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KENMORE 141.16226 Owner's Manual

Charcoal/liquid propane gas dual fuel grill.
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Owner's Manual
Charcoal/Liquid Propane
Gas Dual Fuel Grill
Model 141.16226
Read this Owner's Manual carefully and be sure
your charcoal/gas
grill is properly
installed and maintained.
Failure to follow these
could result in serious bodily injury
and/or property damage. This charcoal/gas grill is
intended for outdoor use only and is not intended to
be installed in oron recreational vehiclesor boats.
Note to Installer:
Leave this Owner's Manual
with the consumer after delivery and/or installation.
Note to Consumer:
Leave this Owner's Manual
in a convenient place for future reference.
and Co.,
IL 60179
Rev: 02/19/2004


   Summary of Contents for KENMORE 141.16226

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    Owner's Manual Charcoal/Liquid Propane Gas Dual Fuel Grill Model 141.16226 WARNING: Note to Installer: Leave this Owner's Manual Read this Owner's Manual carefully and be sure with the consumer after delivery and/or installation. your charcoal/gas grill is properly assembled, installed and maintained.

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    YOUR SAFETY Warranty ............. 1. Do not store or use gasoline or other flam- mable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this Safety Instructions ........or any other appliance. Hardware ............ 2. An LP gas tank not connected for use shall not be stored in the vicinity of this or any other Parts Diagram...

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    The LP gas tank mustbe constructed a ndmarked • LP gas tanks must be stored outdoors in a in accordance w ith specifications of the U.S.Dept. well-ventilated area and out of the reach of of Transportation (DOT).In Canada, t he LP gastank children.

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    CAUTION: Spiders and small insects occasion- To reduce the chance of "FLASHBACK" (see ally spin webs or make nests in the grill CAUTION at left) clean the Burner Tubes and burner tubes during transit and warehousing. Burners before fully assembling your grill.

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    The following tableillustrates a breakdown o f the hardware pack.It highlights whatcomponents a re used in the variousstagesof assembly. Ref. Component PurposeofComponents $135G04332 Pattern Head Screw 1/4"x2-3/4" Attaches Cart Legs To Cart Bottom Shelf $135G04332 Pattern Head Screw 1/4"x2-3/4" Attaches Cart Front Bracket To Cart Legs $132G04122 Pattern Head Screw 1/4"x3/4"...

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    REP# DESCRIPTION PART# QTY. P00118169B Temperature Gauge P00607093A Name Plate P00410037C Lid Handle P00205012B Protective P055180011 Cooking Rack/Secondary P01505002E Cooking Grid P01615014C Charcoal Tray P01705004E Charcoal Tray Handle P00212001K Bowl Panel, Left P00720074A Bowl Panel, Front P00738139A Charcoal Tray Access Door Stop/2 P05510004H Bowl...

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    label located here For the repair or replacement parts you need: Call anytime 1-800-4-MY-HOME ® (1-800-469-4663) To make sure you obtain the correct replacement part(s) for your charcoal/gas grill please refer to the parts list on this page. The following information is required to assure you receive the correct parts:...

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    Figure 1 CAUTION: W hileit is possible f oroneperson toas- LEFT CART LEG semble this grill, obtain assistance from another person when handling some of the larger, heavier pieces, espe- cially the grill head. 1. During unpacking and assembly always wear work gloves and eye protection.

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    4. Attach the Tank Holder on the Bottom Shelf. Figure 4 Secure firmly by using two 1/4"xl/2" Pattern Head Screws provided. Align the holes on the Cart Front Bracket to the Cart Legs. Secure firmly by using four 1/4"x2-3/4" Pattern Head Screws provided.

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    Installing Grease Tray Installing Lighting Stick 1. Attach the Grease Tray Bracket on the Attach the Lighting Stick to the Left Bowl Grease Tray. Secure firmly using two 1/4"xl/2" Support Bracket as shown in Figure 7. Pattern Head Screws. See Figure 8.

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    Electrode Check - Requires an Assistant Before placing the cooking components into your grill, ensure that the Spark Electrode Tip is properly positioned within each Gas Collector Box (a 4" wide stainless mechanism found at the front be- tween each set of Burners.) The easiest way to ensure this is to perform this Electrode Check: Be sure all Control Knobs are set to "OFF"...

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    14. If a leak is found, turn the tank Congratulations valve off and do not use your grill until the leak is repaired. Your Kenmore LP charcoal/gas grill is now ready for use. Before the first use and at the Disconnecting...

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    LP Tank Exchange WARNING • Many retailers that sell grills offer you the op- If you smell gas: tion of replacing your empty LP tank through an exchange service. Use only those reputable Shut off gas supply to the gas grill. exchange companies that...

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    WARNING To prevent injury and damage ensure that: Basic Lighting Procedures • When using propane gas to light charcoal, 1. Familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines at do not use propane for more than 10 the front of this manual. Do not smoke while minutes.

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    Lighting Your Grill by Match • Obstruction in BurnerTubes To light your gas grill by match, follow steps 1 through Correction: Followthe Burner Tube cteaning procedure on page 21 of this Owner's Manual 6 of the Basic Lighting Procedures. Then, insert a lit match through the Lighting Hole on the left side of the grill.

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    Figure 1 ADJUSTING NOTE: See page 13, 14, 15 and 16 for instructions HANDLE on how to connectLP tank to grill, how to light grill and how to check for Gas leaks. 1. Adjust the Adjusting Arm Handle to High position.

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    Figure Youdonotneed touseanystarter f luidtolightcharcoal inthisgrill. 1. Open theAccess Door. A djust t heHandle toHigh position. SeeFigure1. 2. Slide theCharcoal TrayoutfromCharcoal Tray Support. PutCharcoal intheCharcoal Tray(Maxi- mumloadis 5 Ibs).SeeFigure 2. Never fill charcoal above the upper level of the Tray! NOTE: To remove Charcoal Tray, lift and pull it from front.

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    Temperature Control WARNING You can adjust both of the Air Vents to control the You must not use LP Gas and Charcoal rate of burning. See Figure 5. You can use the the same time for more than 10 minutes. handle to adjust different levels of the Charcoal Tray Overheating can result.

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    4. Remove and clean the Cooking Grids, Secondary Cooking Rack, Charcoal Tray and grill Burners. As with all appliances, proper care and maintenance 5. Cover each GasValve Orifice with aluminum foil. will keep your grill in top operating condition and prolong its life.

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    Cleaning The Burner Tubes and Burner Ports Regardless of which Burner cleaning procedure you use, we recommend you also complete the following To reduce the chance of "FLASHBACK" the proce- steps to help prolong Burner life. dure below should be followed at least once a month in 1.

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    Question: Why doesn't the hose and regulator assem- parts. The use of any part that is not Sears authorized bly supplied with my new Kenmore grill fit the older LP can be dangerous and will also void your product gas tank rve used for years? warranty.

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    Indirect Cooking The indirect cooking method can also be used with the supplied Cooking Grids. To cook indirectly, the food should be placed on the left or right side of your grill Z WARNING with the Burner lit on the opposite side. Or place your food on the Secondary Cooking Rack mounted inside Your grill will get very hot.

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