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Important Safety Instructions; For Your Safety; Electrical Requirements - GE JP950 Installation Instructions Manual

30" electric cooktop
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• For Personal Safety, remove house fuse
or open circuit breaker before beginning
installation. Failure to do so could result
in serious injury or death.
• Be sure your cooktop is installed properly
by a qualified installer or service technician.
• To eliminate the risk of burns or fire due
to reaching over heated surface elements,
cabinet storage located above the surface
units should be avoided. If cabinet storage
space is to be provided, the risk can be
reduced by installing a range hood that
projects horizontally a minimum of 5"
beyond the bottom of the cabinets. Cabinet
installation above the cooktop may be no
deeper than 13".
• Make sure the cabinets and wall coverings
around the cooktop can withstand the
temperatures (up to 200°F) generated
by the cooktop.
• The cooktop should be easy to reach and
lighted with natural light during the day.
• Always disconnect the electrical service to
the cooktop before repairing or servicing
the cooktop. This can be done by
disconnecting the fuse or circuit breaker.
Failure to do this could result in a
dangerous or fatal shock. Know where your
main disconnect switch is located. If you do
not know, have your electrician show you.
Installation Instructions


This appliance must be supplied with the
proper voltage and frequency, and connected
to an individual, properly grounded branch
circuit, protected by a circuit breaker or a
time delay fuse as noted on rating plate.
We recommend you have the electrical wiring
and hookup of your cooktop connected by a
qualified electrician. After installation, have
the electrician show you where your main
cooktop disconnect is located.
Wiring must conform to National Electrical
Code. You can get a copy of the National
Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA No. 70-Latest
Edition, by writing:
National Fire Protection Association
Batterymarch Park
Quincy, MA 02269
The cooktop conduit wiring is approved for
copper wire connection only, and if you have
aluminum house wiring, you must use
special UL approved connectors for joining
copper to aluminum.
You must use a two-wire, three conductor
208/240 VAC, 60 Hertz electrical system. A
white (neutral) wire is not needed for this
unit. The cooktop must be installed in a
circuit that does not exceed 125 VAC nominal
to ground.
Refer to the rating plate on your cooktop for
the KW rating for your cooktop.



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