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Kenmore 122.16119 Use And Care Manual

Liquid propane gas grill
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and Care Manual
Gas GrH[
.... aC!:i:!
°Use and Care
_\',_ WARNING:
Note to Coesumer
Leave ths Owner's Manual in a eonven ent
Read this OwneVs manuat carefuf/y ard be
sure your gas 9rI_ s propedy assemb ed,
instalbd and nantaned
Faik,_reto foIow
these nstruetions could res _ttn seous iniury
and/or pu:)pe_tydamage. Ths 9as 9rll is
* intende<ffer outdoor use only and is net
intended to be }nsta/bd in or on recreationa_
vehicbs or boats,
Note to _nstaHer'
Leave ths Owner's Manuat with the customer
after deiive_i and/or installation.
place for fl£u_e _efe_ence
For pa_s ordede% (x_Ii:
I 800 4*-MY HOME
For assemby
1-800,-9! 3.8999
[}ate: 20@}/10i26
_IiY06/,, l
and Co.
_L 60179 U.S.Ao



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  • Page 1 Assembly instructions/Use and Care Manual Liquid Propane Gas GrH[ i?,_!_"_ _¸¸'¸%% Modet 122161 ..aC!:i:! ,Safety Ru_es °Use and Care _\',_ WARNING: Note to Coesumer Leave ths Owner's Manual in a eonven ent Read this OwneVs manuat carefuf/y ard be place for fl£u_e _efe_ence sure your gas 9rI_ s propedy assemb ed, instalbd and nantaned...
  • Page 2 War_ar_ty ........................//__ WARNING Salety Precaut ons ..................2°-4 Combust ®n by products produc_d wten using Hardware £st..................... ths product cents n them cals kr_owr to the PaRs Diag am State of Ca!foe a to ca_xse cancer bdh ddects_ Parts Ls_ .................. or other rep_oduct ve harm.
  • Page 3 Have you tP gas tank filled by a reputaMe propane A tank of app_oximat@y '12 h_ches n dame er by ' 8, gas deaIer a_d v sually nspented a_'_dre quaiified 1/2 inches high is the max mum sze _P gas tank to each fiIling use Yo_ must use a_ OPD 9a5 _aek which...
  • Page 4 Repair PFotecUon Ag_eemen_s Congratulations on rr ak n[_a sma4 purchase. Your new Kenmore p_odud s des g_ed and 'nan tact _,ed IIOTEt The noPmai tow of gas th'o gh tte regulator far years of dependab e opera io_L But lke ai produets and hose asse f bly can r:._eate a h £-nm ng nose...
  • Page 5 the foilow _'g tableIIust_'ates ab_eakdown ofthehardware packt hg '_ights what components are _sed in the v_n x_s stagc._ of a..sembty Hex Nut 3 p,._ 6 pcs Lock Washer 23 pcs 20 pcs...
  • Page 7 { i{,99 M_x:_ e 4103_ S_< [m[}o_ant: Use o_sy parts listed above W_er_ onJet r_g For assembty qt_est ons _al: 18009t3,899 pats, provid n9 the following irfformation: t Modet # For parts orderir_g please cal: 1 o8004 oMyoHOME 2 Pad Numbe_ (see PAR1# r_ chart) 3 Pa£...
  • Page 8 CAUTIONs W'_eit ispossMefix _ onepesorto asser'b_e thsfrit obtanas;stance fror_ argo _ er person w hen bandl n _some ofthela_ge_, t eavier I Open d ofshipp _sg c arton aridrx,_move sheet o fcardboard, l_ay c a_dboa d sheeonfloor Figure I anduseasa wo_surface toprotect flr:×_ a ndgrH pads fs:>m scratches 2 Remove p ackn9mater a sfromsI ppin9 ca_tor_ 3 Yo_may sfice thecaden fientoone'switha...
  • Page 9 Ir_st_ting Boo_ I Attach the front ca_t frame beam la the grI! ,ca_t usng (2) ½ x 3/5 Ph I_ips head stew and (2 ¼' toc washers {F9,5 ) 2 Attach t_e lea_' cart frame beam to gd_l cart usi_ 9 (4) 5/32 x 2/£' Phi[l ps head screws ard (4} 5132' lock washers (F96)
  • Page 10 1, Remove gri head a_t flem carton then pace onto cart fi_c}mabove as shown on d agram (beow) Cautio_s!! Head ur_t is heavy. To avoid inj_, we stro_g_y recommend 2 o_"rno_'e perso_'_s fo_ this step. 3 A/ig _ screw ho(s toccata: d o_ the outs de of the gril 3 Attash the gri head to dght sde panel usng (4) ¼...
  • Page 11 _}s_aI_i_g Hose Retention 1, Atlach the regulato_ hose clamp a_d the _egx ator hose to the 9ht f_xst e9 with (10) ½ x 3/5 Phil ps head screws arid (1) ½'_ lock washe_ as below shovm ( Fig 13) 1 Attach right sde shef to cart te9 ,;an9 (4) ½ x 3/5"...
  • Page 12 t_staH G_ease Tr_y, Cooking G_d,_ a_'_dFtame Tame_. l h_se£ 9tease tray as emby i;to openin9 _n backs de of 9_I. Make sue to side bay onto tracks s ih_strated (Fi9 S6) When you have fn shed assembl ng g_'l _Take sure that all stews and r_ts ae tg'_ a_d secL _e, ! Unscrew the ign ton battery c @ (Four d _t fa_,...
  • Page 13 Installing coohing components rope rant:Before cookie{.} onyourgr_thefieI time wash cook_g grds ard cook ng _ck with warm soapy water. Rinss_ and dry thorough y Season with cooking o n_@_/ary. Afla_ cooking is cemp_eted, turn grit to NIGH sett ng for 3 to 5 m nutes to b_m off excess grease o_ faod res due.
  • Page 14 6 Push and turn one b_mer knob Checkin 9 _or LP gas _eaks counterclockw se to "Ht position Pitot to_ch w Never test ?s_ leaks wth a flame. Prio{ to first use at Ight. Nod at high se_iI_ 9 for 3-4 seconds anti the be_ _a ng of each season or eve_3/time your _,P burner is it, After the bume_ is lit adjust the knob...
  • Page 15 tf Grill Still Fails 'To Light 1. Check gas suppy and cent ect ons for leaks, Check Neve_ ean ovel he (ooking atea while that al_ wres cx)nnect ons a_e secure 9htng your gas Keep you face and body a s_de dbtance (at _eas 18 inches) fl'on the...
  • Page 16 C_ea_si_'_gExterior Stai_tess S_}el S_daces l_o ensure a p_x>per wo_k _]g un_; the fe_ ow fag proper (are a_rd main_xsa_ce s su%_ested -Weather n9 and extreme heat cats cause e£edor sta nfess steel surfaces to turn tan n coot Mach ne C_eaning CookiHg Grids used n manufac£ur ng p_ess of stair_ ess steel...
  • Page 17 Cleansing BamerTt._bes andBume_ Po£s Rc4gardiess of whch burner c_ean W_ p_,acedare you c_se we r(_(;o r_mend you a!so cemp ett _. t he fnltewinf_l Toreduce t hechance o f FASH,BACK thep_eced_tre steps to '_e_pp_e ong burner Ire below shoaid befoftowed a tleast o "_c>J, a monthn ate summer orearly fallwhen spdersaremost a ctveor I Use a fber pad or nylon b'ash to cear...
  • Page 18 BEFORE C ALUHG FOR SERVtCE _f t hegriil d oesnotfundonptepedy usethef(low ngcheck tst befoce c allngforserv ce Youshould inspect theburners a teastonce a yearorims-_ed atety afteranyofthe_>iiowi' g c(md ton oec_r: G_i/wontght when thecontrot k nobs Chec toseef LPtanks empty orated C__an wiressnd/®_ e ectm_._e _y _ubbing wt_ acoho andceanswab...
  • Page 19 Indirect Cook ng to cook indirecdy the toxx,_shouid be placed on the eft o_ rght side of your g[i_ witi_ the b_mer t on the oppos tesde Md_rect cooki_g must be Dono_leave thegrilfa_attended_ do_e with the Lid down Yo_rgrillw_ll g etveryhot_ Nevebar ove the ¢oaki g area whie using your g_g Do not to_ck cookng sudaees...
  • Page 20 8k, e or the/; _:_ge_,b/es _rd _:o w'_ hue Vegei_bes MeSiss to 2 r,i_; 35_1ne Ws_ tgh/y _ea,Jy dLty/oi B!ihs i2 o r_:k 2 to 3 / o. 'sds "V ..4 o I nsh...
  • Page 21 _et it fixed at _ur home or ou_! fOUl H O[Y/@ _0 ma_ter _,r_ ma_e _ mm'm_ Wile solo :Hh,:, 1-8 )OoLE*FOYER _88SoSU_NOGAR t;42 /...