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Dell 962 All In One Photo Printer User Manual

Dell™ photo printer 540 user's guide.
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Dell™ Photo Printer 540 User's Guide
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© 2004 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.
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Model 540
March 2004
P/N 4J1412
Rev. A00
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   Summary of Contents for Dell 962 All In One Photo Printer

  • Page 1 © 2004 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Dell and the DELL logo are trademarks of Dell Inc.; Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 2 CAUTION: SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Use the following safety guidelines to help ensure your own personal safety and to help protect your Dell™ Photo Printer 540 and working environment from potential damage. CAUTION: Do not set up this product or make any electrical or cabling connections, such as the power supply cord, during a lightning storm.
  • Page 3: Finding Information

    How to care for my printer Troubleshooting information How to contact Dell Warranty Information NOTE: This document is available as a PDF at How to set up my printer Setup Diagram Service Tag and Express Service Tag and Express Service Code Service Code...
  • Page 4 Answers to technical NOTE: Select your region to view the appropriate support site. service and support questions The Dell Support website provides several online tools, including: Online discussions with other users and technical Solutions - Troubleshooting hints and tips, articles from support...
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Getting Started Understanding the Printer Parts Setting Up Your Printer Loading the Photo Cartridge Loading the Photo Paper Changing Settings-Press Menu Understanding the Printer Parts Lights and Buttons Description Glows amber when an error condition exists. Error indicator light Turn your printer on or off; button is lit when power is on. Power button Save to PC Establishes a connection with your computer that allows you to save photos...
  • Page 6 11 Print Black & White Print black and white copy of the selected photo(s). Part Description 1 LCD Display photos, printer status, messages, menu options, or settings. 2 Power connector Supply power to the printer. 3 USB connector to PC Connect your printer to a computer.
  • Page 7: Setting Up Your Printer

    Loading the Photo Cartridge NOTE: Use only the photo cartridge from a Dell Photo Print Pack. Do not use any other type of photo cartridge in your printer. Do not expose your photo cartridge to extreme temperatures. (See information on photo print pack packaging.) If there is slack in the print ribbon, remove it by pushing in on the spool, then rotating the spool clockwise a maximum of one half turn.
  • Page 8 NOTE: Be careful not to rotate the spool more than necessary. Doing so could reduce the number of prints you are able to make. Open the photo cartridge door. Slide the photo cartridge in, label side up, with the arrow pointing toward the printer. Push the photo cartridge until it clicks into place.
  • Page 9 Fan the photo paper to keep the sheets from sticking together. Load the photo paper into the paper tray, with the glossy side up and the Dell logo side down. NOTE: Do not load more than 20 sheets of photo paper in the paper tray. Do not load photo paper that is missing perforated tabs.
  • Page 10: Select Menu Items

    Open the paper tray door. With the top paper tray cover open, insert the paper tray into the printer. Changing Settings-Press Menu Press the Menu button to customize your photo and printer settings. Select Menu Items Press the Menu button. Press until the menu heading you want appears on the display, then press Select ( Continue scrolling...
  • Page 11 From the Print Options sub- You can: menu: Specify a print mode: PRINT Color (default) Black and White Specify a print layout for an entire print job: LAYOUT 1 4x6 (10 x 15 cm) photo/sheet (default) 1 3.5x5 (9 x 13 cm) photo/sheet 2 photos/sheet (54 x 85 mm) 4 photos/sheet (wallet setting, 51 x 76 mm) 9 photos/sheet (34 x 50.7 mm)
  • Page 12: Printer Settings Menu

    From the Photo You can: Display sub-menu: Sequentially display all photos on the installed card. Specify how long each photo is SLIDE SHOW displayed. The slide show begins with the photo most recently displayed 3 seconds (default) 5 seconds 10 seconds Press Cancel to stop the slide show.
  • Page 13: Maintenance Menu

    Reset all photo and printer settings to the defaults. RESTORE DEFAULTS Select a language for the display. LANGUAGE Select your country; this provides a number to order Dell photo print COUNTRY packs. Specify how long the printer remains inactive before entering auto POWER SAVE sleep mode.
  • Page 14: Using Your Printer

    Printing starts when you press Print. The photo paper cycles 4 times during the printing process. The first 3 passes apply layers of yellow, magenta, and cyan color. The fourth pass applies the Dell Clear Life Coating that protects and preserves the photo.
  • Page 15: Selecting Photos To Print

    NOTE: When you insert a memory card, a drive will appear on your computer. The photos on the memory card will not appear in this drive until you press Save to PC. NOTE: Only photos within the first five levels of folders are displayed in Photo View mode. Use Folder View mode to navigate photos at deeper levels.
  • Page 16 Press Print Color or Print Black and White to begin printing all selected photos. The selected layout applies to this print job only. The layout then reverts to the default 1-up 4x6 photo. Printing a Print Order (Pre-Selected Photos) When you pre-select, or tag, photos for printing on your camera, you create a print order (DPOF: Digital Print Order File).
  • Page 17: Canceling Printing

    You can print photos from any PictBridge-enabled camera or other compatible device. Make sure the card slots are empty before you plug in the camera cable. Plug the USB cable from the camera into the camera port connector on the side of the printer. If a photo is printing when you plug the camera cable in, the camera is detected when printing is completed.
  • Page 18: Printing With A Computer

    Printing With a Computer Printing Tips Printing Tips for helpful printing tips. Windows-Based Operating System Requirements Minimum Recommended Windows 2000 Professional, Service Windows XP Home Edition and Pack 2 and 3 Home Edition, Service Pack 1. Windows XP Professional and Professional, Service Pack 1 Pentium II processor Pentium IV processor...
  • Page 19: Printing From A Computer

    Choosing a Color Mode Color mode is an automatic color correction feature that helps you easily create high-quality prints in no time. The Dell Photo Printer 540 features three color mode options: Natural...
  • Page 20: Canceling Printing From A Computer

    high-quality, natural color for everyday photo-making (default). Vivid richer, more vivid colors. None to disable automatic color correction. Change the color mode: From the Start menu, select Settings, then select Printers. Right-click the Photo Printer icon, then select Printing Preferences. Click the Advanced button.
  • Page 21 If you have loaded Photo Manager software, the Photo Manager Wizard launches. Follow the prompts to transfer photos to your computer using the Photo Manager software. If Using Windows Explorer Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop (or right-click the Start button and select Explore).
  • Page 22: Care And Maintenance

    Care and Maintenance General Care of the Printer Cleaning the Paper Feed Roller Handling and Storing the Photo Paper and Photo Cartridge CAUTION: Before performing any of the procedures listed in this section, read and follow the Safety Instructions at CAUTION: SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Page 23 NOTICE: Do not use cotton or cotton swabs to clean the feed roller. Use the moistened cloth to gently wipe clean the surface of the feed roller. Advance the feed roller with your thumb as necessary, and continue cleaning. Allow the feed roller to fully dry before plugging the AC power adapter back in. Handling and Storing the Photo Paper and Photo Cartridge For best quality prints, store the photo paper and photo cartridge in a location where the temperature...
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    Default Country Was Set. Your operating system is compatible with your printer. The Dell Photo Printer 540 supports Windows XP and 2000. Printer Does Not Print Make sure the photo cartridge is properly installed and there is photo paper in the tray.
  • Page 25: General Problems

    The USB cable is securely attached to your computer and to your printer. For help, see the Setting Up Your Printer poster. Both your computer and your printer are on. The Dell Photo Printer 540 is the selected printer. (It should not be set as the default if there is another printer connected.) Restart your computer.
  • Page 26 Photo paper does not feed NOTE: Use only Dell photo paper from a Dell Photo Print Pack for your printer. Do not use inkjet paper or any other paper. The paper tray may be empty. Load photo paper (Loading the Photo Paper) and re-install the paper tray.
  • Page 27 Printing stops during mid-print (paper stops feeding, and Error indicator light is on) NOTE: Use only Dell photo paper from a Dell Photo Print Pack for your printer. Do not use inkjet paper or any other photo paper. Check the photo paper: Remove the paper tray.
  • Page 28 (Photo Quality Menu) or --> Automatic photo brightness. Make sure the photo paper is loaded with the Dell logo facing down. Reload if necessary (Loading the Photo Paper). Try re-taking the photo with the flash off. See your camera user's guide for details.
  • Page 29 Nothing happens when you try to print (from computer) Check the USB connections from the printer to the computer (Make sure the power cable is connected to the printer and the printer is on.). The computer may be transferring images. Wait a few seconds, then try again. Access the printer menu for your system.
  • Page 30: Transfer/communication Problems

    Software). Install if necessary. Uninstall, then reinstall Drivers and Utilities software (Installing Printer Drivers and Software). Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements (Windows-Based Operating System Requirements). Upgrade your system if necessary. More Troubleshooting Options Go to for help.
  • Page 31: Printer Specifications

    Printer Specifications Printing process Thermal dye transfer Operating environment (for Temperature: 50 to 95 °F (10 to 35 optimum photo quality) °C) Humidity: 10% to 86% RH Power Output: 24V DC Input: 90V to 132V AC @ 50/60 Hz, connection via in-line AC power adapter (US and Canada only) 90V to 260V AC @ 50/60 Hz,...
  • Page 32: Regulatory Information

    A Notice About Shielded Signal Cables: Use only shielded cables for connecting devices to any Dell device to reduce the possibility of interference with radio communications services. Using shielded cables ensures that you maintain the appropriate Electromagnetic Compatibility classification for the intended environment.
  • Page 33: Fcc Notices (u.s. Only)

    Most Dell computers are classified for Class B environments. However, the inclusion of certain options can change the rating of some configurations to Class A. To determine the electromagnetic classification for your computer or device, see the following sections specific for each regulatory agency. Each section provides country-specific Electromagnetic Compatibility/EMI or product safety information.
  • Page 34: Fax Branding

    Interference-Causing Equipment Standard #3 (ICES-003) as Class B digital devices. To determine which classification (Class A or B) applies to your computer (or other Dell digital apparatus), examine all registration labels located on the bottom, side, or the back panel of your computer (or other digital apparatus).
  • Page 35: Ce Notice (european Union)

    CE Notice (European Union) Marking by the symbol indicates compliance of this Dell computer to the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC and the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC of the European Union. Such marking is indicative that this Dell system meets the following technical standards: EN 55022 - "Information Technology Equipment - Radio Disturbance Characteristics - Limits and...
  • Page 36: Ce Mark Notice

    If the FCC or ICES information on the label indicates a Class B rating, the following Class B statement applies to your computer: This Dell device is classified for use in a typical Class B domestic environment. A "Declaration of Conformity" in accordance with the preceding directives and standards has been made and is on file at Dell Inc.
  • Page 37: Important Notice

    New Zealand Telecom Warnings General "The grant of a Telepermit for any item of terminal equipment indicates only that Telecom has accepted that the item complies with minimum conditions for connection to its network. It indicates no endorsement of the product by Telecom, nor does it provide any sort of warranty.
  • Page 38: Simplified Chinese Class A Warning Notice (china Only)

    VCCI Notice (Japan Only) Most Dell computers are classified by the Voluntary Control Council for Interference (VCCI) as Class B information technology equipment (ITE). However, the inclusion of certain options can change the rating of some configurations to Class A.
  • Page 39: Vcci Class B Ite Regulatory Mark

    Republic of Korean Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) registration labels located on your computer (or other Dell digital device). The MIC label may be located separately from the other regulatory marking applied to your product. Line two of the label identifies the emissions class for the product-"(A)"...
  • Page 40: Class B Device

    Please note that this device has been approved for business purposes with regard to electromagnetic interference. If you find that this device is not suitable for your use, you may exchange it for a nonbusiness- purpose device. MIC Class A Regulatory Label If the regulatory label includes the following marking, your computer is a Class A product: Class B Device Please note that this device has been approved for nonbusiness purposes and may be used in any...
  • Page 41: Nom Information (mexico Only)

    NOM Information (Mexico Only) The following information is provided on the device(s) described in this document in compliance with the requirements of the official Mexican standards (NOM):...
  • Page 42: Energy Star Compliance

    15520 México, D.F. ENERGY STAR® Compliance Certain configurations of Dell computers comply with the requirements set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for energy-efficient computers. If the front panel of your computer bears the ENERGY STAR® emblem, your original configuration complies with these requirements and all ENERGY STAR®...

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