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Moving Instructions - Kenmore 122.16104800 Use And Care Manual

Outdoor table top grill
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There is very little care and maintenance needed.
The Kenmore Table Top Grill is designed and made
of materials that will last many years with normal use.
Following these instructions will improve the longevity
and quality of cooking. To ensure safe operation of
your grill, the area of cooking should always be kept
free of combustible materials of any type, such as
gasoline or other flammable vapors or liquids.
•Outside Grill Parts - This is stainless steel. It can be
cleaned easily with warm soapy water or any
stainless steel cleaner.
•Cooking Grid and Grease Tray - The cooking grid is
made of high quality stainless steel. The cooking grid
should be brushed with a steel brush immediately
after cooking, while the grill is still warm. The grease
tray is also stainless steel and can be cleaned with a
flat scraper such as a putty knife. CAUTION: The
grease tray must be kept clean and free of heavy
buildup for the grill to perform properly and to
eliminate flare-ups.
•Firebox - Use warm soapy water to clean this area.
Do not allow grease to build up.
•Drain Hole - The drain hole must be kept clear of
grease and food particles to allow drippings to drain
properly into the grease tray. This must be done to
maintain proper operation of your grill.
•Burner - Check burner air inlet openings (behind the
inlet guard on the right end of the grill body) for insect
nests or blockages. Make sure the slots in the burner
tube are clear.
•Burner Tube - Using a bent stiff wire in the shape of
a hook, air hose or a bottle brush, run it through the
burner tube and inside several times to remove any
•General - This grill, like all equipment, will look better
and last longer if kept out of the weather when not in
use. CAUTION: Do not store propane cylinders in
enclosed areas. When using a cover or moving the
grill, always wait until the grill has cooled for at least
30 minutes.
•Do not obstructing the flow of combustion and
ventilation air.
•A clogged tube can lead to a fire beneath the
This unit must be kept in an area free from
combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable
vapors and liquids.
Make sure all openings into the grill body are free of
blockages or debris and there are no objects or
materials blocking the flow of combustion or
ventilation. Make sure the legs are in the extended
position when using the grill.
When the grill is not in use, turn the control knob to
the "OFF" position and remove the propane cylinder
from the regulator. Remove the regulator from the
For outdoor use only, if stored indoors, detach
propane cylinder and store outdoors. Propane
cylinders must be stored out of reach of children,
First-time use: It is important that the grill be lit and
allowed to heat up at least 30 minutes before any
food is placed on the cooking grid. It is normal for
some smoke to appear during the initial operation of
the grill. After initial heating, the grill is ready for use.
A cooking spray can be used on the cooking grids to
allow easier clean up.
CAUTION: Never move the grill with burner lit
Make sure control knob is in the "OFF" position.
Disconnect the propane cylinder from the regulator.
Remove the regulator from the grill. Be sure the grill
has completely cooled for at least 30 minutes. Close
the lid and secure the latch. Place the legs in the
down position. Use the handle to carry the grill.
Note: It is best to leave the grease tray in place
attached to the bottom of the grill. Some grease may
continue to drip from drain hole during transport.



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