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q Read this manual carefully before operating this
outboard motor.


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   Summary of Contents for Yamaha 115

  • Page 1

    OWNER’S MANUAL U.S.A.Edition q Read this manual carefully before operating this LIT-18626-07-95 outboard motor. 6N6-28199-1H...

  • Page 2

    EMU25062 ZMU01690 Read this manual carefully before operating this outboard motor. Keep this manual onboard in a waterproof bag when boating. This manual should stay with the outboard motor if it is sold.

  • Page 3: Important Manual Information

    EMU25111 Yamaha. If you have any question about the operation or maintenance of your outboard motor, please consult a Yamaha dealer. In this Owner’s Manual particularly important OWNER’S MANUAL...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Safety information......1 Remote control requirements..14 Battery requirements..... 14 Outboard motor safety ....1 Specifications of Battery....14 Propeller..........1 Mounting battery ......14 Rotating parts........1 Multiple batteries ......15 Hot parts ........... 1 Propeller selection ......15 Electric shock ........

  • Page 5

    Table of contents Fuel gauge ........28 Checks after starting engine ..45 Trip meter / Clock / Voltmeter ..28 Cooling water ........45 Fuel level-alert indicator ....29 Warming up engine....... 45 Low battery voltage-alert Choke start models ......45 indicator ........

  • Page 6

    Treatment of submerged motor..76 Consumer information....77 Important warranty information for U.S.A. and Canada ....77 YAMAHA MOTOR CORPORATION, U.S.A. OUTBOARD MOTOR TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ..79 IMPORTANT WARRANTY INFORMATION IF YOU USE YOUR YAMAHA OUTSIDE THE USA OR CANADA ....82...

  • Page 7: Safety Information

    Safety information EMU33622 tor and the clamp bracket when the motor is Outboard motor safety trimmed or tilted. Keep body parts out of this Observe these precautions at all times. area at all times. Be sure no one is in this EMU36500 area before operating the power trim and tilt Propeller...

  • Page 8: Gasoline Exposure And Spills

    Personal flotation devices cording to the boat manufacturers instruc- Have an approved personal flotation device tions. Overloading or incorrect weight (PFD) on board for every occupant. Yamaha distribution can compromise the boats han-...

  • Page 9: Avoid Collisions

    Safety information dling and lead to an accident, capsizing or boating in hazardous weather. swamping. EMU33800 Accident reporting EMU33771 Avoid collisions Boat operators are required by law to file a Scan constantly for people, objects, and Boating Accident Report with their state other boats.

  • Page 10: Passenger Training

    Safety information go to United States Power Squadrons 1-888-FOR-USPS (1-888-367-8777) EMU33880 Passenger training Make sure at least one other passenger is trained to operate the boat in the event of an Boat Owners Association of The United emergency. States EMU33890 1-800-336-BOAT (1-800-336-2628)

  • Page 11: Steering And Sailing Rules And Sound Signals

    Safety information EMU33700 vessels try to avoid each other. If that is the Steering and sailing rules and sound case, both vessels become “ Give-Way ” signals vessels. Whenever two vessels on the water meet EMU25521 Rules when encountering vessels one another, one vessel has the right-of- There are three main situations that you may way;...

  • Page 12: Other Special Situations

    Safety information EMU25531 Other special situations There are three other rules you should be aware of when driving your boat around oth- er vessels. Narrow channels and bends When navigating in narrow channels, you should keep to the right when it is safe and practical to do so.

  • Page 13

    Safety information Reading buoys and other markers The waters of the United States are marked for safe navigation by the lateral system of buoyage. Simply put, buoys and markers have an arrangement of shapes, colors, numbers and lights to show which side of the buoy a boater should pass on when navigat- ing in a particular direction.

  • Page 14

    Safety information ZMU01708...

  • Page 15: General Information

    Record your outboard motor serial number in the spaces provided to assist you in ordering spare parts from your Yamaha dealer or for reference in case your outboard motor is sto- len. 1. Key number 1.

  • Page 16: Read Manuals And Labels

    Read any manuals supplied with the boat. ● Read all labels on the outboard motor and the boat. ● If you need any additional information, contact your Yamaha dealer. EMU33831 Warning labels If these labels are damaged or missing, contact your Yamaha dealer for replacements. ZMU06196...

  • Page 17

    General information ZMU05670...

  • Page 18

    General information EMU33843 Electrical hazard Symbols The following symbols mean as follows. Notice/Warning ZMU05666 Remote control lever/gear shift lever operat- ing direction, dual direction ZMU05696 Read Owner’s Manual ZMU05667 Engine start/ Engine cranking ZMU05664 Hazard caused by continuous rotation ZMU05668 ZMU05665...

  • Page 19: Specifications And Requirements

    Power trim and tilt Full throttle operating range: Propeller mark: 4500–5500 r/min Maximum output: Fuel and oil: 84.6 kW@5000 r/min Recommended fuel: (115 HP@5000 r/min) Regular unleaded gasoline Idling speed (in neutral): Min. pump octane: 750 ±50 r/min Engine: Recommended engine oil: Type:...

  • Page 20: Installation Requirements

    Propeller nut: working correctly and you should dis- 55.0 Nm (5.61 kgf-m, 40.6 ft-lb) continue using the outboard. Contact your Yamaha dealer. EMU33553 Installation requirements The remote control unit must be equipped EMU33563 with a start-in-gear protection device(s). This...

  • Page 21: Multiple Batteries

    Use Yamalube 2-M outboard oil. If Ya- Your Yamaha dealer can help you select the malube 2-M is not available, use only anoth- right propeller for your boating needs. Select er outboard motor manufacturer’s factory- a propeller that will allow the engine to reach brand oil with TC-W3 rating.

  • Page 22: Fuel Requirements

    10% and the fuel Ring Free Fuel Additive, available from meets the minimum octane ratings. E85 is a your Yamaha dealer. Ring Free Fuel Addi- fuel containing 85% ethanol and must not be tive has repeatedly proven its ability to clean used in your outboard motor.

  • Page 23: Muddy Or Acidic Water

    EMU30390 Muddy or acidic water Approval label of emission control certif- icate Yamaha strongly recommends that you have This label is attached to the bottom cowling. your dealer install the optional chromium- Existing Technology; N/A plated water pump kit if you use the outboard motor in muddy or acidic water conditions.

  • Page 24

    Specifications and requirements ZMU04618 1. Manufactured date label location...

  • Page 25: Components

    Components EMU2579H Components diagram TIP: * May not be exactly as shown; also may not be included as standard equipment on all mod- els. ZMU04764 1. Top cowling 16. Digital speedometer* 2. Power trim and tilt switch 17. Tachometer* 3. Flushing device 18.

  • Page 26: Remote Control Lever

    Components 6. Throttle 7. Fully open EMU26201 Neutral interlock trigger To shift out of neutral, first pull the neutral in- terlock trigger up. 1. Power trim and tilt switch 2. Remote control lever 3. Neutral interlock trigger 4. Neutral throttle lever 5.

  • Page 27: Choke Switch

    Components resistance, it could be difficult to move the remote control lever or throttle grip, which could result in an accident. [EWM00032] To decrease resistance, turn the adjuster counterclockwise. 1. Fully open 2. Fully closed EMU26221 Choke switch To activate the choke system, press in the When constant speed is desired, tighten the main switch while the key is turned to the adjuster to maintain the desired throttle set-...

  • Page 28: Choke Knob For Pull Type

    Components thrown forward. “ ” (start) ● [EWM00122] With the main switch in the “ ” (start) po- sition, the starter motor turns to start the en- gine. When the key is released, it returns automatically to the “ ” (on) position. 1.

  • Page 29: Power Trim And Tilt Switch On Bottom Engine Cowling

    Components EMU26153 placed to be sure steering is correct. Be Power trim and tilt switch on bottom sure you have tightened the bolt after ad- engine cowling justing the trim tab. The power trim and tilt switch is located on The trim tab should be adjusted so that the the side of the bottom engine cowling.

  • Page 30: Tilt Support Lever For Power Trim And Tilt Model

    Components EMU26400 Top cowling release lever The top cowling can be removed by operat- ing the cowling release lever. Pulling the front lever unlocks the top cowling for remov- ZMU01863 Bolt tightening torque: 42.0 Nm (4.2 kgf-m, 31 ft-lb) EMU26341 Tilt support lever for power trim and ZMU03518 tilt model...

  • Page 31: Flushing Device

    Components cable is operating correctly before rein- stalling the top cowling. When the release lever is operated, ● both the front and rear cowling hooks should be released at the same time. If not, adjust the rear clamp cable adjust- ers.

  • Page 32: Instruments And Indicators

    Instruments and indicators EMU26493 Digital tachometer The tachometer shows the engine speed and has the following functions. All segments of the display will light momen- tarily after the main switch is turned on and will return to normal thereafter. ZMU01869 EMU26651 Hour meter This meter shows the number of hours the...

  • Page 33: Overheat-alert Indicator

    Instruments and indicators alert indicator will start to blink. For further in- EMU26602 Digital speedometer formation, see page 31. This gauge shows the boat speed and other ECM00030 NOTICE information. Do not operate the engine without oil. Se- rious engine damage will occur. 1.

  • Page 34: Fuel Gauge

    Press the “ ” (mode) button until the the gauge will give false readings. Consult desired hour is displayed. your Yamaha dealer on how to correctly set Press the “ ” (set) button again, the the selector switch. NOTICE: Running out minute display will begin blinking.

  • Page 35: Fuel Level-alert Indicator

    Get back to the port soon if an alert device has activated. For charging the battery, con- The indicators on the gauge show the status sult your Yamaha dealer. of the oil level. For details on how to read the indicators, see page 42.

  • Page 36: Analog Trim Meter

    Instruments and indicators ZMU04580 1. Oil level indicators EMU26611 Analog trim meter This gauge shows the trim angle of your out- board motor. ZMU04581 Memorize the trim angles that work best for your boat under different conditions. Adjust the trim angle to the desired setting with the power trim and tilt switch.

  • Page 37: Engine Control System

    Alert system ECM00091 NOTICE Do not continue to operate the engine if a alert device has activated. Consult your Yamaha dealer if the problem cannot be located and corrected. EMU2681A Overheat alert This engine has an overheat-alert device. If If the alert system has activated, stop the en-...

  • Page 38

    Engine control system nally oil filter clogging. ZMU03942 ZMU03906 1. Oil filter ZMU04586 The buzzer will sound (if equipped on the ● tiller handle, remote control box, or main ZMU01952 switch panel). 1. Oil filter ZMU03025 If the alert system has been activated, stop the engine and check for the cause.

  • Page 39: Installation

    Test runs at differ- centerline (keel line) of the boat. ent heights can help determine the optimum mounting height. Consult your Yamaha deal- er or boat manufacturer for further informa- tion on determining the proper mounting...

  • Page 40

    Installation ZMU01762 ECM01630 NOTICE During water testing, check the buoy- ● ancy of the boat, at rest, with its maxi- mum load. Check that the static water level on the exhaust housing is low enough to prevent water entry into the power head when water rises due to waves when the outboard is not run- ning.

  • Page 41: Operation

    5 minutes at a time. After the first 10 hours: Operate the engine normally. Use only straight gasoline in the fuel tank. The Yamaha oil injection system provides proper lubrication for normal operation. EMU36400 Getting to know your boat : Gasoline Different boats handle differently.

  • Page 42: Fuel Level

    Check that the fuel filter is clean and free of lift off the cowling. water. If any water is found in the fuel, or if a significant amount of debris is found, the fuel tank should be checked and cleaned by a Yamaha dealer. ZMU06101 EMU36440 Fuel system EWM00060...

  • Page 43: Engine Shut-off Cord (lanyard)

    After any air in the oil lines has such as cuts, breaks, and wear. been expelled, the oil injection system should supply oil normally. If no oil is flowing after 10 minutes of idling, consult your Yamaha dealer. 1. Cord 2. Clip ZMU04141 3. Engine shut-off switch...

  • Page 44: Install Cowling

    Be sure that the rubber seal is seated all Yamaha dealer. the way around the engine. Set the top cowling straight down onto the engine, being careful to avoid catch- ing spark plug wires or other wires.

  • Page 45: Battery

    Operation Check the power trim and tilt unit for any rods have retracted completely into the sign of oil leaks. cylinders. Operate each of the power trim and tilt switches on the remote control and en- gine bottom cowling to check that all switches work.

  • Page 46: Filling Fuel And Engine Oil

    Filling fuel and engine oil EMU27282 Filling oil EMU30321 Filling fuel for models without a fuel This engine uses the Yamaha oil injection joint system, which provides superior lubrication by ensuring the proper oil ratio for all operat- EWM01830 WARNING ing conditions.

  • Page 47

    Operation oil injection system will automatically feed oil from the remote oil tank to the engine oil tank. ON START ZMU04143 After the engine oil tank has filled, turn off the main switch to cancel the oil level alert. ON START ZMU04144 Operate the engine normally.

  • Page 48: Oil Level Indicator Operation

    Operation EMU27321 Oil level indicator operation The various functions of the oil level system are as follows: EMU27383 Oil level indicator Electric start models Oil level-alert Oil level-alert indicator Engine oil Remote oil indicator (analog Remarks (digital tank tank tachometer) tachometer) more than 300 more than...

  • Page 49: Operating Engine

    Operation EMU27451 Operating engine EMU27482 Feeding fuel EWM00420 WARNING Before starting the engine, make sure ● that the boat is tightly moored and that you can steer clear of any obstructions. Be sure there are no swimmers in the ZMU02025 water near you.

  • Page 50

    Operation using the neutral throttle lever or free ac- celerator. You may need to change the throttle opening slightly depending on engine temperature. After the engine starts, return the throttle to the original position. TIP: The start-in-gear protection device prevents the engine from starting except when in neu- tral.

  • Page 51: Checks After Starting Engine

    Stop the engine and check wheth- er the cooling water inlet on the lower case or the cooling water pilot hole is START blocked. Consult your Yamaha dealer if the problem cannot be located and cor- rected. ZMU03262 Immediately after the engine starts, re- lease the main switch and allow it to re- turn to “...

  • Page 52: Shifting

    Operation Confirm that removing the clip from the en- ● gine shut-off switch stops the engine. Confirm that the engine cannot be started ● with the clip removed from the engine shut-off switch. EMU31730 Shifting EWM00180 WARNING Before shifting, make sure there are no swimmers or obstacles in the water near To shift from in gear (forward/reverse) to you.

  • Page 53: Stopping Boat

    Operation EMU31742 the fuel line or close the fuel cock if there Stopping boat is a fuel joint or a fuel cock on the boat. EWM01510 Tighten the air vent screw on the fuel WARNING tank cap (if equipped). Do not use the reverse function to slow ●...

  • Page 54: Adjusting Trim Angle (power Trim And Tilt)

    Operation switch while the boat is moving. Adjust the outboard motor trim angle using the power trim and tilt switch. 1. Power trim and tilt switch ZMU04145 1. Trim operating angle EMU27884 Adjusting trim angle (Power trim and tilt) ZMU03522 EWM00753 WARNING 1.

  • Page 55: Tilting Up And Down

    Operation cy to steer to one side or the other. Compen- also makes the boat unstable. Resistance at sate for this as you steer. The trim tab can the bow is greatly increased, heightening the also be adjusted to help offset this effect. danger of “bow steering”...

  • Page 56: Procedure For Tilting Up (power Trim And Tilt Models)

    Operation few minutes. Otherwise fuel may leak. ECM00241 NOTICE Before tilting the outboard motor, stop ● the engine by following the procedure on page 47. Never tilt the outboard mo- tor while the engine is running. Severe damage from overheating can result. Do not tilt up the engine by pushing the ●...

  • Page 57: Procedure For Tilting Down (power Trim And Tilt Models)

    Operation and tilt switch “ ” (down) to retract the trim rods. NOTICE: Be sure to retract the trim rods completely during mooring. This protects the rods from marine growth and corrosion which could damage the power trim and tilt mechanism.

  • Page 58: Cruising In Other Conditions

    Cruising in muddy, turbid, or acidic water and tilt switch. WARNING! Using the Yamaha strongly recommends that you use power trim and tilt switch on the bot- the optional chromium-plated water pump kit tom cowling while the boat is moving...

  • Page 59: Maintenance

    56. sition using a motor support device such as Fill the fuel tank with fresh fuel and add a transom saver bar. Consult your Yamaha one ounce of “Yamaha Fuel Conditioner dealer for further details. and Stabilizer” to each gallon of fuel.

  • Page 60: Lubrication (oil Injection Models)

    Maintenance Stabilizer” eliminates the need to drain the clothes away from the flywheel and fuel system. Consult your Yamaha dealer or other rotating parts while the engine other qualified mechanic if the fuel system is is running. [EWM00091] to be drained instead.

  • Page 61: Cleaning And Anticorrosion Measures

    [ECM01840] Spray the outboard motor exterior with “Yamaha Silicone Protectant”. Wax the cowling with a non-abrasive wax such as “Yamaha Silicone Wax”. EMU28443 Flushing power unit Perform this procedure right after operation for the most thorough flushing.

  • Page 62: Cleaning The Outboard Motor

    When flushing the engine with the boat in ● to perform a maintenance procedure, the water, tilting up the outboard motor un- have a Yamaha dealer or other qualified til it is completely out of the water will mechanic do the work. achieve better results.

  • Page 63: Replacement Parts

    EMU28511 Replacement parts If replacement parts are necessary, use only genuine Yamaha parts or parts of equivalent design and quality. Any part of inferior quality may malfunction, and the resulting loss of control could endanger the operator and passengers.

  • Page 64: Maintenance Chart 1

    The “ ” symbol indicates the check-ups which you may carry out yourself. The “ ” symbol indicates work to be carried out by your Yamaha dealer. Initial Every 20 hours Item...

  • Page 65

    Maintenance Initial Every 20 hours Item Actions hours (1 hours (3 hours (5 months) year) years) years) Fuel line(High pres- Inspection or replace- sure) ment as necessary Fuel line(Low pres- Inspection sure) Fuel line(Low pres- Inspection or replace- sure) ment as necessary Inspection or replace- Fuel pump ment as necessary...

  • Page 66: Maintenance Chart 2

    (1 hours (3 hours (5 months) year) years) years) Main switch/stop Inspection or replace- switch/choke switch ment as necessary (Yamaha) Meter/gauge Inspection EMU34451 Maintenance chart 2 Every Item Actions 1000 hours Guide exhaust/exhaust Inspection or replace- manifold ment as necessary...

  • Page 67: Greasing

    Maintenance EMU28932 Greasing Yamaha marine grease (Water resistant grease) ZMU04149 white, this could indicate an intake air leak or EMU28955 Cleaning and adjusting spark plug carburetion problem in that cylinder. Do not The spark plug is an important engine com- attempt to diagnose any problems yourself.

  • Page 68: Checking Fuel Filter

    For cleaning or replacement of the Be sure to use the specified spark plug, fuel filter, consult your Yamaha dealer. otherwise the engine may not operate properly. Before fitting the spark plug, measure the electrode gap with a wire thickness gauge;...

  • Page 69: Checking Water In Engine Oil Tank

    There is a water trap at the bottom of the en- gine oil tank. If water or foreign matter is vis- EWM01880 WARNING ible in this trap, consult your Yamaha dealer. You could be seriously injured if the en- gine accidentally starts when you are near the propeller.

  • Page 70: Removing Propeller

    Be sure to use a new cotter pin and bend the ends over securely. Otherwise the Check the propeller shaft oil seal for dam- ● propeller could come off during opera- age. tion and be lost. Apply Yamaha marine grease or a cor- rosion resistant grease to the propeller...

  • Page 71: Changing Gear Oil

    Insert a new cotter pin in the can indicate lower unit problem. Con- hole and bend the cotter pin ends. NO- sult your Yamaha dealer. TICE: Do not reuse the cotter pin in- [ECM01900] stalled. Otherwise the propeller can come off during operation.

  • Page 72: Inspecting And Replacing Anode(s)

    Yamaha outboard motors are protected from can cause gear damage. Consult a corrosion by sacrificial anodes. Inspect the Yamaha dealer for repair of the lower external anodes periodically. Remove scales unit seals. [ECM00711] from the surfaces of the anodes.

  • Page 73: Checking Battery (for Electric Start Models)

    Maintenance EMU29322 ing, consult your Yamaha dealer. Checking battery (for electric start Check the battery connections. They models) should be clean, secure, and covered by EWM01900 an insulating cover. WARNING! Bad WARNING connections can produce shorting or Battery electrolytic fluid is poisonous arcing and cause an explosion.

  • Page 74: Disconnecting The Battery

    Maintenance cables must be clean and properly con- nected, or the battery will not start the engine. EMU29371 Disconnecting the battery Turn off the battery cut-off switch (if equipped) and main switch. NOTICE: If they are left on, the electrical system can be damaged.

  • Page 75: Trouble Recovery

    Q. Has fuel pump malfunctioned? If your outboard motor requires repair, bring A. Have serviced by a Yamaha dealer. it to your Yamaha dealer. If the engine trouble-alert indicator is flash- Q. Are spark plug(s) fouled or of incorrect ing, consult your Yamaha dealer.

  • Page 76

    Q. Is fuel contaminated or stale? A. Fill tank with clean, fresh fuel. Q. Is carburetor clogged? A. Have serviced by a Yamaha dealer. Q. Is fuel filter clogged? A. Clean or replace filter. Q. Is fuel joint connection incorrect? A.

  • Page 77

    Q. Is fuel system obstructed? Q. Is water pump or thermostat faulty? A. Check for pinched or kinked fuel line or A. Have serviced by a Yamaha dealer. other obstructions in fuel system. Q. Is there excess water in fuel filter cup? Q.

  • Page 78: Temporary Action In Emergency

    EWM00631 Q. Is steering pivot loose or damaged? WARNING A. Tighten or have serviced by a Yamaha Substituting an incorrect fuse or a piece dealer. of wire could allow excessive current EMU29433 flow.

  • Page 79: Power Trim And Tilt Will Not Operate

    2. Fuse (20 A, 30 A) used to start the engine, the start-in- gear protection device does not oper- Consult your Yamaha dealer if the new fuse ate. Make sure the remote control lever immediately blows again. is in neutral. Otherwise the boat could...

  • Page 80: Emergency Starting Engine

    Trouble Recovery wheel or other moving parts when the engine is running. Do not install the starter mechanism or top cowling after the engine is running. Do not touch the ignition coil, spark ● plug wire, spark plug cap, or other elec- trical components when starting or op- erating the motor.

  • Page 81: Engine Fails To Operate

    Trouble Recovery and start the engine. Repeat if neces- sary. ON START ZMU01906 Lift the emergency switch to pump re- ZMU03466 serve oil into the engine oil tank from the EMU29671 remote oil tank. Engine fails to operate EMU29742 Low oil level alert activates If the oil level is allowed to drop too low, the red segment will appear on the oil level indi- cator, the buzzer will sound, and engine...

  • Page 82: Top Cowling Does Not Unlock

    If the outboard motor is submerged, immedi- The maximum reserve oil capacity is 1500 ● ately take it to a Yamaha dealer. Otherwise (1.6 US qt, 1.31 Imp qt). some corrosion may begin almost immedi- The oil-feed pump will not operate if the ●...

  • Page 83: Consumer Information

    Consumer information EMU29811 Important warranty information for U.S.A. and Canada...

  • Page 84

    Consumer information...

  • Page 85: Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.s.a. Outboard Motor Two Year Limited Warranty


  • Page 86

    Consumer information...

  • Page 87

    Consumer information...

  • Page 88: Important Warranty Information If You Use Your Yamaha Outside The Usa Or Canada


  • Page 90

    Printed in Japan April 2008-0.3 × 1 ! Printed on recycled paper...

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