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Troubleshooting - GE 1000 VA User Manual

350-500-700-1000 va
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Whenever a malfunction occurs, first check external factors (e.g. connections, temperature, humidity or
load) to determine whether the problem is caused by the unit itself or by its environment. Subsequently
check the input fuse: it may be blown. If so: replace the fuse (see 5.2) and be sure that the UPS is not
The following chart is a simple troubleshooting checklist only. If the suggested solution does not succeed,
or if the information is insufficient to solve the problem, please contact your dealer or consult
Blown input fuse
No output voltage during self
test (3.2.2)
Only battery start possible
No communication between
computer and UPS
UPS operates on battery
though mains is present
Continuously sounding
mains present
Continuously sounding
mains not present
UPS does not provide the
expected back-up time, no
alarm 'replace battery'
Blinking LED 'BAT',
intermittent buzzer
UPS output switches OFF

6 - Troubleshooting

Output overload
System failure
System failure
Blown input fuse
Computer interface problem
Blown input fuse
Very high, low or distorted
mains voltage
UPS overload
UPS overload in battery mode
Weak battery: recent outage or
worn out battery
Battery test just after
installation or mains failure
Weak battery
Battery depleted during mains
failure: end of runtime
Load is less than 5% of rated
output and no mains power is
present (no-load shutdown
function is active)
Load is more than 150% of
rated output
GE Digital Energy
Reduce load, replace fuse
Please contact your dealer or
Please contact your dealer or
See above
Check interface cable and
attached computer.
See above
Check mains voltage, contact
qualified electrician
Reduce load
Reduce load
Charge the battery. If the battery is
near the end of its service life,
consider replacing the battery
even if the 'replace battery' alarm
is not yet active.
Allow the UPS to recharge the
Read 5.3
Wait until mains returns
Wait until mains returns
Reduce load
DE ML Series: user manual 1.1 (GB)
ML Series



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