Fujitsu fi-5220C Getting Started

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fi-5120C/fi-5220C Image Scanner

Getting Started

fi-5120C/fi-5220C Image Scanner
Getting Started


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  • Page 1: Getting Started

    Image Scanner P3PC-1312-02EN Getting Started fi-5120C/fi-5220C Image Scanner Getting Started...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    INSTALLATION OF THE SCANNER... 3 2.1 Installing the Scanner ... 3 2.2 Connecting the Scanner to Your PC... 4 2.3 Installing the Scanner Application ... 5 Appendix1 TROUBLESHOOTING... AP-1 Appendix2 DAILY CARE ... AP-4 Appendix3 REPLACING CONSUMABLES... AP-5 fi-5120C/fi-5220C Image Scanner Getting Started...
  • Page 4: Canadian Doc Regulations

    Duplex Color Scanner product. This document describes how to handle fi-5120C/fi- 5220C Duplex Color and basic operation methods. Before you start using fi-5120C/fi-5220C Duplex Color be sure to thoroughly read this manual to ensure correct use. The "Operator’s Guide" is stored on the Setup Disk.
  • Page 5: Note, Liability

    If the descriptions differ from the screens actually displayed, refer to the Acrobat’s “Help”. fi-5120C/fi-5220C Image Scanner Getting Started Do not breathe the chemical liquid contained in the scanner lamps. Do not incinerate, crush, or shred the lamps or scanner parts.
  • Page 6: About Maintenance

    About Maintenance The user must not perform repairs on this scanner. Contact the store where you purchased the scanner or an authorized FUJITSU Image Scanner service provider to have repairs done on this product. Warning Indications Used In This Manual...
  • Page 7: Safety Precautions

    Do not use the scanner if you smell a strange odor. fi-5120C/fi-5220C Image Scanner Getting Started Do not install the scanner in locations subject to oil smoke, steam, humidity, and dust. Doing so might cause a fire or electric shock.
  • Page 8: Power Outlet

    AUTION Do not install the scanner on unstable surfaces. Make sure that the scanner is installed on a flat, level surface and that none of its parts extend beyond the surface top, such as a desk or table. Do not install the scanner on unstable surfaces.
  • Page 9: Chapter1

    Make sure it contains all the parts listed in the package contents list that is included in the package box. If any parts are missing or defective, contact the dealer you purchased the scanner or an authorized Fujitsu scan- ner service provider. Handle the scanner and accessories with care.
  • Page 10: Operator Panel

    LED. Function Number display Buttons ADF paper chute Sheet guide *) About the settings on the launcher, refer to FUJITSU TWAIN32 scanner driver help and the "fi-5120C/fi- 5220Cfi-5120C/fi-5220C Operator’s Guide" in the Setup CD-ROM. ■ Indications on the Function Number Display Lights only one time upon turning on the scanner.
  • Page 11: Chapter2 Installation Of The Scanner

    2) Connect the AC adapter connector to the scan- ner’s DC inlet. 3) Plug the AC cable into the outlet. HINT fi-5120C/fi-5220C Image Scanner Getting Started Use only the AC adapter provided by the manufacturer. The Function Number Display and the LED may flash for an instant when plugging the AC cable into the outlet.
  • Page 12: Connecting The Scanner To Your Pc

    Use a connector which complies with Ultra SCSI. A 50 Pin Contact Shielded High-Density SCSI Device Connector is required. • SCSI card: Find the recommended SCSI card information in the Fujitsu web site (FAQ). • When connecting the SCSI interface ATTENTION cable, turn the scanner off.
  • Page 13: Installing The Scanner Application

    Your PC" on page 4. • Uninstall any older versions of FUJITSU TWAIN 32 driver if already installed. ATTENTION • There are two types of FUJITSU TWAIN 32: ■ Installing the FUJITSU TWAIN32 Scanner Driver HINT 1. Press the power button to turn on the scanner.
  • Page 14 10. When the [InstallShield Wiizard Complete] win- dow appears, click [Finish]. Your computer will be restarted and the scanner will be detected. Do not remove the Setup CD-ROM from the CD drive until your PC has completely restarted.
  • Page 15: Installing Scandall 21

    1. Set documents on the ADF paper chute. For details on how to set documents, refer to the "1.2 Loading Documents on the ADF for Scan- ning" in the fi-5120C/fi-5220C Operator’s Guide provided in the CD-ROM. 2. Start ScandAll21 Select [Start] - [Programs] - [Scanner Utility for Microsoft Windows] - [ScandAll 21].
  • Page 16: Scanner Driver

    If the scanning completes without any trouble, the installation performed successfully. For details on various types of scanning, refer to the "fi- 5120C/fi-5220C Operator’s Guide" on the Setup CD- ROM. For FUJITSU ISIS Scanner Driver ■ Preparation Confirm the following items before installing the driver application.
  • Page 17 ISIS standard. ATTENTION 1. Insert the Setup CD-ROM into a CD drive. ⇒ fi-5120C/fi-5220C Image Scanner Getting Started Depending on the OS, these operations may be necessary. For Windows 98: When a request for inserting the CD-ROM for Windows 98 appears, insert it into the CD drive and click the [OK] button.
  • Page 18: Confirming Installation

    Operator’s Guide on the Setup CD-ROM. 2. Start QuickScan Pro™. From the [Start] menu select [Programs]-[Quick- Scan]-[QuickScan]. 3. Select [Select Scanner...] from [Scan] menu in QuickScan Pro™. And select fi-5120C/fi-5220C from the list of [Scanner:], and then click the [OK] button.
  • Page 19 3. Click [Error Recovery Guide] on the next screen. 4. Select a language to use for the installation in the <Choose Setup Language> window and click [OK]. 5. Install the application following the instructions in the window. fi-5120C/fi-5220C Image Scanner Getting Started Error Recovery Guide...
  • Page 20 Option USER’S GUIDE". ® Adobe Acrobat Install Adobe Acrobat from the "Adobe Acrobat CD- ROM" provided with this scanner. Adobe Acrobat is not supported by ATTENTION Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Win- dows 98/98 Second Edition, Microsoft Windows NT4.0, and Microsoft Windows Adobe Acrobat is required for displaying the manuals stored in the CD-ROM.
  • Page 21: Uninstalling Supplied Programs

    3. Select [Control Panel] - [Add or remove Pro- grams] from the [Start] menu. ⇒ 4. Select the application to uninstall. • When uninstalling FUJITSU TWAIN 32 • When uninstalling ScandAll 21, • When uninstalling FUJITSU ISIS scanner • When uninstalling QuickScan Pro •...
  • Page 22 5. Click the [Change/Remove] or [Remove] but- ton. 6. When the confirmation dialogbox appears, Click the [OK] or [Yes] button. ⇒ This executes the uninstallation. Screen displays may vary slightly accord- ATTENTION ing to the operation system (OS) you are using.
  • Page 23: Appendix1 Troubleshooting

    Clean dirty locations. Use the documents that satisfy the "Document Quality" and the "Multi feed Detection Condi- tions" in the chapter 6 of the fi-5120C/fi-5220C Operator’s Guide. Fan the documents before scanning. Correctly align the document stack and load them on the ADF paper chute.
  • Page 24 [Device Set] tab to adjust scale. For Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, right click the Scanner Control Center in the task tray, select [Options] and adjust the scan scale. Clean the Feed rollers. Refer to Operator's Guide in "3.3.
  • Page 25: Temporary Error

    When you encounter any alarm on the display, turn the scanner off and on. If the alarm is still displayed on the Function Number display, contact the store where you purchased the scanner or an authorized FUJITSU scan- ner service provider. fi-5120C/fi-5220C Image Scanner Getting Started Meaning Flatbed motor malfunction.
  • Page 26: Appendix2 Daily Care

    Moisten the cloth with this fluid and wipe the scanner clean. (*) For details on the cleaning the ADF, refer to "3.3 Clean- ing the ADF" in fi-5120C/fi-5220C Operator’s Guide on the Setup CD-ROM". Part to clean Standard Cleaning Cycle Clean these parts after every 1,000 scans.
  • Page 27: Appendix3 Replacing Consumables

    Pick roller PA03289- 0001 To purchase consumables, contact the store where you purchased the scanner or an authorized FUJITSU scan- ner service provider. The replacement cycles above are rough guidelines when using A4 or Letter woodfree or wood containing paper 64 g/m2 (17 lb). This cycle varies according to the type of paper and how frequently the scanner is used and cleaned.
  • Page 28 Image Scanner Getting Started P3PC-1312-02EN Date of issuance: June 2006 Issuance responsibility: PFU LIMITED Copying of the contents of this manual in whole or in part and copying of the scanner application is forbidden under the copyright law. The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice.

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