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Operation; Start-Up; Start-Up, Mains Available; Start-Up, Mains Not Available ('Battery Start') - GE 1000 VA User Manual

350-500-700-1000 va
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Start-up, mains available

1 Press keypad 'ON' for 2 seconds
LED 'LINE' (already blinking) will illuminate continuously now.
2 The equipment connected to the UPS can now be switched on.

Start-up, mains not available ('battery start')

If the mains input is absent (power cord not connected, or mains failure):
1 Press keypad 'ON' for 2 seconds until LED 'BAT' illuminates.
The UPS operates on battery: it discharges the batteries.

Use: Normal Operation

Normal operation conditions:
the mains supply is present,
the UPS is on,
the load does not exceed the capacity of the UPS and
the operating temperature is below alarm level.
AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation):
If the quality of the incoming mains is poor, the AVR boosts a low incoming voltage or reduces a
high one. The load receives a voltage within the normal range (see chapter 7).
Self test (UPS operation and battery condition)
In case of a system failure the output voltage can be lost. It is therefore recommended to switch
off the load before performing a self test. See chapter 6.
1 During normal operation, press keypad 'ON' for 2 seconds.
2 If the battery does not pass the self test, a 'replace battery' alarm is given. See 3.3.
Auto-off (no-load shutdown)
When mains is not available (mains failure or battery start) the UPS will switch off when the load
is less than 5% of the maximum load. In this way unnecessary discharging of the batteries is
avoided. The unit will automatically turn on again when mains power is restored. The no-load
shutdown function cannot be de-activated.
Switching off
1 Press keypad 'OFF' for 2 seconds.
2 If electric isolation is required, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
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3 - Operation

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DE ML Series: user manual 1.1 (GB)



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