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Using The Battery Charger - Fujitsu FMW51BC1 User Manual

External battery charger for pencentra 130 / pencentra 200 / stylistic lt / stylistic lt c-500 / stylistic lt p-600

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Using the Battery Charger

To charge your battery pack(s) in the external battery
1. Connect an FPC DC power source such as AC Adapter
FMWAC4, FPCAC14, FPCAC23, or Auto/Airline
Adapter FPCAA02 to the DC input on the battery
charger. The Power status indicator on the charger turns
on indicating that external power is supplied to the
2. Insert the battery pack into one of the slots in the battery
charger as shown in the following figure until the
battery pack is firmly seated in the charger.
3. There are two status indicators on the battery charger,
one for each slot. The status indicators change colors to
represent different battery conditions, as noted in
Table 1.
When the battery charger is not in use, remove all batteries
and disconnect the DC power source.



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