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Kenmore 16 Instructions Manual

Zig-zag sewing machine
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Adjusting Good Stitches ....Mending ..........TABLE O F Adjusting Pressure Presser Foot ..... Narrow Hemming- 1/4 tl or Less ..26 CONTENTS Needle Thread Table ....Adjusting Tensions ......12-13 Applique ..........Needle Size .......... Basting ..........Overcasting .......... Buttonholes ........
  • Page 3: Identification-Head Parts

    FRONT VIEW ® ® ® ® ® ® Thread Guide Stitch Length Control Knob Hand Hole Cover Plate Presser Foot Reverse Stitch Push Button Face Cover Plate Presser Foot Screw Thread Take-up Light Switch Thread Guide Pattern Disc Shaft Cover Feed Dog Control Knob Thread...
  • Page 4 BACK VIEW ® Model Clutch Knob Bobbin Winder Tension Disc Thread Cutter Hand Wheel Feed Dog Upper Thread Guides Bobbin Winder Mechanism Presser Foot Knob Needle Plate Presser Foot Lever Guido Pin Hole for Thread Spool Pins Buttonhole Attachment Arm Cover Plate Noodle Clamp Screw...
  • Page 5: Connecting Machine

    INSTALLING MACHINE HEAD Loosen hinge screws under holes in the rear edge of the machine (1). Raise hinge pins in the cabinet cutout (2]. Slip machine head onto pins tighten hinge screws securely (3]. Lower machine head to front flap. Screw spool pins...
  • Page 6: Needle And Thread Table

    Cotton 30-50 Heaviest cottons as for men's work clothes Mercerized heavy duty Heaviest wooJen coating NEEDLE SIZE Flat KENMORE 6021 needles. size of needle should side conform to the size of the thread both should be suit- able to the material.
  • Page 7 BOBBIN C ASE FROM SHUTTLE REMOVING Needle il !__ at its highest _ i'_! "_ position. .!! i II £ __i) ..'!12_ latch,out _ _ _:_ _"-_J _\_ '_"'"_. I i_,_, -_ _ .: Pull bobbin case straight ont.
  • Page 8: Winding The Bobbin

    WINDINGTHE BOBBIN Place thread left Release clutch • ,,-- turning clutch knob spool post. Draw toward you. thread as shown. Start machine. Wind thread around When bobbin full, bobbin times. winding mechanism stops. Place bobbin onto Tighten clutch knob bobbin winder shaft.
  • Page 9: Inserting Bobbin Into Bobbin Case

    INSERTING BOBBIN I NTO BOBBIN CASE ..CASE INTOSHUTTLE Guide bobbin onto center pin of bobbin case. Pull thread through slot. Pull thread under tension spring. Holding latch, position case into shuttle, release latch.
  • Page 10: Threading Upper Machine

    THREADING UPPER M ACHINE |_:.÷5_:_:_.._._'_._,. ..:_.:i__ ._i_ _z._i..',_ " o,_.._i_,...
  • Page 11: Presser Foot

    PICKING UP BOBBIN T HREAD Raise presser foot lever. Hold needle thread loosely left hand rotate hand wheel toward complete turn. Bring bobbin thread pulling upper thread CSee illustration]. Place threads back under presser foot. ADJUSTING THEPRESSURE OFTHEPRESSER FOOT Push down outer ring...
  • Page 12: Dual Purpose Needle Plate

    (B) for zigzag decorative stitching on the center plate (C). To slide center plate for model 16 and 54, remove hand hole cover plate and move lever (D) to left for straight stitching and right for zigzag stitching until it clicks.
  • Page 13 ADJUSTING TENSIONS A perfect stitch will have threads locked between layers of fabric with loops on top bottom. CRefer to page Fig. PROBLEM REMEDY Upper thread tight Decrease Tension Fig. Upper thread loose Increase Tension _',,, ,,j_-_:_ "_\,_',-.._i!:_::_Y Fig.
  • Page 14 iNCREASE TENSION When stitching unsatisfactory figures adjust upper thread tension. Lower thread tension requires adjustment less frequently than upper thread tension. When stitch satisfactory, Turn Clockwise. figure 1 and seam is badly puckered, cause tight tensions both upper lower adjusted. (See page When...
  • Page 15 ADJUSTING YOUR SEWING MACHINE GOOD STITCHES When your sewing machine does a properly locked stitch, check following Insert a new needle of the correct size thread fabric using. Consult chart page 5 for needle size. upper bobbin thread should matched in size type.
  • Page 16: Inserting And Removing Material

    INSERTING AND REMOVING THEMATERIAL For all kinds of sewing, consult chart page Place material under presser foot, insert needle into material by turning hand wheel toward you, lower presser foot Before placing the material machine start sewing. To facilitate placement that: heavy fabrics...
  • Page 17: Basting

    Turn stitch length control knob desired SETTING point between 0 and The red mark indicates setting a satin stitch. This will vary slightly STITCH depending upon type of material to be sewn. LENGTH setting is the longest stitch. size stitch selected will depend...
  • Page 18: Inserting Pattern Disc

    ZIGZAG CONTROL SETTING STITCH WIDTH Insert disc No. 1A. Turn the stitch width control knob to the desired setting between 0 and 5 on the knob. Zigzag stitch width increases from 0 to 5. Straight stitching is possible with control on 0 setting or by removal of pattern...
  • Page 19: Decorative Stitching

    DECORATIVE STITCHING This machine enables to sew beautiful decorative embroidery stitches by means various discs supplied with your machine. movements of the needle controlled disc. Basic decorative stitches made with stitch width at 5 and stitch length at the marking on the dial.
  • Page 21 <...
  • Page 22 ,------.. 1 1A...
  • Page 23: Mending

    MENDING DARNING st,,°h , dth Feed clog controJ Left Remove presser foot. Stretch fabric between embroidery hoops place under needle. Draw bobbin thread through fabric holding upper thread taking stitch at the spot where wish begin darning. Lower presser bar. Start sewing at a medium...
  • Page 24: Buttons

    STRAIGHT ORTHREE-CORNERED TEAR Stitch width 3 - 4 Stitch length at red mark Pattern disc #4A (Model 16, 1749, 542) # 1A (Model 540,541 ) Position tear under needle stitch along straight tear catching sides of material.
  • Page 25: Buttonholes

    BUTTONHOLES Feed dog control- Left Use disc :_ 1A Stitch width knob-Red zone Cover plate for buttonholes Template Guide pin Guide plate Pinion gear Pull guide plate forward that guide at S. This will enable Remove regular cover plate Select desired template start...
  • Page 26 HINTS FOR PERFECT BUTTONHOLES Mark position each buttonhole garment with chalk or a line of basting. Loosely woven fabrics fabrics that stretch easily such as jersey should have an inter- facing of a firm fabric. cambric taffeta between woolens rayons-organdy or lawn between light...
  • Page 27: Adjusting Tensions 12-13 Applique

    APPLIQUE Use d ,sc _ IA Baste cutout applique fabric. stitch width to 4. stitch length marking. Zigzag stitch around applique completely covering edge. SEWINGON LACE Use d isc _IA stitch width stitch length or 3. Place fabric under presser foot position lace...
  • Page 28: Gathering

    OVERCASTING 05° d ,sc.-,A __!i_i_ Both length width settings varied depending fabric used. Zigzag stitch around edge of fabric com- pletely cover edge. GATHERING Attach gathering foot. (See page ll). machine for straight stitching test gathers a scrap same fabric plan to use.
  • Page 29: Hems-Blind Stitch Hem

    HEMS ili!ill _i_! i,_ _'_ BLIND STITCH HEM Disc Stitch width Prepare the hem with Apply seam tape along Stitch length edge with either turned edgestitched straight zigzag stitch- finish, ing.
  • Page 30 Turn baste Fold garment back along Remove basting and press inch from edge of the basting line stitch hem. basting step seam tape using longest along garment fold using eliminated stitch on sewing machine. disc #lB. straight hem.
  • Page 31 DOUBLE NEEDLE SETTING T HEDOUBLE NEEDLE Raise needle highest position loosen needle clamp screw. Hold double needle assembly with flat side away from you. Slip needle will into needle clamp, tighten screw. THREADING THEDOUBLE NEEDLE Place spool thread each spool pin.
  • Page 32 DOUBLE NEEDLE STITCHING decorative patterns possible with double needle. Before starting stitching operation, check needle drop turning handwheel manually. Needle should enter fabric without touching presser foot needle plate. stitch width control must advanced beyond 3½ setting. TURNING A CORNER turn square corner...
  • Page 33: Sewing On Plastic Films

    SYNTHETICS Your KENMORE will fabrics of synthetic fiber, such nylon, *Orlon, **Dacron, rayon, acetate, blends these, combinations synthetic natural fibers. When stitching a fabric of blended combined fibers, handle would material of the fiber present in the largest percentage. example,...
  • Page 34: Changing Attachment Foot

    Cleaning should done with small brush. When machine runs hard makes excessive noise, place drop KENMORE sewing machine points indicated figs. & Swing hinged face cover plate open points indicated machine head. Fig.
  • Page 35 Remove cover plate to oil points indicated machine head. remove cover plate, take disc from machine, remove screws lift cover. Fig. It may be necessary to clean shuttle area occasionally. Raise needle to its highest Clean shuttle race of any lint point remove bobbin...
  • Page 36 Tilt machine head back to oil points indicated underside of machine head. Fig. reassemble, hold shuttle center fit carefully into assembly opposite shuttle driver. Slip shuttle race cover into place. Snap levers into position. Occasionally, remove needle plate clean feed with a soft brush.
  • Page 37: What To Do

    WHAT TO DO PROBLEM PROBABLE CAUSE CORRECTION Choose correct size needle for thread and fabric _page Incorrect size needle. Rethreod machine _page Improper threading. Tighten upper thread tension _page 12_. Loose upper thread tension. Irregular Do not pull fabric; guide it gently.
  • Page 38 WHAT TO DO PROBLEM PROBABLE CAUSE CORRECTION Incorrect size needJe. Choose correct size needle for thread and fabric (page Bent or blunt needJe. Insert new needle (page Skipping Incorrect setting of needle. Reset needle (page Stitches Tight upper thread tension. Loosen upper thread tension...
  • Page 39: Parts List

    PARTS LIST parts listed here ordered through your nearest Sears Simpsons-Sears retail store, catalog sales office mail order house.
  • Page 40 Plastic zigzag foot (Model 16) 1104 Pattern disc No. 4A and B 3343 Plastic satin stitch foot (Model 1749) (Model 540, 541 only) 27673 Plastic satin stitch foot (Model 16) 1105 Pattern disc No. 5A and B 6872 Straight stitch foot (Model 1749)
  • Page 41 Part No. Description Description 27674 Straight stitch foot (Model 16) 8939 1-1/16" keyhole template 27677 894O Plastic straight stitch foot (Model 16) 1-1 /16" regular template 27679 8941 Gathering foot (Model 16, 1749) 13/16" regular template 6914 Motor belt 8942 5/8"...
  • Page 42 SEWING MACHINE SEARS, ROEBUCK CO., Chicago, iL 60684 U.S.A. SIMPSONS-SEARS LIMITED, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Part No. 59950...

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