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Initializing All System Admin Page Settings

This operation returns all of the settings on the System Admin page to their initial factory defaults. For
information about default settings, see "System Admin Page Settings" (page 38).
The user name and passphrase/WEP key information recorded on the computer by Wireless
Connection 3 are not initialized by this procedure.
To initialize all System Admin page settings
Establish a wireless LAN connection between the projector and computer, and
log in to the projector's System Admin screen from the projector.
Click "Restore Factory Defaults".
This displays a screen like the one shown below.
To return settings to their initial factory defaults, click [Apply].
This will initialize the settings and terminate the wireless LAN connection between the
projector and computer. The projector will project the Wireless standby screen at this time.

Control Panel

After you log in to the System Admin page, you can use a control panel for remote control of the
projector from the computer. For details, see "To control the projector using Network Projection
Control" in the "User's Guide" (UsersGuide_English.pdf).


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