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Cleaning Instructions; Fabric Softener Dispenser - Frigidaire 137350200C Use & Care Manual


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Fabric softener may build up in the dispenser well.
Residue should be removed once or twice a month.
Orient correctly
Do not store or place laundry products on top of washer
at any time. They can damage the finish or controls.
* Remove items from the washer as soon as the cycle
ends. Excess wrinkling, color transfer, and odors may
develop in items left in the washer.
* Dry the washer top, the area around the lid opening,
and the underside of the lid. These areas should always
be dry before the lid is closed.
* Before cleaning the washer interior, unplug the electri-
cal power cord to avoid electrical shock hazards.
* When extremely soiled items have been washed, a dirty
residue may remain on the tub. Remove this by wiping
the tub with a nonabrasive household cleanser. Rinse
thoroughly with water.
* The base plate or tub may become stained from fabric
dye. Clean these parts with a nonabrasive household
cleanser. This prevents dye transfer to future loads.
- Remove the dual chamber insert (a) from the bleach
and fabric softener dispenser by pinching at the cham-
ber divider and lifting upward. Also remove the siphon
cap (b).
- Rinse the insert and cap with a combination of 3/4cup
liquid chlorine bleach and 1 gallon hot tap water to
remove any buildup. Large amounts of fabric softener
residue may indicate improper dilution or more fre-
quent cleaning is required. Rinse well with tap water.
- For the dispenser well, use a small brush to clean the
recesses. Remove all residue.
- Replace the siphon cap and insert by pressing it in
place until you hear a slight click.
• When washing is completed, wipe top and sides of
washer with a damp cloth. Turn water faucets off to
prevent pressure build-up in the hoses.
• Clean the cabinet with mild soap and water. Never use
harsh, gritty or abrasive cleansers
• If the cabinet becomes stained, clean with diluted
chlorine bleach (1 part bleach to 8 parts water). Rinse
several times with clear water.
• Remove glue residue from tape or labels with a mixture
of warm water and mild detergent. Or, touch residue
with the sticky side of tape.
- Before moving the washer, place a strip of cardboard or
thin fiberboard under the front leveling legs to prevent
damage to the floor.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents