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Safe Stain Removal Procedures - Frigidaire 137350200C Use & Care Manual


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Safe Stain
To reduce the risk of fire or serious injury to persons or
property, comply with the basic warnings listed below:
o Read and comply with all instructions on stain re-
moval products.
Keep stain removal products in their original labeled
containers and out of children's reach.
Thoroughly wash any utensils used.
Do not combine stain removal products, especially
ammonia and chlorine bleach. Dangerous fumes can
resu It.
Never wash items which have been previously
cleaned in, washed in, soaked in or spotted with
gasoline, dry cleaning solvents or other flammable
or explosive substances because they give off vapors
that could ignite or explode.
Never use highly flammable solvents, such as gaso-
line, inside the home. Vapors can explode on contact
with flames or sparks.
For Successful
o Remove stains promptly.
- Determine the kind of stain, then follow the recom-
mended treatment in the stain removal chart on the
next page.
- To pretreat stains, use a prewash product, liquid
detergent, or a paste made from powder detergent
and water.
Use cold water on unknown stains as hot water can
set stains.
Consult care label instructions for treatments to avoid
on specific fabrics.
Check for colorfastness by testing stain remover prod-
ucts on an inside seam.
Rinse and wash items after stain removal.
Do not use or mix liquid chlorine bleach with other
household chemicals such as toilet cleaners, rust
removers, acid or products containing ammonia. These
mixtures can produce dangerous fumes which can
cause serious inJu_ or death, ...............................................................
For best results
Follow the fabric care label instructions
on items to be washed.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents