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Operation; Intelli-Check Filter Indicator - Honeywell 50255-HD Owner's Manual

True hepa allergen remover germ & particle capturing air purifier
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Refer to "Removing/Changing the Filters" section for pr oper installation.
• Ensure the air purifier is plugged into a working electrical
outlet and the Power Knob is tur ned to the OFF (O) position.
• Allow the unit to operate for a few seconds at turbo speed
, then leave the control knob in the turbo position for
faster, more powerful room cleaning, or move the knob to
the day
or sleep
It is recommended you run
your air purifier 24 hours a
day to ensure continuous
The Intelli-Check
check/change the HEPA filter and when to r eplace the odor absorbing pre-filter. Depending
upon your individual usage (environment and hours used), you may need to clean/r eplace
the filters more or less frequently.
When the HEPA Filter Indicator Light turns on, it's time to check your HEPA filter. The
reminder for when to check the HEPA filter is intended as a guideline only as
the performance of the filter media is dependent on the concentration of the contaminants
to which the system is exposed. On average, for best performance your HEP A filter will
need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. If ther e are sources of large amounts of
contaminant generation (such as dust fr om woodworking or heavy smoking) the HEPA filter
in your air purifier may need to be r eplaced more often. For instructions on how to r eplace
your HEPA filter, refer to section "Replacing the HEPA Filter" in this manual.
When your Pre-filter Indicator Light turns on, it's time to replace your odor absorbing pre-
filter. It should be replaced at least every 3 months. If ther e are heavy concentrations of
odors, smoke, or large particles in the home, you may need to change the odor absorbing
pre-filter more often. For instructions on how to r eplace your pre-filter, refer to section
"Removing/Changing the Filters" in this manual.
Note: We do not recommend operating the air purifier without the odor absorbing pr e-filter.
Your air purifier was shipped with a pr emium carbon zeolite odor reducing pre-filter A Plus.
It can be replaced with either pre-filter A or A Plus. The A Plus pr e-filter features enhanced
odor and household gas absorption performance. Replacement pr e-filters can be
purchased at the Home Depot stor e where you purchased your air purifier, or can be
ordered directly from Home Depot at If you need assistance or have
any questions, contact Kaz Consumer Services at 1-800-477-0457.
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setting for quieter operation.
Filter Indicator
Filter Indicators serve as a convenient guideline for when to

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Table of Contents

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