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Cleaning And Storage; Frequently Asked Questions; How Long Should I Run My Air Purifier?; Can I Wash The Filters? - Honeywell 50255-HD Owner's Manual

True hepa allergen remover germ & particle capturing air purifier
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Removing/Changing the Filters (continued)
Step 7: Carefully wrap the pre-filter around the HEPA filter so that the ends meet
(Fig. 4). Fasten the ends together with the fastener pr ovided.
Step 8: Place the whole filter assembly into the inter nal chamber. Close the product by
replacing the base and tightening the locking mechanism until snug. DO NOT
Step 9: Turn the air purifier into an upright position, plug into a wall outlet and it is r eady
for operation.
Do not forget to reset the Intelli-Check™ filter indicator.

Cleaning and Storage

We recommend that you clean the air purifier at least once a month and befor e
extended storage. Use only a dry cloth to wipe the exter nal surfaces of the air purifier.
If you store your Air Purifier for mor e than 30 days, we r ecommend:
• Removing both the primary HEPA filter and the carbon pr e-filter from the unit.
• Discarding the pre-filter.
• Wrapping the HEPA filter in an air-tight plastic bag or plastic wrap. Be sur e that the
filter is totally sealed.
• To restore the air purifier to service, unwrap the HEP A filter, install a new carbon pr e-
filter, and reinstall both filters in the air purifier. See "Removing/Changing the Filters"
section for proper installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Air Purifier is starting to make noise and the air output is less. What' s wrong?
The filters may be dirty. High amounts of contaminates can block the por es in the
filter and stop the air fr om moving through it. Replace the HEPA Filter.

How long should I run my Air Purifier?

For best results, you should operate your Air Purifier 24 hours a day . This unit will be
more effective when doors and windows ar e closed.

Can I wash the filters?

No. Washing the filters will destroy them.
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Table of Contents

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