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Sanyo VDC-DP9575P Manual For Remote Operation

Color ccd camera manual for remote operation by network connection
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Color CCD Camera
Manual for Remote Operation
by Network Connection


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Sanyo VDC-DP9575P

  • Page 1 Color CCD Camera Manual for Remote Operation by Network Connection...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Instruction ..................2 ■ System requirements ................. 2 Flow of Camera Operation through to Network Operation ..3 ■ User names and operating privileges ..........3 Configuring the TCP/IP Settings on PC .........4 Accessing the Camera ..............6 ■ Accessing the Camera Using the UPnP Connection (for Windows XP only).................
  • Page 3: Instruction

    Instruction This option board (Network) is an extension board that allows you to connect Sanyo’s CCD camera to your network. After installing the option board on the camera, you can view live video from the camera using Web browser on your PC.
  • Page 4: Flow Of Camera Operation Through To Network Operation

    Flow of Camera Operation through to Network Operation For detailed instructions on individual procedures, refer to the pages shown below. 1 Installing the option board on the camera Refer to the supplied “INSTALLATION MANUAL” for how to install the option board on the camera and make connection using LAN cables.
  • Page 5: Configuring The Tcp/Ip Settings On Pc

    Configuring the TCP/IP Settings on PC Perform the appropriate TCP/IP settings on your PC in accordance with your operating system. (The following setting example is for Windows XP.) In the [Control Panel], click [Network and Right-click on the LAN interface Internet Connections].
  • Page 6 Configuring the TCP/IP Settings on PC Click [Properties]. Preparing the Web Browser for Accessing the Camera [General] tab appears in the [Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties] dialog box. Web browser is required to access the camera. Install Internet Explorer Ver.6.0 or higher on your PC. Select the [Use the following IP In the cases below, perform the Internet Explorer’s address:] radio button and complete the...
  • Page 7: Accessing The Camera

    Accessing the Camera Start the Web browser. Select the language used for display, and click the [SET] button. To access the camera, Internet Explorer Ver.6.0 or higher is required. Available languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese Type the URL for accessing the camera in the browser’s address bar, and press [Enter] key.
  • Page 8: Accessing The Camera Using The Upnp Connection (For Windows Xp Only)

    “ON” (See page 20). window: • The factory setting value is “ON”. SANYO Camera - (camera title) In the (camera title) section above, the title specified for the camera in [TITLE] field of the [NETWORK SETTINGS] screen appears.
  • Page 9: Viewing Live Video (Main Screen Overview)

    Viewing Live Video (Main Screen Overview) 1 Control Panel (See pages 9 - 10) 3 Video display area Only the administrative user (“admin”) is allowed to The live video from the camera is displayed. conduct operations on the control panel. MEMO: The control panel layout depends on the camera For cameras with panning and tilting functions,...
  • Page 10: Using The Control Panel

    Using the Control Panel (“admin” only) A For cameras without panning and tilting functions 1 Camera configuration buttons (See page 21) Control Panel Used for changing the camera settings. Displays the configuration menu. Moves the cursor up/down in the configuration menu.
  • Page 11 Using the Control Panel (“admin” only) B For cameras with panning and tilting functions For the functions common to all camera models (1 - 7), refer to the description on the left page. 1 Camera control buttons Control Panel Changes the camera orientation toward the direction indicated by arrow mark.
  • Page 12: Establishing Voice Communication

    Establishing Voice Communication You can establish bi-directional voice communication between the camera and PC. <Camera → PC> Voice control buttons You can view live video with voice because the voice picked up by the microphone on the camera side is In order to operate these buttons, configure the output to the PC speakers.
  • Page 13: Selecting The Operating Conditions

    Selecting the Operating Conditions (“admin” only) When you click the [MAIN SETTINGS] button on the control panel, the menu buttons for an administrative user (“admin”) are displayed. Clicking each button displays the corresponding configuration screen. 1 NETWORK (See page 13) 5 AUDIO (See page 19) Used for configuring the communication settings Used for configuring the voice communication.
  • Page 14: Network Settings

    NETWORK SETTINGS (“admin” only) 1 TITLE 8 SSL Specifies the camera title. Select “ON” when you want to use the SSL encryption for the video signal. The title specified here appears in the main screen and is inserted into the alarm notification e-mail. 9 PORT NUMBER The title can be up to 16 alphanumeric characters.
  • Page 15: Clock Settings

    CLOCK SETTINGS (“admin” only) [REFRESH] button 1 CLOCK SET 5 NTP settings Set the date and time for the clock built into the The following configurations can be made only when camera. the [CLOCK ADJUST] preference is set to “ON (NTP)”.
  • Page 16: E-Mail Settings

    E-MAIL SETTINGS (“admin” only) 1 SEND MESSAGE 5 AUTHENTICATION settings When sending the alarm notification e-mail, set this When authentication is required for sending e-mails, value to “ON”. configure the following settings: • AUTHENTICATION 2 Mail server configuration • USER ID The following mail server information is specified in •...
  • Page 17: Image Transfer Settings

    IMAGE TRANSFER SETTINGS (“admin” only) ■ For HTTP connection When you want to record or play the video in HTTP mode, use the separately ordered “VA-SW3050” recorder/player software. The recording configuration will be made on the VA-SW3050 screen. When you use "VA-SW3050", the HTTP mode is automatically selected in the [IMAGE TRANSMISSION] setting and the FTP mode cannot be used.
  • Page 18: For Ftp Connection

    The following FTP information is specified in these Note: setting items. If the CAMERA ID is not configured, “sanyo” • PORT NUMBER and “alarm” are substituted as the file name Please set the same number as the control port and folder name respectively.
  • Page 19 According to the Note: option you selected, perform the following If the CAMERA ID is not configured, “sanyo” and settings: “timer” are substituted as the file name and When the [BUFFER SIZE] setting is set folder name respectively.
  • Page 20: Audio Settings

    AUDIO SETTINGS (“admin” only) Note: When [RESOLUTION] is configured to 640 x 480 on the [IMAGE TRANSFER SETTINGS] screen, the [AUDIO INPUT]/[AUDIO OUTPUT] setting cannot be configured to “ON”. 1 Settings for voice reception 3 AUDIO PORT NUMBER Set the number of the port for voice •...
  • Page 21: Option Settings

    OPTION SETTINGS (“admin” only) Version number 1 UPnP Note: When you access the camera through the UPnP • Neither make any operations on the screen nor connection, make sure that the [UPnP] option is set turn power off while the “LOADING FIRMWARE to “ON”...
  • Page 22: Changing The Camera Settings

    Changing the Camera Settings (“admin” only) Clicking on the control panel displays the on-screen camera configuration menu. You can change the monitoring and operation preferences stored in the camera through the network connection. MEMO: The menus displayed depend on the camera model. For details, refer to the instruction manual supplied with the camera.
  • Page 23: Settings List

    Settings List Screen Setting menu Options Language selection ENGLISH, FRANÇAIS, DEUTSCH, ESPAÑOL, Display language screen JAPANESE NTSC: 180 x 120, 360 x 240, 720 x 240, 640 x 480* RESOLUTION PAL: 180 x 143, 360 x 286, 720 x 286, 640 x 480* BASIC, NORMAL, ENHANCED, FINE, SUPER PICTURE QUALITY Main screen...
  • Page 24 Settings List Screen Setting menu Options [MAIN SETTINGS] screens IMAGE TRANSMISSION OFF, HTTP, FTP LIVE/NORMAL RECORD NTSC 180 x 120, 360 x 240, 720 x 240, 640 x 480* RESOLUTION 180 x 143, 360 x 286, 720 x 286, 640 x 480* QUALITY BASIC, NORMAL, ENHANCED, FINE, SUPER FINE AUDIO...
  • Page 25 Settings List Screen Setting menu Options [MAIN SETTINGS] screens ALARM NTSC 1FPS, 2FPS, 3FPS, 5FPS, 10FPS, 15FPS, 30FPS RATE 1FPS, 2FPS, 3FPS, 5FPS, 8FPS, 12.5FPS, 25FPS (When you set the [RESOLUTION] preference to “640 x 480”, only the “1FPS”, “2FPS” and “3FPS” options are available for configuration.) 5SEC, 10SEC, 20SEC, 40SEC, 1MIN, 2MIN, 3MIN, 4MIN, IMAGE...
  • Page 26: Openssl License

    OpenSSL License The following license is applied to OpenSSL. LICENSE ISSUES ============== The OpenSSL toolkit stays under a dual license, i.e. both the conditions of the OpenSSL License and the original SSLeay license apply to the toolkit. See below for the actual license texts. Actually both licenses are BSD-style Open Source licenses.
  • Page 27 OpenSSL License G * Hudson ( Original SSLeay License ----------------------- /* Copyright (C) 1995-1998 Eric Young ( * All rights reserved. * This package is an SSL implementation written * by Eric Young ( * The implementation was written so as to conform with Netscapes SSL. * This library is free for commercial and non-commercial use as long as * the following conditions are aheared to.
  • Page 28: Specifications

    TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, FTP, UPnP Simultaneous access Image: Maximum 16, Voice: Maximum 16 (admin: 1) capacity Security BASIC authentication (ID/password), SSL supported (Image only) Printed on recycled paper 1AC6P1P3016-- 1AC6P1P3126-- SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. L5BP2/US, XE L5BQ2/US, XE (0806KP)

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