Rest The arm rest may be moved forward backwards removing the single screw and nut, and then repositioning the 2-piece arm rest. Users with shorter arms may find the arm rest more comfortable in the forward position. In order to move the arm rest backwards, plastic...
  • Page 5 ASSEMBLY Assembling your Quick Silver Metal Detector is easy and requires no tools. Just follow these steps: Using the supplied bolt and knurled knob, attach the search coil to the lower stem. Press the button on the upper end of the lower stem and slide the lower stem into the upper stem.
  • Page 6: Batteries

    You may notice erratic beeping if using with LOW BATTERY illuminated. IMPORTANT: Your Quick Silver metal detector requires two 9-Volt ALKALINE batteries. Follow these steps to install the batteries. Carefully remove the battery compartment door by pressing the release clip on the right side of the door.
  • Page 7: Quick-Start Demo

    Q UICK-START DEMONSTRATION I. Supplies Needed • A Medium-Size Nail • A Quarter • A Nickel • A Zinc Penny (dated after 1982) II. Position the Detector a. Place the detector on a table, with the search coil hanging over the edge. (or better, have a friend hold the detector, with the coil off the ground)
  • Page 8: Quick-Start Demo

    Q UICK-START DEMONSTRATION a. An “X” will appear under the IRON segment. b. The “X” tell us that Iron has been eliminated from detection. VI. Wave the Nail over the Search Coil a. The Nail will not be detected. b. The Nail has been "Discriminated Out." VII.
  • Page 9: Basic Operation Powering Up

    BASIC OPERATION POWERING UP Press the ON touch pad. All display indicators will illuminate momentarily The inverted-pyramid depth-selection indicator on the right of the display will stay illuminated. UNDERSTANDING THE DISPLAY DEPTH SELECT The detector default to 3/4 sensitivity, indicated illuminated segments.
  • Page 10: The Display

    BASIC OPERATION PROBABLE TARGET The four categories depicted across the top of the display indicate the probable identification of buried, detected metal objects. The search coil must be in motion over an object to be detected. Alternatively, you can pass an object over a motion less search coil to test your detector.
  • Page 11: Operating Controls

    OPERATING CONTROLS The Quick Silver is the most automated, easy-to-operate, professional metal detector ever designed. It is designed for those who are new to the hobby providing maximum basic target discrimination, while requiring minimal operator adjustment.
  • Page 12: Environmental Conditions

    If you receive constant false signals, reduce the sensitivity or move to another area. SAND: Dry beach sands are no problem for the Quick Silver. if the sand is damp with saltwater, however, follow the precautions outlined under saltwater above.
  • Page 13: Audio Target Identification

    AUDIO TARGET IDENTIFICATION While the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is very accurate in identifying buried objects, the user in the field does not always maintain the display screen in his field of vision. Therefore, we have incorporated an audio feedback mechanism to alert the user to the nature of buried objects. This audio feedback system first alerts the user to the presence and classification of objects, whose nature and location can be confirmed using the LCD display.
  • Page 14: Depth Select (Sensitivity Adjustment)

    SEVERE GROUND CONDITIONS A secondary use for the Sensitivity Control is to reduce false detection signals caused by severe ground conditions. While your Quick Silver contains circuitry to eliminate the signals caused by most naturally occurring ground minerals, 100% of all ground conditions cannot be anticipated.
  • Page 15: In The Field Techniques

    IN THE FIELD TECHNIQUES PINPOINTING COIL MOVEMENT Accurate pinpointing takes practice When swinging the coil, be and is best accomplished by careful to keep it level with the “X-ing” the target area. ground about one inch from the surface. Never swing the coil like 1.
  • Page 16: In The Field Techniques

    IN THE FIELD TECHNIQUES Swing the search coil slowly, rather than a silver or copper object. overlapping each sweep as you If the tone changes at different move forward. It is important to angles, you may have encountered sweep the coil at a consistent speed multiple objects.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE SYMPTOM CAUSE SOLUTION Detector chatters • Using detector • Use detector or beeps erratically indoors outdoors only • Using detector near • Move away power lines from power lines • Using 2 detectors in • Keep 2 detectors close proximity at least 30’...
  • Page 18: Metal Detecting Applications

    METAL DETECTING APPLICATIONS COIN SHOOTING: The most popular metal detecting activity. Find coins where people congregate frequently. Many detectorists revisit the same areas again and again to find a never-ending treasure trove as people continue to lose valuables every day. Parks, fairgrounds, and play ares are good choices.
  • Page 19: Treasure Hunter's Code Of Ethics

    • All treasure hunters may be judged by the example you set; always conduct yourself with courtesy and consideration of others 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY The Quick Silver metal detector is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for five years from the date of purchase to the origi- nal owner.
  • Page 20: Accessories

    Pouch with 2 large pockets & 9” heavy duty digging tool. TP-KIT-W Bounty Hunter Stereo Headphones . Use with Bounty Hunter metal detectors. Lightweight and adjustable with true stereo sound, adjustable volume, 1/8 jack with 1/4 adaptor, 4’ cable. HEAD-W Pin Pointer Pinpoints the exact location of buried metal objects.