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Frigidaire 137350200C Use & Care Manual


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Important Safety Instructions,._:.....i:,_._.;:,;?,:.:,!;_.,i;.i2,_
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Care and Cleaning........: ........... :,..;._..X;.;X:.,:i.::;: 17_:18' :: :Espa_oi,'::::i_:;_;:i'i ............
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USA 1:800:944-90_4
Canada :1_800_265_8352


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Frigidaire 137350200C

  • Page 1 :Wa_ran_ ..;_:,!......i_: ......... ope_tio_ _ns_iuct, ons ..:..: ...X: : _i :; i _ :ii_(_i_:_:':_ _ ::::_: :_#i!_n_a':i_i Si'!i_!iS!!iiilSi!i!iS!!!i!iiiiiiiii!!!i!:!_SfliS_i_:i% ii:::_] Care and Cleaning..: ... :,..;._..X;.;X:.,:i.::;: 17_:18' :: :Espa_oi,'::::i_:;_;:i'i ..... iiil..www.frigidaire;Com: USA 1:800:944-90_4 Canada :1_800_265_8352...
  • Page 2: Recognize Safety Symbols, Words And Labels

    Product Record Record Your Model and Serial Numbers The model and serial numbers of your washer are found Please r eadall instructions before using this washer. on the serial plate located at the back of the tub opening under the washer lid. Record and retain these numbers. Recognize safety symbols,...
  • Page 3: Prevent Fire

    To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or injury to persons when using this washer, comply with the basic warnings listed below. Failure to comply with these warnings could result in serious personal injuries. You can be killed or seriously injured if you don't follow these Important Safety Instructions: PREVENT FIRE PROTECT CHILDREN o Do not wash items that have been previously cleaned...
  • Page 4 PREVENT INJURY PREVENT INJURY AND DAHAGE TO THE APPLIANCE • To prevent shock hazard and assure stability during To prevent serious personal injury and damage to the washer: operation, the washer must be installed and electrically grounded by a qualified service person in accordance All repairs and servicing must be performed by an au- with local codes.
  • Page 5: Washing Procedures

    Washing Procedures o Place delicate and small items such as bras, hosiery and baby socks in a mesh bag. To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury to persons, read these IMPORTANT SAFETYINSTRUCTIONS in this Use and Care Guide before operating your washer. Sort laundry into loads that _,_ii_iilPi_ _ iilY ¸_ can be washed together.
  • Page 6 Washing Procedures, continued For models without a built-in fabric softener Add laundry load to washer, dispenser: * For best washing performance, dry load level * Follow fabric softener label directions. should not be higher than the upper row of holes in Add diluted fabric softener to the final rinse.
  • Page 7 Washing Procedures, continued 10 Remove items when the cycle is completed, Place washed items in automatic dryer, line dry, or . For your safety, the lid is locked during the operation dry fiat as directed by fabric care label. Excess wrin- of the washer.
  • Page 8: Cycle Selection

    extr_ + flesh sp_a uase f[esl_ _lnse presoak ddicates temp optioIIs FRI61DAI R E - affinity normal casual comforter cool heavy light cold plesoak heavy duty rinse & spin Idkates terr_p options soil bvel fablk softener qukk wash bedding FRIGIDA[ RE oaffinity ,,_.,iSlg add :_garmerlt was_...
  • Page 9 Cycle Selectionr continued normal whites (on select models only) Use this cycle for white fabrics and lightly colored Use this load for light to normally soiled cottons, clothing. Refer to fabric care label for use of liquid towels, shirts, denims and mixed loads. For best chlorine bleach.
  • Page 10: Cycle Settings

    Cycle Settings The water heater setting and its distance from the washer, water usage in other parts of the home, and seasonally low ground water temperature in some Follow the fabric care label instructions or best results geographic areas can affect water temperature. on items to be washed.
  • Page 11: Cycle Options

    Cycle Settings, continued Cycle Options fabric softener (on select models) Water Level (on select models, automatic on others) If your model is equipped with an automatic fabric Turn the water level knob (on select models) to select a softener dispenser, you must turn the fabric softener water level appropriate for the load size.
  • Page 12 Washer Settings Chart pl_esoak delicates beddm nnse & spin options temp normal/heavy F R _ G I DAI R E ° affinity s÷r_s_ng add a garment w_sh final sp_n dean These Temperatures and Options are available with the following cycles: >...
  • Page 13 Washer Settings Chart heavy light plesoak heavy duty rinse & spit elJcates soillevel fablic softener op ions quick wash bedding se,lsi g dd a ga _,erlt w_sh These Temperatures, Soil levels and Options are available with the following cycles: :>- >...
  • Page 14 Washer Settings Chart casual (omforter extra fresh spi_ i_se p_esoak heavy duty heavy dry,in & spil bedding temp options whites jeans qLick wash These Temperatures, Soil levels, Water levels and Options are available with the following cycles: temp _ warm cool _"...
  • Page 15: Safe Stain Removal Procedures

    Safe Stain Removal Procedures To reduce the risk of fire or serious injury to persons or property, comply with the basic warnings listed below: HARMFUL VAPOR HAZARD o Read and comply with all instructions on stain re- Do not use or mix liquid chlorine bleach with other moval products.
  • Page 16: Stain Removal Suggestions

    Stain Removal Suggestions STAIN TREATM ENT Adhesive tape, chewing Apply ice. Scrape off excess. Place stain face down on paper towels. Saturate with pre- gum, rubber cement wash stain remover or nonflammable dry cleaning fluid. Baby formula, dairy Use product containing enzymes to pretreat or soak stains. Soak for 30 minutes or more. products, egg Wash.
  • Page 17: Preventive Measures

    Common Washing Problems Many washing problems involve poor soil and stain removal, residues of lint and scum, and fabric damage. For satisfactory washing results, follow these suggestions provided by The Soap and Detergent Association. PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSES SOLUTIONS PREVENTIVE MEASURES Bluestains •...
  • Page 18: Cleaning Instructions

    Cleaning :Instructions INSIDE * Remove items from the washer as soon as the cycle ends. Excess wrinkling, color transfer, and odors may develop in items left in the washer. Fabric softener may build up in the dispenser well. Residue should be removed once or twice a month. * Dry the washer top, the area around the lid opening, and the underside of the lid.
  • Page 19 Winterizing Instructions If the washer is stored in an area where freezing can occur or moved in freezing temperatures, follow these winterizing instructions to prevent damage to the washer: INSTRUCTIONS Turn off water supply faucets. cold weather storage Disconnect hoses from water supply and drain and care, ollow WINTERIZING...
  • Page 20 Before calling for service, review this list. It may save both time and expense. The list includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or materials in this washer. OCCURRENCE POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION Rattling and clanking Foreign objects such as coins or safety pins may be Stop washer and check drum.
  • Page 21 OCCURRENCE POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION Wash load too wet after Washer is overloaded. Do not overload washer. See Washing Procedures. spin. Load is out of balance. Rearrange load to allow proper spinning. Drain hose is kinked. Straighten drain hose. Water does not enter Washer lid is open.
  • Page 22 For t heapplicable warranty period a ssetforthbelow, asmeasured from youroriginal date ofpurchase, Electrolux willrepair or replace anyparts ofthisappliance thatprove t obedefective inmaterials orworkmanship when such appliance isinstalled, used and maintained inaccordance withtheprovided instructions. Warrantv Periods: • All parts -- One year including labor •...

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