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Kenmore 122.16500010 Use & Care Manual

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Use & Care Guide
Liquid Propane Gas Grill
Liquid Propane Gas Grill
Sears Model No.: 122.16500010
Kmart Item No.: 640-01345639-7
• Safety
• Parts
• Use and Care
• Assembly
Version No.: 19000291A0
This Grill is for Outdoor Use Only
•Read and follow all Safety, Assembly,
and Use and Care Instructions in this Guide
before assembling and cooking with this grill.
•Failure to follow all instructions in this Use and Care
Guide may lead to fire or explosion, which could result
in property damage, personal injury or death.
See our extensive assortment of outdoor living products on-line at
Sears Brands Management Corporation, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
© 2010 Sears Brands, LLC

www sears com and www kmart com
Grill Information Center
Missing Parts? Assembly Questions?
Operation Problems? Before returning
grill to store, call 1-800-913-8999.
Tools needed for assembly:
Adjustable wrench (not provided)
Screwdriver (not provided)
7/16" Combination wrench (not provided)
Printed in China



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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore 122.16500010

  • Page 1: Save These Instructions

    Use & Care Guide ® Liquid Propane Gas Grill Liquid Propane Gas Grill Sears Model No.: 122.16500010 122.16501010 Kmart Item No.: 640-01345639-7 640-01345638-9 640-01345638-9 • Safety • Parts • Use and Care • Assembly Version No.: 19000291A0 This Grill is for Outdoor Use Only...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Failure to comply with these instructions may One-Year Full Warranty on Kenmore Grill result in serious bodily injury. lt i b dil i j...
  • Page 3 Precautions • Have your LP gas tank filled by a reputable A tank of approximately 12 inches in diameter by 18- propane gas dealer and visually inspected and re- 1/2 inches high is the maximum size LP gas tank to qualified at each filling.
  • Page 4: Warranty

    Congratulations on making a smart purchase. Your new spark resulting in fire and/or explosion. Kenmore product is designed and manufactured for years of dependable operation. But like all products, it NOTE Th...
  • Page 5: Package Content List

    PACKAGE CONTENTS LIST A. Firebox--------1pc. B. Cart Leg, Front Left------1pc. C. Cart Leg, Back Left----1pc. D Cart Leg Foot-----2pcs D, Cart Leg Foot 2pcs. E Side panel Left----1pc E. Side panel, Left 1pc. F Cart Brace Left------1pc F. Cart Brace, Left 1pc.
  • Page 6 S. Cart Beam, Front------1pc. T. Cart Beam, Back------1pc. U. Side Burner---------1pc. V. Side Burner Front Panel------1pc. W. Side Shelf---------------1pc. X. Side Shelf Front Panel--1pc. Y. Bezel---------------------------1pc Z.. Control Knob--------------1pc ZA.. 1.5 Volt “AA” Size Alkaline Battery----------1pc. ZB. Grease Tray -1pc. ZC.
  • Page 7: Hardware Contents

    Hardware Pack Contents Pack Description Required for assembly (pcs) (pcs) 5/32-in. x 8-mm Round Head Screw 5/32-in. Lock Washer 1/4-in. x 10-mm Round Head Screw 1/4-in. Lock Washer Allen Key 1/4-in. x 65-mm Round Head Screw 1/4-in. Flat Washer Preparation Before beginning assembly, make sure all parts are present.
  • Page 8: Assembly Instructions

    Assembly Instructions Fig. 1 UNPACKING CAUTION: Obtain the aid of an assistant when handling large or heavy grill components. 1. Remove all packing material from around grill exterior. 2. Open Firebox lid and remove packing materials and components from inside Firebox. 3.
  • Page 9 Fig. 5 e). Use 4 CC Round Head Screws and 4 DD Lock Washers to attach Cart Brace, Right (J) to Cart Leg, Front Right (G) and Cart Leg, Back Right (H). Attach Cart Brace, Right (J) so that lat side will face cart interior and wide lip faces down See Fig 5 interior and wide lip faces down.
  • Page 10 Fig. 9 5. Front Panel Assembly Use 2 AA Round Head Screws and 2 BB Lock Washer to attach the Front panel (O), to the Front Left Cart Leg (B). Do not attach Front Panel to Front Right Cart Leg (E) at Do not attach Front Panel to Front Right Cart Leg (E) at this time.
  • Page 11 Fig.12 6. Tool Storage Slide Assembly Draw Tool Storage Front Panel forward, and insert two Tool Storage Slides (R) through the slots in tabs on Front Left and Front Right Cart Legs. Remove the Round Head Screw from each Cart Leg. Use these Screws to attach forward loophole ends of Slides to Cart Legs.
  • Page 12 8. Firebox Assembly Fig.14 NOTE: Obtain the aid of an assistant to lift the firebox. Be sure the hose and regulator hang outside the cart when placing Firebox. See Fig. 14. a). With the aid of an assistant, lift the Firebox and carefully carefully place it onto the grill cart see Fig.14.
  • Page 13 Fig. 19 10. Side Shelf Assembly a) Use 2 AA Round Head Screws and 2 BB Lock Washers to attach Shelf Front Panel (X) to Left Side Shelf (W). See Fig BB AA b) Align the holes on Side Shelf (W) with the holes on side of Front Left Cart Leg (B) and Rear Left Cart Leg (C), and attach using 4 AA Round Head Screws and 4 BB Lock Washers.
  • Page 14 Fig. 22 12. Side Burner Valve Installation a). Loosen but do not remove the two Side Burner attachment screws and washers beneath the Side Burner Bowl. In addition, remove the 2 bracket screws on the Side Burner Tube. See Fig. 22. b).
  • Page 15 13. Electronic Ignition Battery Installation Fig. 26 Unscrew the electronic ignition button and place the battery (ZA) into the housing with the positive terminal (+) facing outward. Replace the ignition button. See Fig. 26. 14. Install the Grease Tray and Grease Cup Install the Grease Tray (ZB) from the rear of the grill by sliding it onto glides beneath Grill.
  • Page 16 CAUTION: When the appliance is not in use, gas must be turned off at the supply tank. Congratulations Your Kenmore gas grill is now ready for use. Before the first use and at the beginning of each season (and whenever the LP gas tank has been changed): 1.
  • Page 17: Lighting Instructions

    Checking for LP gas leaks 3.Be sure all gas connections are securely tightened. Never test for leaks with a flame. Prior to first use, at 4.Open the grill main lid. the beginning of each season, or every time your LP 5.Push and turn any main burner control knob to gas tank is changed, you must check for gas leaks.
  • Page 18 If Grill Still Fails To Light WARNING 1. Check gas supply and connections for leaks. Check Never lean over the grill cooking area while that all wire connections are secure. lighting your gas grill. Keep your face and body a safe distance (at least 18 inches) from the 2.
  • Page 19: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and Maintenance Cleaning Exterior Stainless Steel Surfaces To ensure a proper working unit the following proper care and maintenance is suggested. •Weathering and extreme heat can cause exterior stainless steel surfaces to turn tan in color. Machine Cleaning Cooking Grids Cleaning Cooking Grids oils used in manufacturing process of stainless steel We suggest you wash your cooking grids in a mild soap...
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    3. Inspect each burner for damage (cracks or holes) Regardless of which burner cleaning procedure you and if such damage is found, order and install a new use, we recommend you also complete the following burner. After installation check to ensure that gas steps to help prolong burner life.
  • Page 21: Cooking Instruction

    Cooking Instructions Indirect Cooking To cook indirectly, the food should be placed on the left or right side of your grill with the burner lit WARNING on the opposite side. Do not leave the grill unattended. Your grill will get very hot. Never lean over Flare-ups the cooking area while using your grill.
  • Page 22: Cooking Chart

    Grill Cooking Chart FOOD Weight or thickness Temperature Time Special instructions and tips Slice or chop vegetables and dot with butter or Slice or chop vegetables and dot with butter or Vegetables Medium 8 to 20 minutes margarine. Wrap tightly in heavy duty foil. Grill turning occassionally.
  • Page 23: Parts Diagram

    Model 122.16500010/16501010 Parts diagram...
  • Page 24: Parts List

    4. Part Description To make sure you obtain the correct replacement 5. Quantity of parts needed parts for your Kenmore gas grill, please refer to the part numbers on this page. Important: Keep this Use & Care Guide for convenient...

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