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Other Features - Kenmore 970L4814 Series Use & Care Manual

Front load washer
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Operating Instructions

Other Features

Delay Start
Press Delay Start to select a wash time convenient to your
schedule or during off peak energy hours. The delay time
selected will be displayed and begin counting down when
you select START.
Control Lock
To avoid having someone accidentally start the washer,
press Options and Select at the same time and hold for
10 seconds until "
" is displayed alternately with the
estimated cycle time. To unlock the controls, press Options
and Select at the same time and hold 10 seconds until
" is no longer displayed.
Status Display/Status Lights
The estimated total cycle time will be displayed when the
cycle is selected. The time may increase if water pressure is
low, oversudsing occurs or the load becomes unbalanced.
The estimated remaining cycle time is displayed during the
cycle. The following indicators may be lighted during the
• Door Lock
• Sensing
• Wash
• Touch Pause to Add a Garment
Vent Latch
Help prevent odor buildup and mildew between washes by
utilizing your washer's vent latch feature. To apply the vent
latch, (1) open the door slightly, (2) lift the latch arm and
then (3) press the arm down onto the plastic door strike,
snapping it in place.
The vent latch can be released either of two ways - by
pulling door out and manually returning latch arm to lower
position or by pushing door shut and allowing latch arm to
continue its pivot upward.
Do not attempt to close door if vent latch arm is
disengaged and arm is in an outward position. Return
latch arm to lower position before closing and latching
the door.
The vent latch may become dislodged from hinge point
if door closure is attempted while latch arm is not in
an acceptable closing position. The latch arm can be
snapped back in at the hinge location. Washer will still
operate without latch arm installed.
Press and hold both for ten seconds
to lock or unlock the controls.

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