Turning The Grill Off; Flame Characteristics; Using The Grill - Kenmore 122.16104800 Use And Care Manual

Outdoor table top grill
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1. Open the lid.
2. Turn the regulator control knob to the "OFF" position. CAUTION: Do not attempt to re-tight the
grill without following aII the lighting instructions.
3. Allow the grill body to cool at least 30 minutes before attempting to move or transport.
Flames should be blue and stable with no yellow tips, excessive noise or lifting. Yellow flames
indicate insufficient air Noisy flames or flames that lift away from the burner indicate toe much air.
Also, check to see if the air shutter or burner ports are blocked by dirt, debris, spider webs, etc.
Fig. 5
Typical flame pattern and proper flame height is shown in fig. 5
To adjust for proper flame, open burner cover & use a Philips screwdriver
to loosen the screw (6-1) located in the main igniter gas collector.
Turn the vent(6-2) clockwise to close the air shutter, and counterclockwise
to open the air shutter as shown in fig. 6.
After adjusting, tighten the screw to affix the air shutter.
Fig. 6
1. Find a level surface to grilI on.
2. Allow the grill to warm up with the lid closed for 20-30 minutes prior to cooking.
3. The Perfect Flame Table Top Grill is equipped with and adjustable HIGH/MED/LOW
knob, which allows for complete flexibility in cooking temperatures.
HIGH - Approximately 450F
MED - Approximately 400F
LOW - Approximately 350F
4. You may cook on the grill in any weather. If the temperature is extremely cold or hot, the
cooking times will be slightly increased or decreased. Keep the grill out of excessive winds
when operating.
5. The cooking times listed below are only suggestions. Cooking times vary depending on
thickness of meats and the desired degree of preparation.
Steak - (T-Bone), thick cut, medium doneness: grill 10 minutes on each side on MED setting.
Chicken - (Quarters), average size fryer: grill 30 minutes per side on MED setting. Check for
Pork - (Ribs/chops): grill 10-20 minutes per side on MED setting. Check for doneness.
Fish - grill 20-30 minutes on LOW setting.
Turkey - (Breast): grill 10 minutes per pound or until internal temperature reaches 17OF on
MED setting.



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