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Reset Filter Indicator/Turn Light Off; Removing/Changing The Filters - Honeywell 50255-HD Owner's Manual

True hepa allergen remover germ & particle capturing air purifier
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Reset Filter Indicator/Turn Light Off

To Reset Filter Indicator
• Once the filter has been checked and r eplaced as
needed, the filter indicator will need to be r eset.
• With the unit powered on, press and hold the
appropriate filter indicator button down for
approximately 10 seconds until the light tur ns off
(Fig. 1).

Removing/Changing the Filters

Do not attempt to wash either the carbon pre-filter or the HEP A filter. They are not
washable and washing will damage the filters.
The only two parts requiring any service are the carbon pre-filter and the HEPA filter.
No tools are needed. To remove or change either filter, disassemble the unit as shown
Fig. 2
Step 1: Turn the air purifier off and unplug from the wall outlet.
Step 2: To open, gently place the air purifier on its side and unscr ew the locking
mechanism located on the bottom of the unit (Fig. 2).
Step 3: Remove the base assembly from the air purifier.
Step 4: Remove the filter assembly (consisting of the HEP A filter and pre-filter) from the
internal chamber.
Step 5: Locate the seam of the pr e-filter and carefully separate the fastener to r emove
the pre-filter from the HEPA filter (Fig. 3).
Step 6: Discard used pre-filter if necessary. Check the HEPA filter to ensure it is not too
dirty or seems to be clogged. Replace the HEP A filter if necessary.
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Fig. 3
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