GE Answer-Phone 2-9892 Use & Care Manual

GE Answer-Phone 2-9892 Use & Care Manual

Answering machine with voice time/day stamp


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Voice Time/Day Stamp
MODEL 2-9892


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Answer-Phone with Voice Time/Day Stamp MODEL 2-9892 USE & CARE GUIDE...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION INTRODUCTION ...3 Parts Checklist...3 CONTROLS and FEATURES ...4 Telephone Features ...4 Answer Features...5 Telephone Controls...6-7 Answer Controls...8-9 INSTALLATION ...10 Introduction ...10 Installation for Desk or Table Top use...10 Installation for Wall Mount use...12 TELEPHONE OPERATION ...14 Introduction ...14 Important Features to Note...14 How to Make and Receive Calls...14...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Thank you for purchasing an Answer-Phone new GE Model 2-9892 is a carefully engineered, high-quality durable product with natural sound quality, modern features and elegant styling. It is designed to give you the quality and convenience you expect in a telephone and answering machine.
  • Page 4: Controls And Features

    CONTROLS and FEATURES A Full Feature Telephone • 12 Number Memory -3 One Touch memory locations -Memory for 9 additional frequently called numbers -Convenient memory log in base • One Touch Redial • Lithium Battery provided for memory backup • Ringer Volume Control •...
  • Page 5: Answer Features

    Deluxe Answerer Features • 10 Touch–Tone Remote Control Functions -Playback Messages -Reset Messages -Remote “ON” -Remote Memo -Rewind -Retrieve messages when tape is full -Change outgoing message -Announcement Breakthrough -Room Monitor -Fast Forward • Voice Time/Day Stamp–answerer will tell you the time and day each message was received •...
  • Page 7: Telephone Controls

    1. Hook Switch – Connects and disconnects the telephone. 2. Handset Hook – Holds the handset in place when mounted on the wall. 3. Handset – Contains transmitter and receiver for phone conversation. 4. Flash Button – Creates a signal for special services such as call waiting.
  • Page 8: Answer Controls

    CONTROLS and FEATURES 18. Door – Opens for access to controls of the answering system. 19. Announcement Button – Records outgoing greeting or allows playback to review. 20. Time Day Set – Allows setting of time day stamp message added to incoming messages. Hour Button –...
  • Page 10: Installation

    INSTALLATION – DESK OR TABLE TOP Follow these steps to connect your new Answer- Phone for proper operation. Make sure you have a modular telephone jack and a standard AC electrical outlet near the place you have chosen to install your Answer-Phone 1.
  • Page 11 3. Lift cassette compartment door and insert micro cassette tape A side up. 4. Connect the Power Cord Plug the right angle plug on the power cord into the Answer-Phone 5. Plug in the Power Supply Plug the Power Supply into the AC power outlet.
  • Page 12: C Installation For Wall Mount Use

    INSTALLATION – WALL MOUNT (optional) 1. Reverse the Handset Hook Firmly slide the HANDSET HOOK out of the CRADLE . Rotate it 180° and slide it back into the CRADLE . 2. Remove the Base Plate For wall mount installations, press in the two tabs and pull the BASE PLATE from the back of the telephone.
  • Page 13 6. Connect the other end of the short telephone line cord to the wall phone jack. 7. Mount the Telephone to the Wall Plate Position the TELEPHONE against the WALL JACK plate so that pins of the plate align with key hole slots on the BASE PLATE . Press the TELEPHONE against the WALL JACK PLATE so that pins pass through key hole slots in the BASE PLATE .
  • Page 14: Telephone Operation

    TELEPHONE OPERATION The GE Model 2-9892 Answer-Phone telephone operation along with storage of up to twelve telephone numbers in memory for automatic dialing of frequently called or emergency numbers. 1. The PULSE/TONE Switch The PULSE/TONE switch located on the side of the unit should be set to the proper position.
  • Page 15: How To Use Automatic Redial

    The telephone automatically remembers the last number dialed (up to 16 digits long). This number will remain in redial memory until another number is dialed. To Redial Last Number 1. Pick up HANDSET . 2. Wait for dial tone. 3. Press REDIAL. Note: If any digit is pressed before REDIAL , the phone will perform the PAUSE function.
  • Page 16: Telephone Memory Operation

    TELEPHONE MEMORY OPERATION Your GE Model 2-9892 Answer-Phone has 12 memory locations capable of storing a telephone number of up to 16 digits. Three telephone numbers can be stored in the 3 Emergency/Quick Dial positions and dialed with one touch. 9 Memory positions are dialed with two touches ( DIAL and the number button 1-9 corresponding to the memory location).
  • Page 17: Storing A Pause In Dialing

    When storing a number, a momentary delay may be needed in the dialing sequence for a stored telephone number. This is generally used when a “PAUSE” is needed to wait for a dial tone (e.g. after dialing a long distance access number). The REDIAL button should be pressed at the point where a pause is needed in the dialing sequence.
  • Page 18: Answering System Operation

    ANSWERING SYSTEM OPERATION Your GE Model 2-9892 Answer-Phone caller with your outgoing announcement and then records an incoming message (from the caller). The incoming call will be automatically answered on the third ring. Because of the single microcassette operation, callers must wait for the tape to fast forward past any previous messages before they may leave their message.
  • Page 19: Recording Your Announcement

    4. To set day . Advance the day by pressing and holding the DAY/TIME CHECK button until the voice announces each day in sequence. Release the button at correct day. 5. Checking the Time/Day Stamp . Tap the DAY/TIME CHECK button. The Voice will respond with the current time and day.
  • Page 20: Turning The Answering System On Or Off

    ANSWERING SYSTEM OPERATION 1. Pressing the ON/OFF button will turn on the answering system, the ANSWER ON/OFF LED will light. (Pressing ON/OFF button does not affect telephone operation.) 2. Your Answer-Phone play the Outgoing Announcement and record the caller’s incoming messages. 3.
  • Page 21: Message Volume Control

    You can use the volume control on the side of the Answer-Phone to adjust the volume of the system’s speaker. Slide the switch until you find a comfortable volume level. To screen calls, set the system to answer calls, and adjust the VOLUME setting so you can hear the OGA and the caller’s message on the Answer-Phone If you decide to take the call, lift the handset of the Answer-...
  • Page 22: Remote Operation

    REMOTE OPERATION When you call your Answer-Phone a touch-tone phone, you must enter your three digit security code. (This code is factory preset and written on the bottom of the unit.) You then can listen to your messages or enter a command to request one of the other features normally available to you at home.
  • Page 23: To Reset Incoming Message

    To Reset Incoming Message Tape 1. After hearing three short beeps Press 8 to reset. 2. Unit will beep three times. 3. Press 2 to replay messages and restore message count. To Leave a Remote Memo 1. After hearing three short beeps Press 5. 2.
  • Page 24: Remote Room Monitor

    REMOTE OPERATION Leave your radio on? Your TV? Is someone in the area of your Answer-Phone ? While away you can call your Answer-Phone to monitor the room in which the phone is located. 1. After hearing three short beeps Press 3 . 2.
  • Page 25: In Case Of Difficulty

    If your Answer-Phone still inoperative, then disconnect the Answer-Phone determine if the problem is with the telephone line. If it is the telephone line, notify the telephone company for service. If the Answer-Phone continues to malfunction, please make sure you have followed all the instructions in this manual to correct the problem.
  • Page 26 IN CASE OF DIFFICULTY ANSWERER PROBLEM 1. Tape won’t go in. 2. Power was applied without tape installed 3. Answer indicator flashes rapidly and there are no new messages 4. Answer ON/OFF is not on 5. Unit will not function when I press any buttons.
  • Page 27: Product Care And Service

    Battery in fire. Like other batteries of this type, if it is burned or punctured, it could release toxic material which could cause injury. • Keep Battery out of reach of children. • Replace only with GE Cat. #5-1923. Accessory Order Form included in this guide. PRODUCT CARE and SERVICE •...
  • Page 28: Cleaning Tape Mechanism

    2. Clean the head surfaces, pressure rollers and capstans with a cotton swab. If these surfaces are extremely dirty, dampen the cotton swab with alcohol. To keep your GE Telephone working and looking good, follow these few simple rules: • Avoid putting telephone near heating appliances to other high temperature sources.
  • Page 29: Accessory Order Form

    GE telephone products. All are carefully engineered to offer you high quality and dependability, modern easy-to-use features, and elegant styling at an affordable price. Should you wish to purchase, insist on the GE brand for all your communicating needs.
  • Page 30 2-9892 CATALOG NUMBER 5-2332 AC ADAPTER LITHIUM CARTRIDGE 5-1923 LI/MNO2 CELL, 3 VOLT (CR2032) For Models with “MEMORY STORE” For credit card purchases Your complete charge card number, its expiration date and your signature are necessary to process all charge card orders. Copy your complete account number from your VISA card My card expires:...
  • Page 31: One Year Warranty

    ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY What does your warranty cover? • Any defect in material or workmanship. For how long after the original purchase? • One year. • The warranty for rental units begins with the first rental. What will we do? •...
  • Page 32: Fcc Registration Information

    FCC REGISTRATION INFORMATION Your GE telephone equipment is registered with the Federal Communications Commission and is in compliance with parts 15J and 68, FCC Rules and Regulations. 1. Notification to the Local Telephone Company On the bottom of this equipment is a label indicating among other information, the FCC Registration number and Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) for the equipment.
  • Page 33 OPTIONS AFTER TOUCH TONE 3 BEEP SIGNAL COMMAND ANY KEY Bypass Announcement Security Code Play Messages Start Repeat Message Security Code Play Messages if Tape is Full (After Tenth Ring) Incoming Message Reset Start Record Memo Start Record Announcement Start Room Monitor Security Code Turn System On...

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