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Operating Instructions - Kenmore 970L4814 Series Use & Care Manual

Front load washer
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Operating Instructions

This manual covers many models and not all cycles, options, or features listed are available on every model. Consoles shown
above for reference only. Your model may diff er.
Cycle Selection
Turn the cycle selector in either direction to the cycle de-
For best results
Follow the fabric care label instructions
on items to be washed.
To change the cycle once it has begun, press the CANCEL
button before selecting a new cycle. Just turning the cycle
selector knob to another selection will not change the
Whitest Whites
Use this cycle for white fabrics and lightly colored clothing.
Refer to fabric care label for use of liquid chlorine bleach.
Hot water is recommended to ensure optimal bleach acti-
vation. For peak rinsing performance and to avoid chlorine
residues on your laundry add Extra Rinse to this cycle.
Workout Wear
This cycle is designed for small loads of lightweight,
synthetic apparel worn for working out, running, swim-
ming, cycling, tennis and similar activities when removal
of light soil and perspiration are important.
For best results, select a detergent that contains enzymes.
Add a detergent booster, color safe bleach or odor
eliminator with the detergent if needed. Chlorine bleach
should not be used on items containing Lycra™. Fabric
softeners reduce wicking and are not recommended for
garments made to pull moisture away from the body.
Use this cycle for heavily soiled, durable garments - such
as towels, sports gear, or fabric tote bags. For best soil
and stain removal, use the hottest water safe for the
fabrics being washed.
Use this load for cotton, linen, towels, shirts, sheets, den-
ims and mixed loads.
Use this cycle for cottons and blends with a permanent
press or no-iron fi nish.
Use this cycle to provide intermittent, gentle tumbling for
items labeled "Hand Wash".
Use this cycle for lightly soiled knits and delicates which
require gentle washing.
Express Wash
Quickly wash a small, lightly soiled load in 25 minutes.
Wash an entire load of denim jeans with the Jeans cycle.
It provides 20 minutes of reversing tumble wash action.
Rinse & Spin
Select Rinse & Spin for loads that need a cold water
rinse or to add fabric softener that may have been omit-
ted in a regular cycle. Add the fabric softener to the
dispenser chamber. Select the spin speed appropriate
for the load.
Spin Only
Use the Spin Only cycle anytime you want to drain water
from the washer and spin out the load or as a follow-up
to a No Spin selection. Select the spin speed appropriate
to the load.
Clean Washer
To clean and freshen the washer, perform the Clean
Washer cycle. If you wish to begin the cycle, empty the
drum, add bleach and press START. This maintenance
cycle removes residue that may cause odor. See Inside
Routine Cleaning (Preventive) for detailed information
about the Clean Washer cycle.

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