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KitchenAid 2000494 Installation Instructions Manual

36” built-h refrigerator


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Par! No. 2000494 Rev. A
36" Built-h
Leave Installation
with the Homeowner.
Keep Installation
for future reference.
local electrical inspector's
Read and save
these instructions.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for KitchenAid 2000494

  • Page 1 Par! No. 2000494 Rev. A 36” Built-h Refrigerator IMPORTANT: Installer: Leave Installation Instructions with the Homeowner. Homeowner: Keep Installation Instructions for future reference. Save Installation Instructions local electrical inspector’s use. IMPORTANT= Read and save these instructions. 7/92...
  • Page 2: Tools And Materials Needed For Installation

    Before you start... Parts supplied installation: Proper installation is your Personal Injury Hazard responsibility. Make sure you have top grille assembly everything necessary for correct Because of the weight and base grille tube assembly installation. It is the responsibility size of the built-in misc.
  • Page 3 Dimensions for built-in area Personal Injury/Property Damage Hazard Unit is top-heavy and may tip forward when the doors are opened. Electrical outlet . A solid soffit or 2” wood block is should be centered required above the refrigerator within shaded area to prevent tipping during use.
  • Page 4: Product Dimensions

    The 8-l/2” Lop grille is provided. maximum exlension Smaller top grilles must be ordered levelers (l-1/4” from your KitchenAid dealer. Check below rollers) the chart below for the part numbers is used lo remove you need to order for the size of top...
  • Page 5 Custom door panels, handle inserts and top grille panels Door and top grille panels: Dimensions shown are with routed edges. Routing is required if panels are more than l/4” thick. Panel routing for door Refrigerator door’panel and top grille panels. Freezer door panels *l/4”...
  • Page 6 Side panel requirements +I- 1~ tolerance P-36" -35-5116" c-714" -!-3Y-; 5/32"-b 23-118” depth protruding door installation + 1116” 23-718” depth flush door inslallation 19132” 5132" doors/ side trim Side trim Refrigerator when 25” depth is available. If One method is to attach side less than 25”...
  • Page 7: Electrical Requirements

    Electrical Water supply Ground electric drill or use a hand drill. _Drill a 3/l 6” hole in vertical requirements requirements cold water line. Attach a saddle valve to the water line with a Use only l/4” copper tubing for clamp in an easily accessible water line.
  • Page 8: Product Support

    Product support Anti-tip wood A solid soffit or a wood block block(s) is required to prevent the refrigerator from tipping forward Block(s) must after tt is installed. extend to fully cover width of cover. Determine what height the refrigerator will be when it is installed to fit opening.
  • Page 9 Move relrigerator to Now start... kitchen. Place cardboard or plywood under Remove top grille assembly Personal Injury Hazard refrigerator. Remove appliance package, literature package Because of the weight and dolly. Open doors and remove all and parts bag taped to the size of the built-in boxes, parts packages and packing refrigerator door and save.
  • Page 10 I I _- -- Remove tape from Move refrigerator close to leveling rods clockwise using a 5/l 6” final position. Remove socket and ratchet until the cabinet cardboard or plywood from weight is supported by the rear legs. under refrigerator. Plug electrical Use l-3/8”...
  • Page 11 Allen wrench. Determine the door your KitchenAid swing desired. Hold door in that and Care Guide. Keep position and tighten the set screws. The doors have stops at 90°, 115“...
  • Page 12 If you need service... refrigerator does assistance... not operate... In the event that your KitchenAid The KitchenAid Consumer appliance should need service, Call Assistance Center will answer any Check that the circuit breaker is not the dealer from whom you questions about operating or tripped or house fuse blown.

Table of Contents