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GE EDWSO00 Series Owner's Manual

General electric dishwasher owner's manual
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Safety Instructions
Care and Cleaning
Control Panel and Settings
... 4-7
Loading Place Settings
Loading the Racks ............
Optional Accessories
Using the Dishwasher
8, 9
Tips .. 13, 14
Consumer Support
Consumer Support
..... Back Cover
165D4 700P339
EDWSO00 Series
Write the model and serial
Model #
Serial #
You can find them on the tub wall
just inside the door


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for GE EDWSO00 Series

  • Page 1 ... Back Cover Warrants Write the model and serial numbers here: Model # Serial # You can find them on the tub wall just inside the door EDWSO00 Series EDW6000 GHDA400 GHDA650 GLD4100 GLD4200 GLD4300 GLD5500 GLD5800 GLD6200 GLD6300...
  • Page 2: Proper Installation And Maintenance

    Instructions before it is used. If you did not receive on Installation your dishwasher, you con receive one bg visiting our website at • Connect to a grounded metal, permanent wiring sgstem; or run an equipment-grounding...
  • Page 3 • Use only powder, tabs, liquid detergents or rinse agents recommended for use in a dishwasher and • Do not abuse, sit on or stand on the door or dish keep them out of the reach of children. Cascade@ , Cascade @ Complete and Electrasol @ Automatic Dishwashing Deter_nts, and Jet-Dr&l@and...
  • Page 4 You can locate your model number on the tub wall just inside the doon Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model. Status Indicator Lights TheStatusdisplaytellsyou what'shappening whilethe dishwasher i sin operationand may flash,indicatinga malfunction(seepage8).Thelightswillcome ONindicatingthesequence of operationthe dishwasher i sin. SENSING (onsomemodels) Thedishwasher w ill adJust t heselectedcycleto achieveoptimal performance.
  • Page 5 Tochangea cycleafterwashingstarts,touch the START/RESET START/RESET lightwillflashwhilethe water is pumpedout if needed. T histakesapproximately 90 seconds. W henthe lightstopsflashing,the dishwasher c an be reprogrammed and restarted. Start Close and latchthe dishwasher d oorand selectthe cycleand desiredenhancements. Touchthe START/RESET onceto beginthe cycle.Water beginsto fillthe dishwasher, and approximately60secondslaterthe washaction begins.
  • Page 6: Control Settings

    Control Settings Status Indicator Lights The Status displag tells gou what's happening while the dishwasher is in operation and mag flash, indicating a malfunction (see page 8). The lights will come ON indicating the sequence of operation the dishwasher is in.
  • Page 7 NOTE:The dishwasher remembers your last cycle so you don't have to reprogram each time. When the dishwasher door is fully closed, the control panel lights will display the last settings you selected. If you don't want to change any of the settings, simply touch the START/RESET pad once to begin the cycle.
  • Page 8: Dish Preparation Prior To Loading

    Turn the dispenser cap to the left and lift it out. E_] Add rinse agent until the indicator window looks full. Do not overfill.
  • Page 9: Using The Dishwasher

    Use onl Udetergent specificall U made for use in dishwashers. Cascade_ and ElectrasoP Automatic Dishwashing Detergents have been approved for use in all GE dishwashers. Keep gour detergent fresh and drg. Don't put powder detergent into the dispenser until gou're readg to wash dishes.
  • Page 10: Loading The Dishwasher Racks

    Cups and glassesfit best along the sides.This is also a secure place for dishwasher-safe plastics. The utility shelf(on some models) may be placed in the up or down position to add flexibility.
  • Page 11: Optional Accessories

    Upper Rack--12 place settings Optional accessories. You can change the appearance of gour dishwasher bg adding a custom panel trim kit. Wood panel trim kit--This accessorg contains trim and instructions for gou to supplg and install a 1/4" thick decorative wood door: •...
  • Page 12: Caring For The Dishwasher

    Stainless Steel doors. You can order Stainless Steel Hagic #WXIOX1S through GE Parts bg calling 800.626.2002. CleanSteel Door Panel (model numbers ending in CS) Use a clean, soft, lightlg dampened cloth, then drg thoroughlg.
  • Page 13 Before you call for service.., Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages, or visit You may not need to call for service. roubleshooting Tips Error Messages Possible Causes START/RESET status You hove pressed the indicator light flashing START/RESET pod while the dishwasher is running.
  • Page 14 • Replace fuse or resetcircuitbreaker. R emove ang otherappliances from the circuit. • Insome installations, the powerto the dishwasher i s providedthrougha wallswitch,often locatednextto the disposer switch.Hakesureit is on. • Unlockcontrolpanel.Seepage 5 or 7. • Turnoff powerto the dishwasher ( circuitbreakeror wall switch)for 30 seconds;...
  • Page 15 USA. If the product is located in an area where service by a GE Authorized available, you may be responsible for a trip charge or you may be required to bring the product to an Authorized Service location for service.
  • Page 16: Extended Warranties

    Contact Us If gou are not satisfied with the service you receive from GE, contact us on our Website with all the details including gour phone number, or write to: Register Your Appliance Register sour new appliance on-line--at sour convenience! Timelg product registration will allow for enhanced communication and prompt service under the terms of gour warrantg, should the need arise.

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