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Kenmore ELITE 141.166901 Owner's Manual

Liquid propane gas & natural gas grill
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Owner's Manual
Liquid Propane Gas Grill
Natural Gas Grill
Read this Owner's Manual carefully and be sure
your gas grill is properly assembled, installed and
Failure to follow these instructions
could result in serious bodily injury and!or property
damage. This gas grill is intended for outdoor use
only and is not intended to be installed in or on
recreational vehicles or boats.
Note to Installer:
Leave this Owner's Manual
with the consumer after delivery and/or installation.
Note to Consumer:
Leave this Owner's Manual
in a convenient place for future reference.
and Co.,
IL 60179
- Rev: 2003/09/10



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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore ELITE 141.166901

  • Page 1 Owner's Manual ,® Liquid Propane Gas Grill Model141.166901 Natural Gas Grill Model141.176901 WARNING: Note to Installer: Leave this Owner's Manual with the consumer after delivery and/or installation. Read this Owner's Manual carefully and be sure your gas grill is properly assembled, installed and Note to Consumer: Leave this Owner's Manual maintained.
  • Page 2: For Your Safety

    For the Lifetime of this Kenmore Elite Grill, Sears Failure to comply with these instructions wilt repair or replace, at our option, any Exterior may result in serious bodily injury.
  • Page 3 18-1/2incheshighis the maximum size LP gas • LP gas tanks must be stored outdoors in a tank to use. You must use an well-ventilated area and out of the reach of "OPD" gas tank which offers an Overfill Prevention Device. children.
  • Page 4 Figure 1 (Natural gas model only) IMPORTANT: your Kenmore Natural Gas Grill cannot SUPPLY be converted to use LP Gas. Attempting to do so INSIDE is extremely hazardous and will also void the grill WALL warranty. OUTSIDE Your natural gas grill is designed to operate on...
  • Page 5 CAUTION: S pidersand smallinsectsocca- To reducethe chanceof "FLASHBACK" (see sionallyspin websor make nestsin the grill CAUTION at right)cleanthe BurnerTubesand BurnerTubesduringtransitandwarehousing. Burnersbeforefully assembling yourgrill. Thesewebscan leadto a gas flow obstruc- Remove the CotterPinfrom the rearunderside tion whichcouldresultin a fire in andaround of eachBurnerusinga pairof long nosepliers.
  • Page 6 The following table illustrates a breakdown of the hardware pack. It highlights what components are used in the various stages of assembly. Ref. Component Qty. PurposeofComponents H031 Attaches Side Shelf To Grill Head 1/4"x3/4" Phillips Head Screw 1/4"x3/4" Flat Head Screw Attaches Cart Side Handle To Grill Head H034 P05301001A...
  • Page 7 The following table illustrates a breakdown of the screwsfor cabinetcart. It highlights what components are usedin the variousstagesof assembly. Ref. Component Qty. PurposeofComponents Install Caster To Caster Seats of Bottom Shelf H005 1/4"xl/2" Phillips Head Screw H030 Attaches Cart Side Panels To Bottom Shelf 1/4"x50mm Phillips Head Screw H005...
  • Page 8 LPG = Liquid Propane Gas = Natural Gas "_ 130 (NG_ 28(LPGonly) /55b j(LPG only)44a only)44b (LPG only) (LPG only)65o G only)6bb 69(LPG only) (LP6 only)
  • Page 9 REF# DESCRIPTION PART# Q-rY Stainless Steel P00117356A Stainless Steel Lid Trim Plate P0011435EA Lid Side Panel - Left P00105347U Lid Side Panel - Right P00106347U P00601171A Temperature Gauge Lid Handle P00205033B Name Plate P00410038C S/S Secondary Cooking Rack P01518028B P01606030B S/S Stainless Steel Cooking Grid...
  • Page 10 For the repair or replacement parts you need: Call anytime 1-800-4-MY-HeM E°(1-800-469-4663) To make sure you obtain the correct replacement parts for your Kenmore grill, please refer to the part numbers in this parts list. The following information is required to assure...
  • Page 11 Figure 1 CAUTION : While it is possible for one person to OUTSIDE BOWL remove the grill from the carton, it is recommended PANEL-LEFT that you obtain assistance because of the weight of the grill. 1. Open the parts boxes. Use theparts list to check that ait parts have been included.
  • Page 12 ElectrodeCheck - Requires an Assistant Installing Cooking Components Before placing the cooking components into your Important: Before cooking on your grill the first grill, ensure that the Spark Electrode Tip is properly time, wash the Cooking Grids and Cooking Rack positioned within each Gas Collector Box ( a with warm, soapy water.
  • Page 13 Calibration Procedure. Figure 1. Before installingbatteries be sure the gas tank is not mounted in the tank pull-out tray. FUEL GAUGE DISPLAY COVER 2. From the underside of the Control Panel, unscrew the Fuel Gauge Display Cover on the Fuel Gauge Display DISPLAY Box.
  • Page 14 Connecting A Liquid Propane Gas (LP gas) Figure 7a (LP gas model only) Tank To Your Grill 1. Remove the Pull-out Grease Draining Tray with the Heat Shield from Grill. 2. Locate hose and regulator assembly packed for shipping purposes on front underside of grill head. Remove fastening band.
  • Page 15 If bubbles appear in the solution the connec- Congratulations tions are not properly sealed. Check each Your Kenmore Elite gas grill is now ready fitting and tighten or repair as necessary. for use. Before the first use and at the beginning of each season (and whenever the 4.
  • Page 16 If the burner does not light, turn the Control Knob to OFF, wait 5 minutes for gas to clear, then retry. Basic Lighting Procedures Once the left gdll burner is ignited, the adjacent Machine oils used in the manufacturing process of burner can be lit by simply turning its Control Knob stainless steel can cause stainless steel to turn a tan to HIGH.
  • Page 17 Manually Lighting Your Grill by Match Misalignment of Ignitor on Burner Correction: Check for proper position of the To light your gas grill by match, insert a match into the Electrode Tip as shown in Figure 4 The gap Manual Lighting Stick and follow steps 1 through 6 of between the Spark Electrode Tip and Burner or the Basic Lighting Procedures.
  • Page 18 Use a 7/8" open end wrench turning the mable vapors and liquids. fitting counter-clockwise. Inspect for any damage and replace as necessary with Kenmore replace- ment part number found on the Parts List. Remove and clean the Flame Tamers, Cooking...
  • Page 19 Regardless of which Burner cleaning procedure you Cleaning The Burner Tubes and Burner Ports use, we recommend you also complete the following To reduce the chance of FLASHBACK the procedure steps to help prolong Burner life. below should be followed at least once a month in late 1.
  • Page 20 Question: Why doesn't the hose and regulator assem- (1-800-366-7278). Use only Sears authorized parts. bly supplied with my new Kenmore gdll fit the older LP The use of any part that is not Sears authorized can be gas tank I've used for years? dangerous and will also void your product warranty.
  • Page 21 Indirect Cooking The indirect cooking method can also be used with the supplied Cooking Grids, optional griddle or cooking pan. To cook indirectly, the food should be placed on WARNING the left or right side of your grill with the Burner lit on the opposite side.
  • Page 22 Cut of Meat Grilling Steak and Ribs Approximate Cooking Times T-bone steak Rare: 4-8 minutes Turn the grill Burners on HIGH, close the Lid Sirloin steak and preheat your grill 3 to 5 minutes. Open Medium: 10-14 minutes Lid and place the meat on the Cooking Grid Beef spare ribs Well done: 15-20 minutes Porterhouse steak...
  • Page 23 WholeFishandWholeFillets Cut of Meat Approximate Cooking Times Wholefish 10 - 12 minutes per pound or Preheat your grill on HIGH for 2-3 minutes with the Lid down. Raise lid and turn Whole fish fillets until fish is opaque Burners to MEDIUM heat. Place fish (skin down) on grill and cook over direct heat until done.
  • Page 24: Baking Techniques

    An Important Note About Heat Settings Food preparation The suggested heat settings shown are approximate. Trim meat of excess fat. Truss meat and poultry with There are many factors such as outside temperature, cooking string to retain shape if desired. Bacon strips can be used to cover the outside surface of lean meat wind conditions and grill location that affect your grill performance.
  • Page 25 RotisserieCooking Rotisserie cooking produces foods that are moist, flavorful and attractive. The optional rotisserie system is most commonly used for cooking meat or poultry and is designed to cook food from the Back Burner using infrared heat. The location of the Burner allows the placement of a cooking pan beneath the food to collect juices for basting and gravy.
  • Page 26 Preparing to Smoke Smoking gives food a distinctive, delicious flavor You wilt find a variety of wood chips or pellets available for use in smoking grilled foods Pre-soaking of wood chips may be required so read and follow the manufacturers instructions for preparation of smoking chips prior to filling the Smoker Drawer Using The Optional Smoker In order to get optimum performance from any smoker box, remove one of the stainless steel cooking grids...
  • Page 27 This method of cooking is popular around the world and A wide variety of foods can be deep-fried outdoors on can be easily accomplished outdoors on your Kenmore your grill, from potatoes, to seafood and chicken. gas grill. It's a quick and healthful way of preparing a...
  • Page 28 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 poundslean ground beef cups shredded lettuce ONIONBURGERS cup finely shredded cheddar cheese cup dairy sour cream and/or guacamole A honey and mustard sauce glazes the onion slices as they cook alongside these delicious burgers. For Preparing the Salsa optimal sweetness, select Vidalia or Walta Walla onions.
  • Page 29 RIB EYE STEAKS WITH GRILLED GARLIC Preparation As they cook, the garlic cloves mellow in flavor, Combine ketchup, pepper, rosemary, basil and garlic making a delicious sauce for any grilled meat. And for powder. Coat both sides of steak with mixture. Grill an appetizer, spread the softened cloves over toasted steak with lid up, directly over medium heat for 6 slices of french bread! Makes 4 servings.
  • Page 30 MARINATEDTUNASTEAK Preparation Experiment with unique dishes, like this tuna steak Combine thawed fish, margarine or butter, lemon recipe boasting a delicious wine marinad!! juice, mustard and basil into a cooking pan or Makes 4 servings. aluminum foil rectangle, and cook directly over low flame until butter is melted.
  • Page 31 SOUTHWEST CHICKEN BREASTS BARBECUEDCHICKEN This popular recipe can also be a grilled chicken salad! Another backyard favorite, this recipe includes an Slice chicken into small strips and place them on top easy to make sweet and spicy sauce. of shredded lettuce with avocado dressing and top with Makes 4 servings.
  • Page 32 PIZZA ON THE GRILL TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY TURKEY You may never want to call out for pizza again! imagine everyone's surprise when you serve your next Follow this pizza dough recipe, or purchase ready- holiday turke_omplete with dressing_ elicious and made pizza dough found in your grocers refrigerated tender straight from the gdllt Serves 8 - 10 section_ext to the biscuits.
  • Page 33 GRILLED POTATO SKINS FRESH VEGETABLE STIR-FRY Take a trip to the Orient with this easy, and healthy Serve these crispy potatoes as a snack or side dish. We've included microwave instructionsfor a timesav- vegetable recipe. Makes 4- 6 servings. ing short cut. Makes 12 servings. Ingredients Ingredients tablespoons oil...
  • Page 34 Call anytime, d _ or a ght t,U _ A _ Can_Ja) For r_Jr of J_rns like vacuums, lawn equipment, aad el@sir0 ni_ call or go on-line for tl_e Ir_aUon _ your heart Se_s P'_rts a _ep_ C÷n_er To purchase a protection agreemen[ (U.S.A.] or mainteaanc÷...

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