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Available languages

Care aNd CleaNINg

Cleaning the Water Kettle and base

IMPOrtaNt: Before cleaning, always
disconnect the Water Kettle from electrical
outlet and make sure that the Water Kettle
has cooled completely.

descaling the Water Kettle

Calcium deposits may form on the interior
metal parts of the Water Kettle. To get the
best performance from your Water Kettle,
clean periodically. The cleaning interval
will depend on the hardness of the water
you put into the Water Kettle. The use of
a commercial descaler is recommended.

Cleaning the filter

R emove filter from Water Kettle (see
"Inserting and removing the filter");
then rinse under running water.
Wash Water Kettle and base by hand with
a damp cloth. Dry and polish with a soft
cloth. Abrasives and scouring agents of any
kind are not recommended.
If a commercial descaler is not available:
1. Fill the Water Kettle with white vinegar
to the MIN (0.25 L) mark.
2. Add water to the 0.75 L mark.
3. Boil and allow to stand overnight.
4. Empty the solution from the
Water Kettle.
5. Fill the Water Kettle with water, bring
to a boil and drain out the water. Repeat
this step twice. The Water Kettle is now
ready to use.
NOte: If calcium deposits remain on the
filter, let it stand overnight in a solution
of water and white vinegar. Rinse the
filter thoroughly and replace in the
Water Kettle.


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